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Why is SQL 2000 Backup causing pre-shrunk (non-primary) filegroup files to grow?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 18, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

I start off with an NDF file:-

07/01/2010  07:30 PM        65,404,928 sales_month199701.ndf

I use shrikfile to shrink it down:-

10/14/2010  08:08 PM        30,408,704 sales_month199701.ndf

I run a backup, and the size grows back again!

10/17/2010  06:51 PM        65,404,928 sales_month199701.ndf

Why? Will it make a difference if I set autogrowth off, and/or if I set the filegroup or file to read-only?


Andy Abel

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Toolbox: Easy File Backup, Exploring Files And Folders Inside Visual Studio, Multiple Monitor Softwa


If the responsibility for creating, managing, and executing routine backups is yours, these tools will make it easier. Also see how you can browse folders and files from inside Visual Studio.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine May 2009

More Windows 2000 UI Goodies: Extending Explorer Views by Customizing Hypertext Template Files


The Web-style interface is the default Explorer folder view for the Desktop Update in Windows 2000. The Desktop Update uses HTML-based hypertext templates to create the Web view, and you can customize these templates to include your own views and commands. This article shows you how the Explorer Web view works and how to build your own custom templates for it. You'll see how to add a command prompt and task buttons to a new folder view using HTML, script, and ActiveX controls. The shell object model and thumbnail shell extensions are also examined, then used to build a simple icon viewer for Explorer.

Dino Esposito

MSDN Magazine June 2000

Sql Server 2005 backup misses files

I have a SQL Server 2005 database that contains 3 files.  Sometimes when I run rhe backup, it appears to only backup 2 of the three files.  The only way I can get it to return to a full backup is to restore the database from a backup tape.

questions about files in filegroup

in SQL Server 2005 . . . how can i see the content of files in a filegroup ?

SQL 2000 backup to SQL 2005

Hi I have this problem  My management application ( using Delphi ) was using a database in SQL 2000 I planning to upgrade the SQL Server 2000 to 2005 same Standard Version  The migration using simple method : 1. Backup the db in SQL 2000 2. Create a db with same name in SQL 2005 with compatibility back to SQL 2000 3. Restore the backup to SQL 2005 and ready to use I can select update insert do all the transaction in SQL 2005 normally but the problem is the managment system always report can't connect to SQL Server and also one problem I cannot change the management system code since it create by somebody outside the company and already long gone or not care about this software anymore. So my only hope is to see if there something wrong with the SQL Server I check the typical sql syntax for delphi to connect to SQL Server there is no different between connecting to 2000 or 2005 the connection string also similar to other programming language. ( I also try using my own built application in C# it works well i just need to change the dsn on the IP part ) From the error report by the old program ( the one using Delphi ) it indicates that it was user pass problem, so I recreate the user in the sql 2005 version to be the same as SQL 2000 than check using the .udl it both connect well, but from the software still report it can't connect. It also appear that if I

Sql server backuo causing .MDF file to grow

Hello, I recently truncated and shrunk the log file for my database  (using BACKUP ... WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY and then DBCC SHTRINKFILE). However when I now perform a backup of my database, the MDF file grows substantially (from 10GB to 17GB). Could this be related somehow to the truncation of the log file?

Delete Old Backup Files that are saved in .RAR format



I have configured my SQL Server 2005 to take backups and I have another program running to compress these files to .RAR extension to save space.

I have a Maintenance Cleanup Task also configured to delete old .RAR files but it does not work.  I have specified the extension to look for to be RAR and the job runs without error but no files are deleted.

Is it that only BAK and TRN files are deleted using Maintenance Cleanup Task?

Error Restoring sql 2000 backup on SQL 2008 Error: 928


I'm restoring several sql 2000 user databases on a sql 2008 r2 box, but sometimes I receive the following error

Error: 928, Severity: 20, State: 1

During upgrade, database raised exception 156, severity 25, state 1, address 0000000001C05A9F. Use the exception number to determine the cause.

So the error occured after the restore and while upgrading the database schema from version: 539 to 661.

However I notice that if I try to restore it again with the same statement, sometimes it goes sometimes it doesn't.

I'm not finding any 823,824 or 825 errors on SQL log.

The database compatibility level is 80.

While running Upgrade Adivsor on the database I saw 27 objects that use the older outer join sintax *=. However being that just a warning I don't think that's the cause, moreover because if I retry sometimes the restore completes succesfully.

Does anybody knows what is this?

Is this the I/O subsystem failing?

Why is this intermitent?

How do I fix it?


Thanks in advance.


log files doesn't clear after full backup


I have SQL 5 and for some odd reason log files doesn't clear after Full back up.  I have to manually shrink the log files.

can someone explain what could be wrong

SQL Server 2000 Backup Fails


Hello Everyone and thanks for your help in advance.  I am trying to backup a SQL Server 2000 database to an external hard drive.  I am attempting to do a complete backup, however, each time I attempt this I receive the follwoing error:

Write on "M:\SQL Server\MYDATABASE.bak' failed, status = 1117.  See the SQL Server error log for more details.

BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally


In the event viewer, I receive Event ID 17055 with the message:


BACKUP failed to complete the command BACKUP DATABASE [KidsLocal] TO  DISK = N'M:\SQL Server\MYDATABASE.bak' WITH  INIT ,  NOUNLOAD ,  NAME = N'MYDATABASE backup',  NOSKIP ,  STATS = 10,  NOFORMAT

returning backup files to applications


Hi all.

I want to send a backup command to sql server and return backup file to my c# application.

sql server is another machine and I have not access to its hard disk.

What should I do for that?

returning backup files to applications


Hi all.

I want to send a backup command to sql server and return backup file to my c# win application . sql server is another machine and I have not access to its hard disk.

What should I do for that?

All problems have a solution.

Sharepoint backup and LDF files



I am running WSS 3.0 on W2K3 box. I am using stsadm to do a full backup that is scheduled in System Tasks. I then backup the .bak file with 3rd party to tape.

I have noticed that the sharepoint_config.ldf and WSS_content.ldf log files are 17 and 1GB respectively. I thought that doing a full backup clears the LDF files. Isn't this the case? If not, how can they be reduced?

And based on my backup method mentined above, can I assume we're safe for failure, and all I'll need to do is restore the .bak file?

Thanks in advance.


Hard drive crashed - no backup - Files saved, cannot attach sql db



the people called me in their firm because server Won't boot-up (SQL 2000).

I checked it and it was hard drive failure. Manage to get DB data from HD, i wanted to put it on SQL 2005 on new machine.

I successfully attached 5 databases, they are working now, but have problem with 6th. When i trying to attach it get the error;

Server Name: PROMET
Error Number: 9004
Severity: 21
State: 1
Line Number: 1

.mdf file has 1.3 gigs and .ldf 6.1 gig

I searching trough the forums all day, and i cannot find working answer...

Please help me, i can provide additional information if needed.

FileGroup Backup Using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager!

Hello Guys

My company is using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for sql server backup/restore operations. I just need to know is there a way to use sql server filegroup backup option using this tool.

Let me quickly share the overall requirement with you; we want to take backup of specific sql server tables using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. My first query; is this possible using this tool. If yes then how? or is there any other workaround available?

-Salman Shehbaz.

While adding a project output i am missing Primary Output,Source files,Documentation files etc..


In a web set project i tried to add the Primary Output (in th below figure 1.1)option while adding the project output but the option it self not there (please see the figure 1.2).

Please help me that how to add the primary out put option in my application .

i am using VS2005 IDE.


figure 1.1



Fig 1.2

create one-time backup files


(using SQL 2008)

Here is my situation.  I have administrative rights to a particular database, but not the entire server.  The server admin makes a new backup every night for all the databases. 

At certain points in time, I would also like to save a backup file of my database, but of course don't want to alter the existing backup schedule.  Is this possible?

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