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Any way to assist user to enter Time filed ?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 19, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

For dates, we have AJAX Calendar control.
However, for time input, what kind of assistance we can get from ASP.Net ?

The only way I can use is dropdown list but it is not so good.
Any recommendation ?


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Mulitple time and user stamped comments for each custom list row?

Does anything int he UI allow for this type of column to be added to a custom list? or would it have to be a seperate list? And on the subject of connecting two list to each other. Ideally, we would connect two lists by the list ID, having one list look up to another. But then the issue is having to know the ID.Anything in the UI allow a user to select one column, but save the ID for that as part of the lookup? Thanks.

Add property to user control design time properties VB windows forms

hi  everyBody,   I've  created a user control that exports a given radGridView to many file formats like Excel, PDF, Csv,... this user control takes the Gridview object as aprobeity Public Class ucExport Private _grdName As RadGridView Private exporter As RadGridViewExcelExporter Private exportVisualSettings As Boolean Dim fileName As String Dim openExportFile As Boolean Public Property grdObj As RadGridView Set(ByVal value As RadGridView) _grdName = value End Set Get Return _grdName End Get End Property End class  how could I add this property to design mode, that's when I click F4, how can I add this to prosperities, rather than code mode  

Error : Please enter a different user name. How can I set this feature off?

I have made a page where people can register themselfs with a CreateUserwizard.But when I have a user test and the next user wants to register hisself with the username testlocal then I get the message :Please enter a different user name.I think I get this message because the check of the user length is to short. So where can I set this length? And how can I set this check off?Thnx.

CreateUserWizard creates 2 user at the same time

Hi there, I couldnt figure this out after 5 hours of pondering and frustration. Why is that CreateUserWizard component always create 2 users having the same UserName in table aspnet_users for each user registration? I just dont understand why? Please, relieve me of my frustration and torment. Thanks in advance.

Problem while 2 User write in a File a the Same time


Hi Everyone
I am facing a problem while a user is going to write in a file. My question is that if a User A open a file and start writing in file usin FileStream, if at the same other user try to access this file and try to write in it then he should wait until User A does not complete his work and close writer object.  Waiting for quick response. It is very urgent. Thanks in advance.


How to track user's time spent on a page


Hi all-

I've got a dynamic page where I'd like to track the time the user spends on it. 

Can someone point me in the right direction?

one user open a website (one computer and not another computer) on same time


how to restrict web site one time login(1101) at same time nobody used  this id (1101)

MaskedEditExtender forcing user to enter decimal point...


I have a MaskedEditExtender set for a TextBox that will receive a fee amount. I want the user to be able to type the "." decimal when the amount contains a decimal value (123.45). But if the amount has not decimals (123) I want the mask to automatically fill the 2 decimal with zeroes and also enter the "." decimal point (123.00).

With the following mask I'm able to enter a full number (999) and get the zeroes but when user enters 85.85 it will be 850.85 so I change the direction RightToLeft but I'm not even able to type the first character.

<cc1:MaskedEditExtender ID="txtFee1ME" runat="server" PromptCharacter=" " Mask="999.99" 
                    Enabled="True" TargetControlID="txtFee1" MaskType="Number">


Installing .NET 4.0 run-time on end user's machine


Hi all,

I am building a setup project for my .NET 4.0 WPF application.
When the setup program is run, I would like it to detect if .NET runtime is available on the end user's machine.
If it is not, I wolud like the setup program to download and install the runtime.

How do I do that?

Thanks in advance.




How to remember the selection checked/unchecked ToolStripMenuItem next time when user opens the appl


I have a menu item "Run at Windows Startup" on a form. It is checked by default. When its state is checked I create a shortcut file so it can start automatically when windows starts. And if its unchecked I delete the shortcut file so that it wont start. This function is written on the application's exit button.

But then, if user start the application manually from the start menu, as the "Run at Windows Startup" item is checked by default user has to uncheck it everytime s/he exits from the application.

So my questions, is there any easy way to remember this selection so user don't have to uncheck it each time s/he exits.

Getting the IP address of each time the user has logged in and save it in profile ....


Hello there ..


I have profile variable called IP Address ,

i need this Profile to add Unique IP address that has been used by the UserName ,,,

meaning :

If i logged in for the first time , it will save my IP address , next time if my IP has changed and i logged in , i need to keep the old IP address and add to it with comma seperated the new IP ..


Can you help me in that ... 

create a sharepoint view using caml where a multiuser filed is filtered by current user



I am using SharePoint Foundation 2010

I have a list with a person filed (set to allow multi users) called UserContacts

I want a vew that displays only list items where the current user is one of the entries in the UserContacts field.

How can this be done. I would like to do this in CAML as i am doing this programatically.

Help is REALY appreciated


How can I provide the user with the option to select or default their time zone when rendering a cal

Dallas-based and Tokyo-based users both have contributor access to a shared site calendar. Tokyo users would like to view their calendar items based on their time zone and Dallas would like to see the calendar items based on Dallas time zone. When a Tokyo user enters an event on the calendar their time, e.g. Sunday 11/28/10 holiday, it shows as a Monday, 11/29/10 holiday. The MOSS 2007 Enterprise w/ WSS 3.0 servers reside in Dallas. What options do we have to render the time zone based on user view or accurately reflect the date of the event for the originating time zone?

how to make sure the user is logged in one time..


Hello all,

using Message security with username authentication, is there a way to make sure that the user is logged on once? not from multiple places? can i manage the session and see if the user is trying to login with the same username and password from some where else at the same time he is logged from one pc...?



Text control bound to Time field defaults to "12 AM" each time you enter "12"


I have and InfoPath 2007 form that has a text field, bound to a Time field, with format set to "9:46 AM".

When tesing the form I can enter '0', ''0:00' or '12AM' in the text field and InfoPath automatically (and correctly) converts these values to '12:00 AM' ,'12:59 AM'.  

Howerver if I enter '12', '12:30', InfoPath converts these to '12:00 AM' and '12:30 AM' respectively.   This becomes a problem, since our users expect '12', '12:30' to mean '12:00 PM' to '12:30PM'.

To enter the PM time we are forced to type '12 PM' or "12:30 PM', and InfoPath to render the correct time. 

But users can get careless, typing '12' for noon and not notice that wrong time.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

NOTE: I'm working on InfoPath 2007, but this behaviour is the same in InfoPath 2010.


two user edit infopath form same time.


infopath form with 2 field. Field1 and Field 2.

User 1 open the form and fill in Field1 ,but not yet click submit.

User 2 open the form and fill in Field2.

User 2 click submit. User 2 open the form and see the value of Field2.

User 1 click submit.

When open the infopath form, Field 1 was there ,but Field 2 was not. It is because xml of User 1 override xml of user 2.

On the submit event, i just basiclly do Dataconnections["SharePoint Library Submit"].Execute().

How to get around this?

How Access one Record in two user in at a time


i have one issue access the record for SQL Server. i have 10 record in one table more the one user access the particular table records. one record access for one user how control other user access same record

please help me on this

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