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Using SQLIO for benchmarking.

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 18, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

I would like to know how to configure SQLIO when benchmarking several drives used by SQL server, in the link http://sqlserverpedia.com/wiki/SAN_Performance_Tuning_with_SQLIO

It recommends that various configuration parameters be used with SQLIO, my question is that if you have a data drive, a transaction log drive and tempdb drive all separate, should one use the combination for all drives or concentrate on some settings for the transaction log drive, some settings for the system DB drives.

I have the following config entries.


sqlio -kW -t2 -s120 -dM -o1 -frandom -b64 -BH -LS Testfile.dat
sqlio -kW -t2 -s120 -dM -o2 -frandom -b64 -BH -LS Testfile.dat
sqlio -kW -t2 -s120 -dM -o4 -frandom -b64 -BH -LS Testfile.dat
sqlio -kW -t2 -s120 -dM -o8 -frandom -b64 -BH -LS Testfile.dat
sqlio -kW -t2 -s120 -dM -o16 -frandom -b64 -BH -LS Testfile.dat
sqlio -kW -t2 -s120 -dM -o32 -frandom -b64 -BH -LS Testfile.dat
sqlio -kW -t2 -s120 -dM -o64 -frandom -b64 -BH -LS Testfile.dat
sqlio -kW -t2 -s120 -dM -o128 -frandom -b64 -BH -LS Testfile.dat

sqlio -kW -t4 -s120 -dM -o1 -frandom -b64 -BH -LS Testfile.dat
sqlio -kW -t4 -s120 -dM -o2 -frandom -b64 -BH -LS Testfile.dat
sqlio -kW -t4 -s120 -dM -o4 -frandom -b64 -BH -LS Testfile.dat
sqlio -kW -t4 -s120 -dM -o8 -frandom -b64 -BH -LS Testfile.dat
sqlio -kW -t4 

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SQLIO stats on Hyper-V host


I've been using sqlio.exe to benchmark a new ssd drive and I get much higher results running it in a Hyper-V VM compared to the physical host, much higher.

For example, on the raw host I get 2000 IOPS, on the VM I get 5000 etc.

When I compare the physical disk stats in perfmon when the test is running it appears that the VM is writing at a rate of about 250MB/sec, while the host is only writing about 60MB/sec.

I'm using a 20GB datafile in the test to ensure nothing gets cached in memory etc and I know its writing to disk based on the host's perfmon counters.


Any ideas why I'm getting artificially high results in the VM?


Analysing SQLIO output files


I have just been playing with SQLIO output files and I am trying to dice and slice the information by importing the information into a database. I am having some problems with using the script which can be found on http://sqlserverpedia.com/wiki/SAN_Performance_Tuning_with_SQLIO

I am wondering if anyone has a way of importing the information onto a table.

Extremely high PAGEIOLATCH_SH waits but SQLIO result seems to be ok?


Hi There,

I tried to re-establish a db replication which was being test a while ago, everything was ok untill I noticed that when I run a queyr on the destination server, the performance is extremely bad and even not usable. a report query that takes 30sec on another server with similar specs will take 15min to finish!

I did a bit investigation and it revealed that the  PAGEIOLATCH_SH waits is the dominant waits time, this led me to run a sqlio test.

the result of random write and random read test result appears to be normal compared to the other server I mentioned above.

at this stage, I am kind of running out of idea, can anyone provide any suggestion?

just to clarify, the problem still exists even after I deleted the replication.

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