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How to add a short name for url

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 26, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint


I need to type a short name like http://test it should be redirected to like this url http://sharepoint/sites/test/pages/default.aspx.

How can i do for this. pls help me out.


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As you probably know, Visual Studio 2010 was announced earlier this week and it contains a lot of cool features and project templates for SharePoint developers. Below is a short overview for some of the SharePoint development related features and project templates.

VS2008 and C#: How to create a short cut for a selected item in a ListView/TreeView ?

How to create a short cut for a selected item from a ListView/TreeView ? Is it possible to provide a smaple code ? Thanks,

Convert Remedy ARSystem Date in SQL Server to short date format

Hi: Does anyone know how to convert Remedy ARSystem Date in SQL Server to short date format compensating for EST and Daylight savings. Thank you in advance!

The pager address field for an operator is too short

The number of pager addresses I need to add to an operator exceeds the fields limit of 100 characters. Does anyone know a work around?

WPF button with short cut character access no longer possible?


I defined a string like "&OK" is my resource file.

if i do normal WinForm application, with a button that I do button.text = Properties.Resources.OK, my button will appear with a text "OK" with a short cut key underlined O on it.

However, if i do it in WPF, i would set my button with button.Content = Properties.Resources.OK?? then my button in WPF will appear as &OK

How to overcome this problem?

Please help me. THanks


1 + 1 = 3

Short Cut Keys


Dear All,


I have created one application where user has to submit data. I want to give the shortcut to button.


For Example if user click A1 it should save the data 

Please suggest 

Debugging - DataSet Visualizer: Won't display the last row added? Always one row "short"?


Has anyone else run into this issue?


I am debugging an app that was written by a consultant years ago, it is VB.NET and they create a datatable to collect errors. 

dtErrors = New DataTable("Errors")


So a new error will be added:

dtErrors.DefaultView.AddNew.Item("ErrorLine") = "The account name (" & sAccountName & _
                        ") is invalid. Some generic AccountName error."

Then I will look at the DataSet Visualizer while stepping the code and I won't see the new line, just the column name.


After adding a second error, only the first error will appear.


Is this a common / expected behavior?

How can i play short sound when im over the button in C#?

i want, whenever i was over the button in C#, short sound will play
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url - short address - Sharepoint Foundation 2010



Is it possible to configure to be able to use t.ex.http://intranet redirect til:

stopping short of jury rigging the cube


Hi.  I've prototyped an excel pivot table whose source is an employee hierarchy and associated measures and calc'd measures in our cube.

The pivot automates about 99% of the effort historically spent manually piecing this report together.

The last 1% troubles me.  It involves rules like "if the employee has been here < 3 months, suppress calc'd measures a, b, c..." and "if the employee is on medical leave, dont count month x as one of this employee's month's here" etc.

While automating this last 1% seems useful, I'm reluctant to use the cube for such rules.  Instead I'm thinking that the cube needs to report things in a non jury rigged manner and that these 1% rules should be abstracted elsewhere.

How does the community deal with this kind of thing?  Can macros be added to a pivot that uses an ssas connection?  Perhaps macros that read work schedules from other data sources (like other spreadsheets or workbooks) that are more at the disposal of the user?  Does anybody know where a simple example can be found?       

worflow for short time activities


Dear Folks,

Currently I am working on a travel booking portal where travelers can search and book a flight but user has the option to book online and pay later within specified time frame (say 2 hours). Here, I am thinking of implementing the workflow for order fulfillment with following states.

OrderBooked (When user book flight online but has not paid yet)

OrderPaid (Later when user pays using credit card or any other payment mechanism)

OrderCanceled (If user doesnt pay in specified time)

OrderCompleted (in case user pay and ticket successfully generated)


Here I am no sure if we should implement WWF in this scenario as the life span of an order is very short (say 2- 4 hours). If payment is not done in this time span, order will be canceled. My understanding is that WWF is best suited for long running activities.

Please suggest



Strategy for saving information by thousand of users in a short time.



I am working on an application which will be like users will be working offline (most likely a window app) all day saving 10-50 rows of data on to a text file and at the end of the day when they come online they will be uploading the data to main sql server database using the app. There may be hundereds of users saving information at a time within a short span of 20-30 mins.

I am totally new to developing an application which has that amount of activity. Can anyone tell me the best possible strategy so as to avoid issue on concurrent saving in case of too many users. Will Sql Server 2005 will do ok or my app is likely to face any issue. Any errors that I might run in to.

 Any help is appreciated !

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