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Add a French dictionnary for the spellCheck

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 19, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Is it possible to change the dictionary for the spell check ?
Cause now I have a french site and it use the english dictionary and all the words are on error.
Thank you

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what's the right collation for sql server 2008 to ignore french accent?

I want to  sql server 2008 collation using english as default(in Canada). when search for text, french accent can be ignore. For example, À,Â,Ä, à, â, ä will be treated same as a or A, but the data still is stored as different(such as for key). so what is the right collation need to be selected when install sql server 2008?. If existing instance collation is not the right one, how to change it to the right one?

Writing French accent characters in ASP .NET Textbox

How to write French accent characters such as - é - in ASP/HTML text box? I can copy and paste it in the text box like I did now - so there is nothing wrong with the encoding - but the problem is how to type it (write it!).I also know that é in HTML mean é but cant know how this may help!Appreciate your help! Thanks,

Problem with service accounts on French Vista or W7

Hi folks, According to all the Microsoft documentation that I can find, if I want to set up the service accounts with system authority in a French system, I must use the term "AUTORITE NT\SYSTEM".  This works fine on a French XP but fails on a French W7 (and possibly Vista and W2008 I figure).  I have managed to install on a Dell using the term "AUTORITE NT\Système" instead.  Can anyone confirm whether the Microsoft documentation is totally wrong and, if not, what the heck is going on?  Thanks!

SpellCheck (System.Windows.Controls) support for other Languages

Hi, I have a question about SpellCheck class. I use .NET 4.0 and I know that 4 languages are supported. I need to write an easy editor with spell check functionality. It will need to support Dutch language. Depending on when Dutch Language will be supported, the current project will go in different directions. Could you provide me any information about when it is going to happen (if it is going to happen)? With kind regards, Michal Bilinski, Meteo Consult, the Netherlands.

Running DTSWizard on French and Japanease OS ? How to prepare package ?

Hi, I am able to export query results via DTSWizard to Excel on English OS.   I would like to explore its use as reporting requirement for a project. Is there any way for French customer ( with OS and SQL in french) will get results in 1 or few click ?  I can prepare English package as per http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc952922(SQL.100).aspx Here I would like to avoid scenario like customer running queries manually in SQL management studio to get the reports? Appreciate your inputs... Thanks,    

How to choose default install language? Setup start in english and comes in french on the next wizar


I have downloaded the SharePointServer in english. (I do this in RDP for a Windows 2008 R2- 64bit) via a Windows7 64bit machine

When I launch the package for installation I can see the first screen, which contains the default links, (readin... Pre Requisites, etc..)

but when I launch Sharepoint Installation it come in FRENCH.

Our regional settings are in french but the OS is in english and there is no language pack installed.

How to proceed to get a prompt for a language prompt at Installation?



Binding MenuItem.IsChecked to RichTextBox.SpellCheck.IsEnabled


I have the following deceleration of a rich text box:


    SpellCheck.IsEnabled = "False"
    ContextMenu="{StaticResource rtfBoxContextMenu}">    


And the context menu is defined as follows:



How to determine name of NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM on French system

Hi there.  On some French systems, we can set the SQLAccount=AUTORITE NT\SYSTEM .  On others, this may not work and we have to use SQLAccount=AUTORITE NT\système .  How can I determine which expression has to be used on a given system?  Thanks!

French Canadian Language Pack.for SharePoint Server 2010



Is there any specific French language pack for French Canada (fr-CA) flavour for SharePoint Server 2010?

Thanks in advance.



How to bind SpellCheck.IsEnabled using a converter


I have a GridView component which contains a RowDetailsStyle template.  In this template, I have a few textboxes.  These textboxes are setup using a style as well.  In this style, I am trying to setup the Spellcheck option:


<Setter Property="Language" Value="{Binding Converter={StaticResource cnvSpellCheckLanguageKey},ConverterCulture=en-US}" />
<Setter Property="SpellCheck.IsEnabled" Value="{

French translation of MOSS 2007 website?


Hi all,

I have one MOSS 2007 website.

I want to convert that site into French translation.

Can any one help me for that?




Chart Control, date formating in french


Hello, I using the new control Chart and on my X axix I show the date stored in my SQL database. In my database I use the datatype Date. But I do not find how to show my date in French on my chart. Is any one could help me. Thanks

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