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VB.NET e.DrawString and e.HasMorePage

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 17, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application

I have a listview... I want to print listview checked items... some or all no matter...


If checked item total one pages, there is no problem.. but one checked item costs for two pages... problems begin... I cant tell rightly.... i added my code sample...

Please help...


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Again Listview and again e.HasMorePage, e.DrawString



I am goint to kill myself.. I hate e.DrawString class... It's so complicate...

Here is my code:


Dim in As Integer
in = 100

Dim AREA As New SizeF(W, H)
Static i As Integer While i < lstgundem.CheckedItems.Count Dim CharCount1, CharCount2, CharCount3, CharCount4 as Integer Dim LineCount1, LineCount2, LineCount3, LineCount4 as Integer Dim a As Integer a = Font.Height

Dim Header1 As New RectangleF(Left, Top, W, H) e.Graphics.DrawString("HEADER 1", font, Brushes.Black, Header1, Format) Dim Text1 As New RectangleF(Left, Top + a, W, H) e.Graphics.MeasureString((LV.CheckedItems(i).SubItems(1).Text), font, AREA, Format, CharCount1, lineCount1) e.Graphics.DrawString((LV.CheckedItems(i).SubItems(1).Text), font, Brushes.Black, Text1, Format) Dim Header2 As New RectangleF(Left, Top + a + a * LineCount1, W, H) e.Graphics.DrawString("HEADER 2", font, Brushes.Black, Header2, Format) Dim Text2 As New RectangleF(Left, Top + 2 * a + a * LineCount1, W, H) e.Graphics.MeasureString((LV.CheckedItems(i).SubItems(2).Text), font, AREA, Format, CharCount2, lineCount2) e.Graphics.DrawString((LV.CheckedItems(i).SubItems(2).Text), font, Brushes.Black, Text2, Format) Dim Header3 As New RectangleF(Left, Top + 3 * a + a * LineCount1 + a * LineCount2, W, H) e.Graphics.Dra

VB.NET e.DrawString and e.HasMorePage


I have got some texts for print...








theese texts sometimes long, sometimes short.

I measured texts how many line fitted.


text1= 20 lines (measured, chars and line)

header1=1 line

text2= 30 lines (measured, chars and line)

header3=1 line

text3= 45 lines (measured, chars and line)

header3=1 line


50 lines per page...

How skip next page, and begin print last printed line ?

Please help.





DrawString Font Fallback

hey,   is it possible to find out if a Font Fallback has occured in a DrawString-Method? Or can I check if there is a fitting character in the font?   regs, robert

Gdiplus DrawString Khmer Unicode support


Dear All,

I am having problem with Khmer unicode using DrawString. Some of the characters not shown up correctly.


Search on the Web shows that GDIplus had no Khmer support, but that was in 2004.

May I know if we have any solution now?

Thanks in advance.

DrawString (GDI+) could not render khmer script correctly


I'm trying to send khmer script(unicode) string to printer using PrintDocument provided by the .NET framework.

Unfortunately it seems to me that the Graphics.DrawString() does not render khmer script correctly.

Platform: Windows 7 Ultimate
IDE: VS 2010 Ultimate + .NET Framework 4

Here is the full sample code: /

using System;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Drawing.Printing;

namespace PriintKhmerUnicode
  static class Program
    static PrintDocument printDoc = new PrintDocument();
    static Font font = new Font("Khmer UI", 16);
    static string text = "??????";

    /// <summary>
    /// The main e
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