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IFilter for OpenOffice

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 26, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Dear all,

I'm trying to index OpenOffice documents with Search Server 2008 Express and the IFilter from IFilterShop . In my eyes the configuration is correct. But the content of my OpenOffice documents is not indexed - only metadatas are indexed.

Did any one of you a running OpenOffice IFilter configuration?

I would appreciate every feedback.

Kind regards,


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How to create and deploy custom IFilter for sharepoint using c#


Hi all,

I am planning to create custom custom IFilter for sharepoint using c# to index PDF and Image files in sharepoint. Can anyone tell me how can we create and deploy custome IFilter for sharepoint using c#.

I did lot of reasearch work in google for the steps to create and deploy IFilter but I didn't find any information regarding this.

Can anyone assist me regarding this

Tiff iFilter


Having recently tried setting up the TIFF iFilter on our test environment; I wanted to know if anyone has got this to work?

We have added the feature on the server and installed the Windows 2003 Index role; deleted the search index and performed multiple crawls, as mentioned in this link here

We also have tried enabling the OCR feature as mentioned here none of the above has provided us with any returns; so I come to you to ask; can it be done; if so what do we need to do to activate it?

PDF iFilter


2 questions:

1. Do I need to install the Adobe iFilter on each server in the farm, or just the server running the Search service?

2. If I am going to be using FAST Search, do I need to install the Adobe iFilter?  Or does it come with FAST?


pdf icon not appearing in search results after installing Adobe PDF IFilter 9



I have installed the IFilter using these instructions:


This was useful too - 


I had to manually add the pdf file type to the File Types List.

PDFs in Doc Libraries are now displaying with the PDF icon but not PDFs returned in Search results

There are no duplicate entries in the DOCICON.xml

Instead they are listed with Word icons

Any ideas?




Is there a tiff iFilter available for MOSS 2007


Is there a tiff iFilter available for MOSS 2007?


Loading IFilter from Sharepoint Timerjob context fails silently


We are having trouble using the IFilter ILoadFilter Interface within the context of a SharePoint Timer Job.

The code we have written works fine when executed within the SharePoint w3wp context. But when the same code is executed within the context of a SharePoint Timer Job the ILoadFilter function just returns NULL.

Does anyone has suggestions for loading IFilters within SharePoint?

Kind regards,
Joran Markx

Joran Markx DiVa BV (The Netherlands) Blog - http://blog.diva.nl Website - http://www.diva.nl

.url iFilter


Does the .url iFilter attempt to crawl the content linked from the .url? Or is it only crawling the properties associated with the .url file itself? Is there a .url iFilter out there that will actually crawl the linked content in addition to the .url file properties?

Does an iFilter need to be written specifically for SharePoint or Windows Server?


I have an iFilter for a memory map type piece of software.  The iFilter works in 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and I was hoping to get it working with SharePoint.

The iFilter consists of a dll that is registered with regsvr32 manually and another helper dll (not sure what this does exactly). 

I registered the dll on the windows server machine (single machine with server 2008R2 and SharePoint server 2010).  I followed the same steps that are used to install the pdf iFilter - I put in a registry key for the file extension at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office Server\14.0\Search\Setup\ContentIndexCommon\Filters\Extension\ and gave it's default value the CLSID of the iFilter.  (If you've read the guides for sharepoint 2010 and pdf ifilter hopefully you understand this)

This doesn't work.  The pdf iFilter works, and when I do a crawl of the sharepoint sites I can see that the adobe ifilter DLLs are being used.  My mind map dll filter dll is not being used.

Has anyone got any guidance on custom iFilters with SharePoint 2010?

Adobe Ifilter - Japanese Characters


Hi All


As I understand the Adobe Ifilter has the capabilities to index Tier 1 Languages ( English, French, German and Japanese) within PDF’s. Does this mean that users will be able to search Japanese characters within SharePoint and get PDF content in the results?


Has anyone had any experience in this? I’m guessing I will need the particular languages and character sets installed on the MOSS server but are there any other requirements?


Any feedback would be much appreciated.



OpenOffice or MicrosoftOfficeWord/Excel in C#?



I'd like to implement functionality as follows:

when user clicks the button new Windows Forms with OpenOffice or Word inside, the user can write some text there, make some Word operations and then apply it. After applying I need to store somewhere in my memory the formatted text which user did.


I found only how could I open/edit/read OpenOffice files but i think its not enough for me.

Is my idea possible to develop?


Thanks in advance for any replies.

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