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Cant put report item more than 1 in 1 expression, in footer

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 18, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

Help, this is emergency.

been developing too much with rs. cant turn my back now. too late. but im stuck. damn.

issue is in master report contain subreport.

since i cant get subreport footer to show up in master. i find tricky way by using summary dataset in master report.
but there is one problem, i need to display function display number as words. should have 2 parameters, money, and the currency, got this from report item.
the problem is one expression cant contain more than 1 report item. and when i try in custom code, cant do that also since i cant access report item there.
i cant use parameter since I really have to access report item. the report item is field in dataset of list in master table that group accounts and display their banking account statement.
i think its stupid, why in the world i couldnt use more than 1 report item in one expression.


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Can I display report item from sub report in footer


I am using SSRS 2005

I have a field in a sub report that needs to be shown in the footer of the report.  Normally, I would type something like =ReportItems!fieldname.value in a textbox in the footer.  How do I reference a field in a subreport?

The subreport is necessary as it deals with pagination issues with long fields that span to multiple pages.

-Report Writer 'SSRS User'

Item cannot be found.(rsItemNotFound) when executing a report from a sharepoint Website

I have managed to integrate Report server with Sharepoint .
I created a report with it's data connection with microsoft Visual Studio 2005 , tested it , than deployed it to the specified document libraries in sharepoint.
Everything works fine till now.But when i try to execute the report from the document library in sharepoint the Message :
  • The item 'Reports/Report1.rdl' cannot be found. (rsItemNotFound) '. Even though the report1.rdl is inside the website and is returned when i do the search. Regards.

  • Displaying a Parameter Value in the report footer that corresponds with the parameterized data on ea

    I've got a report that has only one parameter, it determines the department (or departments) to base the report on, the parameter is set to allow for multiple values. The report returns only on page per department, so the report could be anywhere from one to a hundred pages, one page per department. I've included a text box in the report footer that displays the report name and the parameter value, the expression looks like this: =Globals!ReportName & " For Department " & Parameters!Dept.Value(0)    I know that in this example the zero inside of the parenthesis of the parameter value is what is returning the actual value when the report is rendered, and I understand that the zero is value in the array of parameter values. What I'm looking to do is adapt this expression so that the parameter value rendered on each page corresponds with the data (departement) displayed on the specific page. So using the example of the data, if the user selected three departments in the parameter drop down, then each page that displayed the different department’s information would also display that departments name in the page footer text box. I'm thinking that each time a page is rendered that there is a group or global variable that can be called to provide this dynamically but I can't seem to find the information. Appreciate any help, Dan

    Expression in Report Column

    Hi Guys, One of the column got expression and pointing out to other subreport using iff . However, it throwing me following error message.      An error occurred during client rendering. Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index I am using below expression  =iif(fields!Banner_Type_ID.Value  ="FWR","","Click To Show Business Owners") and underneath the field name red squally line appearing, when you move the cursor on that line it stats unknown collection member. But  that field name does exist in the dataset. Not sure why it appearing in red.  Can anyone shed some light please, thanks, D  

    Dynamic or Expression-based Report Page Properties

    Hello, I have a tablix(table) with column grouping making the number of columns dynamic. Although our customers have been warned that this could lead to the columns going beyond the edge of the normal landscape 8.5x11 inch page, they have asked for alternate solutions. Beyond rotating the column labels and reducing fontsizes, the issue is not so much that it goes off the page, but the fact that in print preview mode the data is broken up requiring that you go to the next page to get the remaining data. What I am investigating is whether the Page Properties of the report body, either the pagesize property and/or the interactivesize property, can be manipulated at run time? This way if a user, based on their experience with the parameters they usually select and pass into the report, knows that the results will span the length of the page onto a second page, could choose a new parameter such as pagesize/interactivesize so that it changes from 8.5/11 to perhaps the next standard page size of 8.5/14 inches? This does not mean the contents would change during the course of rendering the report, just a new input that could decide at run time what paper size to use in print preview mode.   Thanks.

    Repeat Report Item with Data Region on Every Page - doesn't work

    Hi All, The Repeat Report Item with Data Region on Every Page property does not work - or atleast not the way i would expect it to. My report contains a header which is the Report Name. In the report body - I have text box with the company name, pulled from a data set. Below the company name i have a line, followed by a text box displaying the selected parameters. When I run the report, the first page displays all information as expected. However, subsequent pages only display the report header (report name) with the table butted up against it. I have tried setting the Repeat Report Item with Data Region on Every Page to true (and the data region to my table) for the Company Name text box, the line, and the parameters text box. This has no affect i.e. page 2, page n... are not printing the three items. Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks.  Clay

    report expression for month and year

    Hi , Can anyone help me how to write a report expression to get the following out put? Actually this value is the month of previous month. I want to set default month name of the parameter to previous month. This is sep.So it should display like this; Aug - 10 Thanks shamen

    SSRS BUG? When a FontStyle expression is used in a report, the Browser Text Size setting overrides t

    I have created a report that has the same font size for all the sections in the report. Some sections' fields use a FontStyle expression that changes the FontStyle between Normal and Italics conditionally. I run the report through the reportserver interface and the report looks fine. I run the report through the ReportViewer control and the the fields which use the FontStyle formula are overridden by the Browser's Page Text Size. Also, when I look at the inline HTML Style that's generated, the fields with the formula don't have a style, they are blank, while the fields with without a FontStyle expression have an inline HTML Style generated. And this is probably why the browser text size setting can override. This seems like a ReportViewer HTML render bug... Or is there a way around it??

    Report viewer control is is displaying parameter item 'select a value' even when the default param



    I am using SSRS 2008 R2,

    I have set the default parameter of dropdown and in the output "select a value" item text is removed ,also in the Report Manager 'select a value' removed .

    But when I am displaying the same reports in the ReportViewer control as ReportViewer1.ServerReport  in the the vs 2010 asp.net project the item select a value is reappearing in the output.

    Could you please help me remove the default item text 'select a value' from the ReportViewer control aswel.


    Generate a dynamic number of custom report item instances in a report


    Are there any solid examples/tutorials/demos of how to dynamically generate custom report item instances in a report based on the amount of rows in a data set?

    Additionally I would like to insert these custom report items in a particular order based on a field in the data set.

    Any help/pointers/articles would be appreciated!

    Absolutely page-bottom alignment on "report footer": Impossible?


    Relative newb to SSRS here, but the answer to this question evades me; answers and insight are appreciated.

    Report in question is an invoice form. It requires an absolutely bottom-of-page aligned footer that has databound elements.

    This is so that whatever page that footer finally appears on will print in such a way that the address will align in a windowed envelope.

    Ironically, Books Online gives this exact scenario in explaining headers and footers in SSRS, but they cleverly don't explain how an absolutely bottom-of-page-aligned and data-bound footer can be made to happen. Headers at absolute page top is obviously no problem. Footers at page bottom, not so much.

    So, this is not a "page footer"--page footers are employed in the body. Also this footer is databound, so a page footer as it's known in SSRS is out the window anyway.

    Most of the time this will print on a single page, but if it breaks to multiple pages, that footer needs to go all the way to the absolute bottom.

    I grasp that the "report footer" for SSRS is just what appears at the end of any repeating controls that you've implemented in your body. Because SSRS uses this kind of repeating-control based idiom rather than a section-based idiom as Crystal does, this kind of (what I would consider very basic) positioning control is looking fairly impos

    Problem deploying custom report item. Items shows in preview screen in VS, but not in server deploye


    I have developed a custom report item that works fine in design and preview mode while in Visual Studio. I cannot get it to show up on my deployed reports. Here's what I have done so far:

    1. Deployed the report using Visual Studio

    2. updated the rsreportserver.config file with the following entry:

          <ReportItem Name="PedigreeChart" Type="Uabr.Rap.PedigreeChart.PedigreeChartRenderer, Uabr.Rap.PedigreeChart" />

    3. Updated the rssrvpolicy.config file with the following entry.

                        Description="This code group grants Uabr.Rap.PedigreeChart.dll FUllTrust permission. ">
                                    Url="C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.3\Reporting Services\ReportServer\bin\Uabr.Rap.PedigreeChart.dll" />

    I've also tried using the StrongNameMembershipCondition

    Sum Issue in Group Footer and report Footer


    In attached SSRS 2005 report i am grouping by date and within date i'm showing acconuts.
    In group footer i'm trying to do sum depends on TYPE field.
    For Receipt Column
    =IIf((Fields!Type1.Value= "R"),Sum(Fields!Amount.Value),"")
    For Disbursement Column
    =IIf((Fields!Type1.Value= "D"),Sum(Fields!Amount.Value),"")

    But report is putting sum either in RECEIPT or in DISBURSEMENT column depends on whatever record is 1st.

    For Receipt Column in report footer
    =IIf((Fields!Type1.Value="R"), Sum(Fields!Amount.Value), "$0.00")
    For Disbursement Column in report footer
    =IIf((Fields!Type1.Value="D"), Sum(Fields!Amount.Value), "$0.00")

    Same way page footer is not showing the correct value.
    Instead of $257673.61, it should have been 257673.61-9340-2875.98 = $245457.63
    And Disbursement column in report footer instead of $0.00 it should be $12215.98
    Any Suggestions what i'm doing wrong here.


    Report Item to show all value



    Need a small help. I have a list of items, for example

    List 1 which contains 10 item. When List 1, I want to show list 1 when collapsed or expand a box of item values of List 1 in a single row, how do I do that ?




    What is the Expression for calculating Sum of percentages in SSRS report.


    Hi All,

    I want to calculate Sum of percentages in my SSRS report.

    I have two fields :

    Field1   Field2

    For Field1 I am using the following formula --- Fields!suminsured/Sum(Fields!no.ofRisks) * 100

    The  Field1  formula is working correctly....

    Now I want to calculate Field2 from  Field1 ....

    My Field2 Formula is Sum(Fields!suminsured/Sum(Fields!no.ofRisks)*100) --- But when I am doing this way its giving error...

    Can any body let me know how to acheive Field2 ....??

    Field2 is nothing but Sum(Field1) ....But for Field1 I am using Percentage Forumula....So field2 should be Sum(Field1) percentages....

    Any ideas in this regard will be appreciated...

    Waiting for the responses..



    My Report

    How to view the expression formula field on a report


    We built this report on 2005 ssrs and recently switched to 2008 versionand now having problem to get to the expressions which was written on some formula fields.

    I located the field under the dataset, i right clicked when i do i see two choices delete and properties i chose properties.


    now in there there is no way i am able to get to the expression.

    Thank you very much for the helpful info.



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