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How to display recent blog posts in marquee up tag?

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 26, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

I need to display recent blog post in the blog site to the right panel.

i am able to display all the title of the posts using dataview. What i need is that it should scroll up, that is all the contents should be in the : Marquee direction="up" tag.

how can i scroll the recent post's?


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Recent Posts display not changing in main page!!! Most of them are static...



I have cleared browser cache, history and signed off, signed back in. I can see this header screen



Now, if I click Forums tab to navigate to forums.asp.net, I can see this


If you observe the screenshot, you can see the points are different and the posts are static (everything says few seconds ago).  Is it a browser caching issue or something else. I have seen the same thing since 3-4 hours.

Blog site Restrictions -- How to set an expiration date on blog posts

I just created a new Blog site in Sharepoint 2007, and set permisions to the users and admins.
Now, I have a question on how to set the post life time. Is there any setting to contral how many days that the posts can last in the blog? We want the post include the comments kept in the site for one month.

Please help.


Allow Anonymous Users to respond to blog posts

Hello, I'm using Sharepoint Foundation 2010 and more specifically the blog application. I've turned on Anonymous Access so people can read posts, but I also want them to be able to respond to the posts. Is this possible? Thanks in advance, Bas

How to display newest blog items?

Hi, I created a site with a blog subsite. In my site I want to display the newest blogs. Thought this was fairly straight forward but I cannot figure it out. Any body an idea? If so is it also possible to display a certain Category of blogs? Thnx!

web part to display recent changes on all items in site

Hi, Is there any web part like content Query to list all the changes made to the site say document uploaded, deleted, users added on the home page in SharePoint 2010 sites? If there is any third party web part also, please let me know.   Regards, Garima

Blog category view not showing any posts?

Is there something i need to do for the category specific views of posts?I have the categories webpart, and people are adding their posts to 1 or more categories, but when clicking on one of the categories it shows no posts what-so-ever.  THe only posts that do show are ones where I remove all categories.I have tried editing the current view and typing the category name in and that works, I am assuming that the category should be put into that field from the query string by the webpart??? or is there something i need to do??Thx for all help offered.

View Recent Posts Error


I clicked on Recent Posts in my profile page 

I got this error

I can use My Posts to view all my replies but not the one from profile.

SharePoint Blog Posts Rating/Voting



It is possible to make a blog and have a voting system for the posts?

Ex: We have a blog and 50 users, everyone posts a joke, and users can vote/rating the jokes. The joke with mosts votes/ratings wins!

Can you tell me if this is possible on SharePoint 2007 and how?


Blog - Changing the URL of user account on posts.

When a post is created on a SharePoint 2010 blog, the title of the post and author is displayed. When clicking on the authors name it brings up the userdisp.aspx with all their info. I need to redirect them to another page that displays the author's bio instead.

Someone told me that I need somehow rewrite the URL inside the div.ms-PostFooter tag. I have absoutely no knowledge of Javascript. Can someone please help??



How do I adjust the # of posts visible on the main page of a blog? Summary view?


So while I love the basic summary view used by the blog, I would like to limit the main page to showing just the 5 most recent updates.  Most views this is easy to edit by adjusting the item limit on the list, but since the Summary view of the posts list doesn't show up anywhere I am unsure where I can set the limit.

I have looked at the editable views in designer but again I do not see the Summary view listed anywnere.  Help


blog posts are shown together


I have a blog hosted in SharePoint (using  the default WSS blog template), I tried to play with the design of the post.aspx page http://geeksconnected.com/jamil/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx, then I decided to reset it to site definition after getting some problems, but when i tried to access my posts like http://geeksconnected.com/jamil/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=19 (you can try it now!), It didn't list this post for me, instead; it lists the last ten posts as you can see if you try, it seems that the blog site template uses the query string ID=19 to filter posts but now, it is not working. I want it to list a specific post for each link as the default.

Custom comments display webpart for Blog



I wrote a custom webpart to display the comments made on any post of blog (eg: <blog>/List/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=3)

Now two things:

1. Comments list does not have any post-Id, It has post-title with Lookup type. which stores complete title of post which this comment blongs to. While in URL i am getting Post ID. How may i filter the comments ? 

2. How may i check that if logged in user has Admin rights ? Because I want to display "Edit" with each comment if logged in user has Admin rights.

Thanks in advance.

Users new blog posts need to be approved first


We have a 2010 blog set up.   Is there a way for contributors to be able to create blog posts without them needing to be approved by the owner first (and without making everyone an admin of that blog)

I guess our other option is to use the Discussion Board in sharepoint but is there a way to setup email alerts for that everytime a topic is posted?  thanks

Blog permissions, who can view posts


I'd like to be able to filter my blog posts in such a way that if you are in the admins group you see posts tagged with the content admin, and if you are not in that group you don't see those posts. I cannot figure out how to accomplish this. What I did do that seems to work (but it's a lot of leg work) was to create the groups for my blog (members owners and visitors) visitors have read access. I go into each post, break inheritence, remove authenticated users and visitors, then visitors can't see those posts. I tried creating two categories (visitors and admins) I removed authenticated users from the permissions of the admin category and tagged some posts with that category. When i log in as a regular user I can still see all of the posts. Is there an easy way to do this? Am I just overlooking something?



Count the number of posts in a blog


We have a new blog site which contains the standard list called Posts.  We would like to display a webpart on our main blog page that returns a count of how many posts are in the Posts list.  Does anyone know if there is a block of code that I could put into a content editor webpart on my page to return this count? 

I found a post where someone said you could create a Data View using SPD and edit some code to return a count, but this didn't work for me.

How to schedule blog posts in Sharepoint 2007?


Does anyone know how to schedule blog posts to run at different times? I run an online newsletter and would like to set up a months worth of stories ahead of time. I can't find the answer anywhere!



Display number of blogs posted by author in sharepoint blog


i have a requirement to disply no of blogs been posted by author for standard sharepoint blog.
I am using dataview webpart to disply the blog central content.
Can anyone suggest, how we can get the no of blogs been posted and disply in dataview?

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