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Hit Counter

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 18, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

I've seen others that have posted this question, but haven't as yet found a solution.  Our hit counters worked fine in SharePoint 2003 (v2), but aren't working on our 2007 (v3) sites.  They just don't show up.  I read on one page that this was a problem with service pack 2? 

Does anyone know of a fix?  If not, does any have a way to get this functionality back?  We aren't able to install non standard webparts on our sites.  It seems weird that something like a hit counter, which is still listed in SP Designer as a web component you can add, would be removed.  Thanks!

Jane West

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Character counter with Editor control?


Has anyone made this work?  I'm trying to implement a character counter that counts the total text and markup in the Content property of the Editor.  It's easy to do with a button control and feeding Editor.Content.Length to a label but that doesn't give the user a running count. 

I tried several javascript character counters, including this one:

<script type="text/javascript">
      function pageLoad() {

      maxL = 255;
      var bName = navigator.appName;
      function taLimit(taObj) {
          if (taObj.value.length == maxL) return false;
          return true;

      function taCount(taObj, Cnt) {
          objCnt = createObject(Cnt);
          objVal = taObj.value;
          if (objVal.length > maxL) objVal = objVal.substring(0, maxL);
          if (objCnt) {
              if (bName == "Netscape") {
                  objCnt.textContent = maxL - objVal.length;
              else { objCnt.innerText = maxL - objVal.length; }
          return true;
      function createObject(objId) {
          if (document.getElementById) return document.getElementById(objId);
          else if (document.layers) return eval("document." + objId);
          else if (document.all) return eval("document.all." + objId

SQL2008 Standard setup failed. The performance counter registry hive is corrupted.

OS: Windows7 Ultimate 64bit (Traditional Chinese HKSAR) SQL: SQL Sever2008 RC2 Standard English (either x86 or x64) I have searched for answers on the web, tried all of them and still cannot get pass. 1. manually rebuild Performance Counter Library values as suggested in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/300956/en-us 2. string test = string.Format ("{0,3}", CultureInfo.InstalledUICulture.Parent.LCID.ToString ("X")).Replace (" ", "0"); which shows "31748" for me, added it under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib (with values from 009) 3. C:\windows\systrem32\lodctr /r to rebuild counters.   The error just won't go. Actually, I just want to use the management studio to connect to SQL Server2008.. Is there a way to install only the management studio? I am willing to give up installing SQL Server2008 on my Windows7.   Thanks in advance.

Performance Counter questions

Do .net perf counters have a concept of default / initial values? For custom perf counters of type NumberOfItems32, do I need to explicitly set RawValue to 0 or will the perf counter auto initialize to 0 upon creation?   Is manually setting RawValue a thread safe operation?   thanks  

Visit counter to more than one page?

I wonder how they build visit conters that can be used on more tha one page? 

The performance counter registry hive is corrupted on Windows 2008 R2 Foundation 64Bits

Hello, I know we have a few posts about this but not exactly about this windows version. I tried: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/300956 But nothing!... :( Could someone help me? Thanks, Renato

page hit counter

hi,,,what is the feature in .net that automatically maintains hit count of a particular web page?? thanks in advance 

How to resolve "Performance counter registry hive consistency check" failed?

I want to install SQL Server 2008 November CTP Developer Enu. When "System Configuration Check" it shows: Rule "Performance counter registry hive consistency check" failed. The performance counter registry hive is corrupted.   And cannot continue installing. How to solve this problem?

Hit counter not updating except in debug mode

I have a webcast site that lists them in a gridview. Users have two options, either play the video directly or go to a details page on it and play from there.  When the user plays the video directly I need to update the count of how many times it has been viewed.  When I run the page from my local machine in debug mode it correctly updates the counter.  When I run the page regularly, both from my local machine and on the server it does not update the count, but it does open and play the video.  It doesn't give any error messages in any method of running.  The only difference between running it on my local machine vs production server is that I have to comment out the authentication code on my local machine.  The authentication programming was created by someone else with far more knowledge and I only barely understand how it works.  For that matter this site was originally created by that same person.  He included the hit counter on the details page but forgot to add it on the front gridview page, so I'm modifying it based on his code on the second page. Important parts of code behind and part of the gridview listed below.  Yes I know the means of creating the first connection string is bizarre.  I think it has something to do with the authenticate files that makes it work.  In the past it has always worked fo

The SQL Server performance counter 'Page Splits/sec' (instance 'N/A') of object 'SQLServer:Acce

I am getting these page split errors every 5 minutes I have tried everything reindexing rebuilding working with different fill factor values But nothing seems to effect this problem. The threshold is now set to 100 (what the max threshold number i can set the alert to ?) Also please let me know how to get rid of the pagesplit alerts. thanks

counter - number of views

I have small aplication in ASP.NET, 15 tables in SQL, in Web deweloper I have masterpage with nested contentpages, on contentpages I have forms where users inesrting data.I am using free version Visual Studio 2008 amd SQL 2008.I want to put on masterpage hitcounter can somebody help me, do I need code or I can use some control, is there some literatur on net.I am total beginner in this, so if somebody want help me please explain simple as possible.thanks in advance

"Performance counter registry hive consistency check" failed


I'm trying to install SQL Server 2008 R2 Express, but there is just no way to make it work.

I have tried changing the values in the registry as said here.
But it does not help, nor can I find all the values that are mentioned.

I have tried most parts of the KB article here.
But what I could do, does not help, and I cant find the .dat files mentioned, anywhere.

I'm running a Windows 7 installation virutally with Parallels Desktop on a mac for the only intrerst of using VWD/VS C# expresses and the MS SQL Server. I have even tried to just delete the entire windows installation, reinstalling windows again and then opening IE downloading SQL Server the first thing I do and it still fails as default...

I can't se why it should not work. I mean the system is made by Microsoft just like the programs I'm trying to install, so with even them beeing a missfit, go figure why I'm on a mac. I obviously do not know enough about this stuff to fix the registry, I've tried lots of different cleaning programs and stuff, but nothing helps, so what do I do? just give up?

how can i have a counter in a event but can use the number outside of the event?


i have button and i want to count how many times in a page load this button clicked? or have a counter in the events but  i be able to use that number outside the coding.

thanks all for help

error on install: Performance counter registry hive consistency check - Status:Failed


Hi, I'm tryng to install sql server 2008 in win vista and in the System Configuration Check, item: Performance counter registry hive consistency check has the status FAILED  all the others items has PASSED and the setup stops here theonly option is CANCEL. Thus anyone knows the possible problem and resolution to this?


best regards

how to run a counter Every 1 minute his value is subtracet



and Every 1 minute his value is subtracet

10,9 8,7,

if any one type again than start with


Disabled performance counter Error with Datasheet views



Background: WSS 3.0, IE 8.0 , Vista.

Problem: User tries to click on a Datasheet view. IE shuts down. This user seems to be the only one experiensing the problem. Event log has a set of Errors, referring to several services:

"Disabled performance counter data collection from the "WSSMatrixpi" service because the performance counter library for that service has generated one or more errors. The errors that forced this action have been written to the application event log. Correct the errors before enabling the performance counters for this service."

"Disabled performance counter data collection from the "WSSIndex" service because the performance counter library for that service has generated one or more errors. The errors that forced this action have been written to the application event log. Correct the errors before enabling the performance counters for this service."


  1. Performance Counter Transactions/Sec in SQL Server 2005



    Which factor impacts the Transactions/Sec in SQLServer 2005. What could be the reason to get less Transactions/Sec.

    After some code changes in the stored procedure, the Transactions/Sec rate has come down.



Performance Counter SQLServer:Cache Manager:Cache Pages (Execution Contexts) = 4294967295


Performance Counter


SQLServer:Cache Manager:Cache Pages (Execution Contexts) = 4294967295


What this might mean?


It overflows, but what it might mean …

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