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Filteration in Content Editor Web Part

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 18, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Hi friends,

I have used content editor web part in page. as we know, in content editor web part all data is stored in page itself unlike list.

now how can i use filteration so that i will easily filter data.


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Content Editor Web Part in default.aspx not copied over.


I have a CEWP with some content in the default.aspx page on one site, and I downloaded and uploaded the default.aspx page to another site collection. But when I display the default.aspx page in the browser the CEWP is not there anymore.

Is the CEWP detached from the default.aspx page and must also be copied over to the new site collection? If so, then where is the CEWP stored?

Thanks for any help. 

Content Editor Web Part Title Wrap

Hello! I have run into a strange problem with wrapping the web part titles for the content editor web part. The classes appear to be the same for both the content editor titles and the list web part titles, however, the styles I applied ( word-wrap: break-word !important; ) and ( white-space: normal !important; ) are only working on the list web part titles. These web parts are in zones with a fixed width, and cells with a fixed width, but anytime a content editor part is added (with a long title) it still blows out the zone instead of wrapping the text. Any ideas would be appreciated.

How do I turn off HTML validation in the Content Editor Web Part?

I'm fairly used to SharePoint 2007, where I could inject pretty much whatever I wanted into the CEWP, and among other things affect the page style or create div-based layouts. However, in SharePoint 2010, inserting code into the CEWP seems to go through a HTML validation process, which inserts and converts the original HTML code and ends up in incorrect results. How can I turn off this HTML validation stuff, or alternatively, is there any other way for me to inject HTML into a web part as I wish?

content editor web part in publishing page

I have created a page in pages library using my custom pagelayout and added a cewp.I also added some images from image library in source code of cewp where each image is link and takes to a diff page.this doent work in a publishing page but works fine in other pages any suggestions

Content Editor Web Part - SendSOAPMessage - 403 Forbidden - FBA



Custom Permission Levels defined at the root site, loosely based on the OOB Contribute permission level. Below the root site are numerous sub sites with unique permissions assigned. Each sub site has its own group that is assigned this custom permission level. SSL is not being used.


In some sites, a user with the above mentioned custom permissions can successfully modify content in a content editor web part and save the changes. In other sites, a user with the same permissions immediately receives the message "Cannot save your changes" when they click OK on the CEWP dialog box (note: they do not receive the often accompanied "Cannot retrieve properties at this time" message). The same thing occurs when I add a specific test user account to both sites with the same permission level assigned (one site works, the other does not). Both sites are publishing sites created from the same custom template. The forbidden error results from a failed call to the WebPartPages.asmx web service, specifically at the line xmlhttp.Send(soapData) in ie55up.js library, function SPSoapRequestBuilder.SendSOAPMessage.

restrict rich text box to certain fonts and colours in content editor web part - Sharepoint 2010 -




Just wondering if anyone knows a way to make only certain fonts and colours available to rich text box in the content editor web part?

also is there a way to make only certain features available in the rich text box, ie only let the users change font, but not let them use bullet points etc.




Contacts web part from Excel. Content Editor web part from Word.


I use the Contacts web part and the Content Editor web part a bit. I was wondering if I could populate the Contacts web part from a Excel spread sheet which has been uploaded to the document library. This was I only have to modify the spreadsheet and all the changes will be published to the Contacts web part.

Similarly, can the same be done for a Content Editor web part such that the content comes from a document in the document library.

Please advice.

How to Deploy Content Editor Web part



I have a content editor web part on my development machine. I want to deploy that in production as a feature.

Is it possible? how?




Can not add Content Editor Web Part


Hello ,

All Content Editor WebParts stop working. Even I can'd add new Web Part. Existing and New webparts Shows same error. " One of the properties of the Web Part has an incorrect format. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation cannot deserialize the Web Part. Check the format of the properties and try again.

"One of the properties of the Web Part has an incorrect format. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation cannot deserialize the Web Part. Check the format of the properties and try again.

When I enable custom error on it shows following errory.


 " [WebPartPageUserException: One of the properties of the Web Part has an incorrect format. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation cannot deserialize the Web Part. Check the format of the properties and try again.]
  at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPart.ParseXml(XmlReader reader, Type type, String[] links, SPWeb spWeb)
  at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPart.ParseCompressed(SPWebPartManager manager, XmlNamespaceManager xmlnsManager, Byte[] personal, Byte[] global, String[] links, Type type, SPWeb spWeb)
  at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.BinaryWebPartDeserializer.LoadInitialWebPart()
  at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.BinaryWebPartDeserializer.Deserialize()
  at Microsoft.Shar

Filteration of List column in content Query Web Part


Hi Friends,

I am using content query web part to display data from List.

now i want to filter the list data based on my criteria using filteration properties in CQWP.

but i am nt able see the column name of my particular list that i want to make filteration.

i googling lot many times, and i searched that there might be need to create a custom type and attach to particular column.

if it is then can u explain me stepwise in details so will solve my most pending task

Unable to Add Audience Targeting For Content Editor Web Part



I have a problem with Audience Targeting Property in Content Editor Web Part.

When i am adding the content editor web part using web browser it is not showing the Audience Targeting Property of Content Editor Web Part.

I tried also with SharePoint 2010 Designer by adding <IsIncludedFilter>;;;;SuperAdmins</IsIncludedFilter> to Content Editor Web Part but still it is not working.

The mail functionality here is Inserted Content Editor Web part should be accessible to "SuperAdmins" Group. But it is not working.

Please help me



headlines in content editor web part

Am I missing something,  or is it not possible to create headlines ( <h> tags) in the RichTextEditor in content editor webparts (MOSS 2007)?
There are no mistakes; every result tells you something of value about what your are trying to accomplish.

Background on html/rich text editor in content editor web part?


Hi All,

Does anyone know what in the CSS controls the background of the rich text/html editor in the Content Editor Web Part?  Mine is picking up the background of my page layout so I must have accidentally changed it somewhere, I'm just not sure where...


Content Editor web part -cannot select "Use Predefined Table Format" check box


Can anybody tell me how to create table with their outline?After i create table, the outline doesn't appear.

If i want to add table, i can't select "Use Predefined Table Format" check box.


Thnx in advance



Adding the Content Editor Web Part to a SharePoint Layout .aspx page



we've created a layout page that contains the Rich Text Editor web part. But the client requires a web part that allows the embedding of audio/video files. The Rich Text Editor strips out the objects when we try to embed them.

I've used the Content Editor Web Part to add audio and video files (by manually adding the web part to the page), but I can't find the definition for that web part to include it in the layout page so that the client doesn't need to manually add the web part themselves to every page that requires it. (Which could be many pages.)

Any help would be appreciated.



Content Editor Webpart not working in web part page


I Have a CEWP, i have written jquery for displaying the same.It works fine when i do the following:

Site Actions --> Edit page -->Add a Webpart --> CEWP --> and in the Source control editor, i paste the jquery. My jquery does a calculation by comparing two values A and B in a list. If A is greater, one image is shown, if it is less another image will be shown.When the user clicks the image the list gets opened and on the change in the values the image will be changed. This works perfectly when i do the above.

But when i create a Webpart page, it gets created in the Shared Documents site. And when i add a web part and does the same thing, my CEWP is not showing the correct image.




Moving Web Part Pages with Content Editor Web Parts


In our MOSS 2007 application, we were moving a document library from one site to another (on the same site collection).  In the library, there were several web part pages (.aspx) that contained Content Editor Web Parts.

The pages were copied (using Manage Content and Structure) and they contained the Content Editor Web Parts.After the move, but all of the Content Editor Web Parts were blank.  I thought that the content was saved on the page but it looks like I was mistaken.

Is there a way to move these Web Part Pages while preserving the Content Editor Web Parts?


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