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Use specific pool for WCF in IIS7.0 asp.net hosting

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 18, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WCF


I have a Web site on WS2008 and IIS7.
This web site has got a default pool, ASP.NET pages and WCF services with aspnet compatibility.
I need to have a specific pool for one WCF service.
I don't know if it is possible and if yes how ?

Thank you for your help or advice.

Best Regards,


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ContextUser null on classic pool with IIS7


I set impersonation and windows on my IIS7.

But when I log on and I get an error my user context is null. I'd rather keep it on a classic pool to keep the users working on the site until I can make a full move to integration.

Anyone know what I need to do to get the HttpContext.Current.User equal to the autenticated user?

Here's a snipper from the event viewer

User host address: ::1
    Is authenticated: False
    Authentication Type:  
    Thread account name: NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE
Thread information:
    Thread ID: 8
    Thread account name: NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE
    Is impersonating: False

Shows it's not impersonating event through I set the value.

Any help appreciated


Hosting WCF Service with netTcpBinding on IIS7

The article Hosting WCF Service with netTcpBinding on IIS7 was added by malav_rajendra on Saturday, September 25, 2010.

Web.Config should have following configuration settinggs to hosting WCF service on IIS7(WAS): bindings> netTcpBinding> binding name="tcpbinding" portSharingEnabled="true"> security mode="None">/security> !

Hosting WF4 Services in IIS7 with net TCP binding


I have a few WCF Workflow Service (.xamlx) i have deployed these in IIS 7 and these are working properly on http binding. No i want to expos these services on net.tcp binding as well. What i have done is:

  1. http version is running on port 4040
  2. Added net.tcp in my website's enabled protocols property i.e. "http,net.tcp"
  3. Added net.tcp binding with "4041:*" as binding information.
  4. modified web.config with net.tcp binding information (for 1 service having IService as service contract) as given below 


  	<service name="UpdateContactSvc">

	  <endpoint name="

MVC2 hosting on win2008 IIS7.5


Okay I have a MVC1 site hosted on a 2003 machine.  I modified the global.asax file to allow SEO string in the URL.  Worked well.  This was my first MVC project and I have learnt a few things since then, so when it came time to change servers I decided to update to MVC2 and do some changes to the code.  All works well on my windows7 machine with VS2010 pro.  Deployed to a VPS box that is running windows 2008 IIS 7.5, set to 4.0 integrated. 

Set my host file to the new IP so I can see the site prior to changing name server, and all I get is the iisstart.htm page.  I have another MVC2 site on that VPS and it is working so I am leaning towards a problem with this install.  I have included the global.asax below in case something in that does not play well with IIS 7.5 because it plays well on the development machine.  Now since my home page will not show up, and that does not have any seo strings attached to it but the default settings, it might be something else.

It does not matter if I access from remote or from the VPS server same result.  How do I trouble shoot this problem? 

Shared Sub RegisterRoutes(ByVal routes As RouteCollection)

        ' MapRoute takes the following parameters, in orde

Setting the default start page in godaddy hosting?


 How do you set the start page with godaddy hosting? I can see no way of doing this! You do not seem to have access to the IIS settings that allow you to change it!

Button specific code


I have 2 submit buttons on my page. Right now, the only way to run the code behind with razor is to to If(IsPost). Since I have 2 buttons, how would I destinguish between the two in post? Is there a way to request a button that sent a post request?  

Getting list of users reporting from specific Manager from Active Directory


Dear All,

I am have requirement like displaying all the user information reporting to specific manager from Active Directory.

Please help me regarding this.



Convert WCF service to self hosting application


 I created project as a  WCF Service application and now according to recuriment that needs to be converted as a self hosting application

How can i do this?

Converting WCF service app to Self hosting app?

Word Automation Issue in Windows Server 2008 Hosting



The problem I am posting here is that I was facing nearly 2 weeks around. Any body comes with this stuff please help.

Word Automation in sample ASP.NET(C#) application.

I am using Microsoft.Office.Inetrop.Word Assembly for automation. Here I am reading a XXX.dot template file and fill the contents with dynamic data.

When i am executing my code in localhost:someportnumber the automation is working fine and I could get expected result and when I am hosting in my inetmgr(Windows XP is my OS) it is also working fine.

But the problem is that when I am hosting in my production server(Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition) I am not able to perform automation and results in the following error.

Data: System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal
Message: Word has encountered a problem.
Source: Microsoft Word

The code gets failed in the following line:

ApplicationClass wordApp = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.ApplicationClass();

Document wordDoc = wordApp.Documents.Add(ref oTemplate, ref oFalse, ref oMissing, ref oMissing); // Error in this line

I cannot able to proceed further. Can anybody please help me in solving this issue?

Thank you.

With Regards,


Create web site specific to mobile device, how to detect?



I have a website that is written in .Net 2.0 which uses all the nice rich functionality of the web (Ajax, javascript etc..).  However I have noticed that the site does not display very well on mobile devices. 

So therefore I would like to create a more streamlined version of my site that is better tailored to these devices.  However how do detect that the user has come to the site via a mobile device and how can i redirect them to my tailored page

Many thanks in advance

Patterns in Practice: Internal Domain Specific Languages


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MSDN Magazine January 2010

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CLR Inside Out: CLR Hosting APIs


By using the CLR 2.0 hosting APIs, developers of native hosts can execute managed code in-process with complete knowledge and control over how the CLR behavior can affect their application.

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MSDN Magazine August 2006

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