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Multiproject areas in ASP.Net MVC 3

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 19, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Does any one have any idea about multiproject area support in asp.net mvc 3? As it was degraded to future status in mvc 2. If it is still not included then should we look forward for ASP.Net MVC Portable Areas via MvcContrib. Can you share your expreriences?

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areas mvc2 iis 6.0


hi all,

i have another problem. I am trying to deploy my MVC2 website on iis 6.0. I have added the following to my global.asax:


routes.MapRoute("Default","{controller}.mvc/{action}/{id}", new {controller = "Home", action = "Index", id = UrlParameter.Optional } );

I added the ".mvc" extention because i read that iis 6 needs this. And it works. BUT!! I also use areas, and this is something iis 6 does not understand.

I have the following:
No Areapath: Home.mvc/Index (works fine, no area used)
Areapath: Projects/Overview/Index (does not work!!)

I don't now how to solve this, i hope somebody can help me.




ASP.NET MVC3 Areas and Razor views produce errors?


The view at '~/Areas/SomeArea/Views/List/Index.cshtml' must derive from ViewPage, ViewPage, ViewUserControl, or ViewUserControl.

The project structure is pretty much default. There is one area called SomeArea. It has a single controller called List. It does nothing except:

public ActionResult Index()
    return View("~/Areas/SomeArea/Views/List/Index.cshtml");

The view looks like:

@inherits System.Web.Mvc.WebViewPage<dynamic>
    View.Title = "Index";
    LayoutPage = "~/Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml";


I have tried emptying the entire file part by part and nothing seems to help. If I create a controller and view outside the area it works just fine. If I create an aspx view it works fine as well. Is it possible the default razor view engine doesn't support areas at this time?

The areas are registered too.

public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)
        "Default", // Route name
        "{controller}/{action}/{id}", // URL with parameters

Iterate through all areas

I am wondering if MVC offers a handy function to iterate through all areas.  I know I can search the sub-directories of Areas to achieve this.  I am just curious.

ASP.NET MVC 2 prefix routing (similar to CakePHP) with Areas support

If anyone is interested, I have figured out how to do CakePHP style prefix routing with ASP.NET MVC 2.Feel free to post changes or suggestions!  I have spent hours combing google to try to fit these peices together.(Please excuse the  pasted code,  the code inserter was messing up the line breaks.)First of all if you are not familiar with cakephp, it is an MVC framework for PHP that is similar to Rails.It has a concept of prefix routing (sometimes called admin routing).  What this does is turn a route like this:  /admin/controller/action  into  controller::admin_action.It basically extracts the 'admin' part out of the Url and prefixes the action name with it.  This is beneficial because it allows you to have separate actions in the same controller that are targeted for an administrative account, or any other use you can think of.  By using the actionlink generator, if you do not specify a 'prefix' it will assume that you are using the same prefix.  This is great because now you can use partial views for navigation in both views 'admin_index' and 'index'  and it will remember which prefix you are using.  (DRY)  ex: <%=html.actionlink('name','someaction')%>  if used in an admin view will generate a link to admin_someaction.  With .NET MVC 2 there is a n

SSIS Focus Areas


Hi Experts,

I come from a SAP BW background and im embanking on the SSIS path. The  problem is that i find the whole course overwhelming and i know that not all the topics will be used in day-today activities so i was wondering if anyone could kindly give me a list of the areas to focus on for using SSIS in a work environment?

Any input is highly appreciated. Thanks!

TextAnnotation does not show when 1 chart has two chart areas



VS2008 form designer can only add Line annotation.

I used the designer to put 2 charts on one form,  the coded the Text annotation, it works.

Then I used the designer to put 1 chart on the form, the chart has 2 chart areas, Text annotation does not show up. If I comment out

chart1.ChartAreas.RemoveAt(1); in the last line of the procedure below, myText annotation will show up in ChartArea[0].

Please help!

Thanks in advance.



      public OneChart2Area(string args)

            Series series1 = new Series();
            Series series2 = new Series();

            // Add data points to the first series

Publish seperate areas




If we use the new MVC 2 feature Areas, can we publish each area seperately without affecting the other,

Currently my project has different folders for different controllers, but when i publish as it is in same dll, if an user is using a functionality, their session gets kicked off, what should i do to avoid this and publish seperately- controllers, views and its code.

And with areas can we use common model .


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