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how to force a font?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 17, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

How can use a font in my website and make sure it's showing properly on all PCs even if the font is not installed on the local PC? is it possible to copy the font on host and refer to it?

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Force password expiration after x days


Using C# and sqlmembershipprovider forms authentication, is there a way to force user password to expire and need to be reset after x number of days?

So if a user launches the website login.aspx page, when they type their userid, it will check if the password is expired and direct them to a Resetpassword.aspx page?

Is it possible to change the title bar background and the font style on default template?



Is there any way to change the default top link /title bar picture and the fonts of the title without breaking anything in the layout/structure?

I have changed the theme to Obsedian and I would also like to change the picture of the title bar of this theme and also the font/style of the title, top link bar, menus..etc. Is there a way to do this?

Please note: I am using WSS 3.0 and I am not the Administrator of the sharepoint. I am only the site admin of some sites on this sharepoint. I can do some basic customization using SPD.

Basically, what I am trying to do is that I want to set up a sharepoint site, however I want to make it NOT look like a sharepoint site.Well I know this is possible, but for my case it might be just partially possible due to the limitation that I am not the Site collection admin and hence I do not have direct access to the server itself.

What I want is to hide most of the sharepoint links/menus/bars, etc and use my own buttons/hyperlinks etc .. for user to navigate on the sites.

Thanks in advance for your help/advices.



change the font color according to the column



i have a column in the list which has values 1.Added



i want to make the field values Killed to be make it as Red so i tried in sharepoint designer converting to xslt data view then did formatting but the problem is i am not able to see the edit in data sheet option. can you please is there any way i can have both to be working? or is there any alternate solution for formatting column based on values

thank you so much.



Trouble with Font Definition in Accordion Control


 VWD 2008 Express.

I have a page on which I have an accordion control.  The accordion control seems to be overriding the font definition I have for the page body in my CSS stylesheet.  Here is what is happening.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.

1.  When I open the page and the top panel opens, it displays with the correct font family, size, etc.

2.  If I close and reopen the top panel, it displays with another font family and looks bad.

3.  All subsequent panels, when opened, display the font in a different family than specified in my CSS stylesheet.

This is what I have in the stylesheet both for the body and for the .accordioncontent:

    background-color: #E4E1C2;
    background: url(../images/background.jpg) repeat left top;
    font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman" , Times, serif;
    color: #666666;
    font-size: 12pt;
    border-top: none;
    padding-top: 10px;
    font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman" , Times, serif;
    color: #666666;
    font-size: 12pt;


Force Jit compile on assembly

I have CLR code that generates an assembly that I install into a database using the create assembly procedures. The code includes stored procedures and triggers. My separate applications, of course, call the stored procedures. My issue is that immediately after I install the library, the first time any of these triggers/procedures are called, it can take a long time for the event to occur. In a specific case (easily recreated on my end), if I hit a trigger with specific data in my record, something is occurring at the database level that is preventing me from doing a simple edit/save.  I think it's compiling the assembly.  It will work if I do an edit/save on another record, then go back to the first one.  Once that happens, the issue goes away until I delete and install the assembly, then it comes back for records that meet specific criteria. My conclusion is that it is taking so long for the JIT compiler, it's killing my post. So, question is: how can I force the jit compiler to process the assembly, either before or after installing the assembly to the database?  

Font Expression in Calculated memebers?

I am using BIDS 2005 version 8.0.50727.42 The fontName and Fontsize properties of calculated memebers are not working ? Any one got the same issue?   Thanks, Alex  

How to force SendReply onto scheduler

I've run into a situation where I've noticed a SendReply message is not actually sent until a subsequent Delay activity (or another Send) is run in my CPU-intensive workflow.  Long story short, I'm testing out my "Cancel" ability by having one workflow (Controller) call into another (Worker), who will be performing some CPU-intensive operations. Sometimes, depending on some condition, the Controller will want to Cancel the Worker. I'm doing this by calling Cancel(...) on the Worker host's WorkflowControlEndpoint to forcefully stop the workflow and it's processing.  My workflows are hosted in WCF and look something like this: var Controller = new Sequence {   Activities =    {     SendRequestToWorker,                //Send     ReceiveResponseFromWorker,      //ReceiveReply (for above)     SendCancelIfConditionMet,           //If that may call WF control endpoint     ReceiveWorkerResults                  //Receive   }} var Worker = new Sequence {   Activities =    {     ReceiveRequestForWork,               //Receive     SendR

CSS font is working in FireFox but not in Internet Explorer 8.0

Hi All, I tried a lot but I could not figure out why the IE is not taking font size and name in to effect from CSS. In firefox my website could be seen very nice but in IE it is little bit unshiny and font size is bigger For the difference which I am talking about could be seen  if your PC have both firefox and IE installed. Please go to http://www.nymidtowndentistry.com open it in FF and IE and you could see the font and alignment related change. All these settings are in body element of CSS. Do you any idea regarding this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. -Hitesh  

how to force my C# Winforms program run as administrator on any computer ?

hi how to force my C# Winforms program run as administrator on any computer ? and any kind of OS ? i need code solution (any sample code will be excellent) thank's in advance

Force SQL job to succeed even after a step fails in SQL server 2008

All, We are trying to force some jobs to succed even though one step in the job fails randomly. Now,we choose the property of the job succeed on failure, it still shows up as warning. How do we ignore the warning thrown by the job SQL job?? Any suggestions??   Thanks Kay

DrawString Font Fallback

hey,   is it possible to find out if a Font Fallback has occured in a DrawString-Method? Or can I check if there is a fitting character in the font?   regs, robert

How do I change the backlground and font color of a web part header - Sharepoint 2010

Hello,  Im verya mateur with Sharepoint so bare with me.   We are running Sharepoint 2010 and I am settingup a basic site for our company.  What I need to know is there a way to change the color of the web part header.   I have a calendar web part that displays a list of our holidays, and I was able to change the background color of the content as well as the font colors for the list of holidays,  but I cannot seem to change the background for the title box where it says Holidays and Events remains with a white background.   I would appreciate any help!   Thanks   Charlie   charlieprice@live.com

force document 'save as' for visitor users for all documents.

hello we are using foundation as the basis for a customer extranet, one of the 'features' of sharepoint seems to be the inconsistancy of how it handles office and non-office documents. for pdf's the user is prompted for save as. For word docs if the (remote Ad authenticated )user has word this opens the document for the site and reprompts for credentials, i usderstand why this is happening as they are opening the document on different network. the question is can i force 'save as' for word and excel documents in the manner of pdfs for visitor level users. Thanks Mark  

Getting full font height

How I can get full font height (height of system caret in TextBox or RichTextBox control when Font property is set to particular font) in pixels? I have tried Graphics.MeasureCharacterRanges and Graphics.MeasureString functions, but result is not equal caret height. It's terrible! A have also tried Win32 API function GetTextMetrics. Can someone help me?

Font didn't change in excel, after change was made on SSAS

Hello!   After I wrote MDX, I gave to my calculated field a format of “courier New” and font size of ‘9’. When I connected to SSAS using excel, and pulled my data but I don’t see the right format that I used. It is not working for any format. I used 2008 SSAS. What is the issue? Thx, Beney


Hi. I have Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.4053.00 (X64) and I want to configurate Replications. I have received an error which is similar to this here: http://dbfriend.blogspot.com/2010/01/error-occurred-during-decryption-when.html and I want to solve this problem with command ALTER SERVICE MASTER KEY REGENERATE FORCE. I would like to ask you what I can lose with FORCE option? I have read it should be linked server login passwords and credential secrets. Will this command ALTER SERVICE MASTER KEY REGENERATE FORCE affect the connections from linked servers which point to this machine from another SQL Servers? If I run exec sp_linkedservers, I receive 1 row where SRV_NAME is the same as @@servername. There are no other linked servers. There is a structure of data I have found. Please tell me if there is something which could be lost after the command ALTER SERVICE MASTER KEY REGENERATE FORCE. I have a few user databases but no data are returned when I run this command on them: EXEC sp_MSForEachDB ' Use ?;     select * from sys.master_key_passwords ;     select * from sys.asymmetric_keys ;     select * from sys.crypt_properties ;     select * from sys.certificates ;     select * from sys.key_encryptions ;     select * from sys.credentials ;     select * from sys.symmetr
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