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Where is the lab manual for the lab SPCHOL309

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 16, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Hi Guys,

I couldn't find the lab manual for the Sharepoint Hands-on lab SPCHOL309. Moreover, when I opened the Visual Studio solution HelloWorldExtension, VS said that the project HelloWorldExtension.csproj is not valid. Error message: "C:\SPHOLS\SPCHOL309\CS\Ex1\HelloWorldExtension\HelloWorldExtension\HelloWorldExtension.csproj : error  : The project file 'C:\SPHOLS\SPCHOL309\CS\Ex1\HelloWorldExtension\HelloWorldExtension\HelloWorldExtension.csproj' cannot be opened.

The project type is not supported by this installation.


Where is the lab manual and how can I run the solutions in SPCHOL309?

Thank you!

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Preventing Manual DataBindings from Being Stupid...

Okay, This is rather annoying, but the basic situation is that using the Control.DataBindings() collection is often VERY simple easy and effective.  However, there are circumstances that require tweaking. Case and point: Application Settings via the My.Settings class structure.  Now, I have a "Preferences" form which upon the load of my application the first time, it requires the user set certain settings (and will cancel out of the app if the aren't defined on the first load).  All of this works fine, but I have a minor little glitch revolving around the Binding.Parse event and the Binding.WriteValue() method. Basically, when the Preferences form loads, all the controls that are bound to a My.Settings property, are set to DataSourceUpdateMode.Never.  In the Form.Load event, I execute a Control.DataBindings(0).ReadValue() on each of the controls that are bound.  This propagates the form with the appropriate values from the My.Settings Class.  Now the user changes/edits/modifies etcetera the values of the controls on the form, and based upon the appropriate values the OK Button will become enabled. Two of the values are "Folder Locations" but are uniquely formatted in my case, using a "special folder" moniker, for Desktop, or My Documents, etc, etc, etc, so if the user browses for a folder or types one in manually, m

Manual Rendering a Button

Hi, I am new to WPF. I have a custom control being derived from Button. I have overridden OnRender method to make it look Trapezoidal. When I add this custom button on my window/grid, I see the main button also being rendered along with the custom shape I had defined in OnRender. I am not able to understand where the default shape is being rendered from? Any help would be greatly appreciated..          

User Manual for Sharepoint Foundation 2010

Is there an user manual for Sharepoint Foundation 2010?  We downloaded this product in order to create an intranet for our firm, but the software is NOT intuitive and does not provide clear click-by-click instructions on how to do this.  We need an instruction manual asap, that includes a sub-section on how to easily design and create an intranet.  Thank you. 

Hi, everyone I am new to ASP.net. What is your opinion on manual coding?

I am new to ASP.net. I am using Visual Web Developer 2008 Express. In the past, I had gotten used to writing html code using nothing more than notepad. This kept things nice and neat. Since trying out VWD, I have realized how important the IDE really is so I am very happy to use it. At the same time, sometimes I am drawn back to wanting to do things manually.   I would like to know if there is anyone out there that has been writing ASP.net code without the IDE and if there is a benefit to this in any way. Is everything best left to the IDE?

why would a dba do a manual failover on a cluster

Why would a dba do manual failover because of high cpu?  I got no answer from dba, but cpu did improve from 85 to 60, then down to about 40%.  My thought is there was parameter sniffing problem and clear proc cache from failover fixed the problem, recompiling all the procs is why cpu high at first after failover?  Until cpp started spiking to 80 it was under 50% all day.

FormView Manual Data Updating

I've posted this some place else but have not heard from anyone and hoping I get better luck here.   Note: Sorry about the formating, not sure what happened.I have a FormView that I user for updating a record. There is a link button that when fires should perforom the updating viaBLL and DAL. I am not using built-in ODS and I will not condsider using it. I have all my grids and formviews populated manuualy by calling methods that fetch the data from the database. For instance my details view is populated like this:  protected void DlMembers_ItemCommand(object source, DataListCommandEventArgs e) { if (e.CommandName.ToString() == "Select") { DlMembers.Visible = false; lblError.Text = string.Empty; lblError.Visible = false; fvMemberDetail.Visible = true; fvMemberDetail.ChangeMode(FormViewMode.Edit); MemberBLL getMemberInfo = new MemberBLL(); int Ident = Convert.ToInt32(e.CommandArgument.ToString()); fvMemberDetail.DataSource = getMemberInfo.GetMemberByIdent(Ident); fvMemberDetail.DataBind(); } if (e.CommandName.ToString() == "DeleteSelected") { DlMembers.Visible = true; lblError.Text = string.Empty; lblError.Visible = false; fvMemberDetail.Visible = false; fvMemberDetail.ChangeMode

Unable to change textbox values after manual assignment



In my webapp, I have a DropDownList_OnSelectedIndexChanged that assigns values for a number of <asp:textbox'es depending on which entry is selected...

       public void ModifyProjectIDBox_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)


            int tempJobID = Get_Selected_Report();

            dbCommandString = "SELECT Name, Address, State, Awarded, StartDate, EndDate, HomeLocal FROM dbo.ProjectInfo WHERE ProjID = " + tempJobID;

            dbComm.CommandText = dbCommandString;


            dbReader = dbComm.ExecuteReader();


                ModifyProjectNameBox.Text = dbReader[0].ToString();


            ModifyProjectAddrBox.Text = dbReader[1].ToString();

            ModifyProjectStateBox.Text = dbReader[2].ToString();


tutorials(manual or video)


where we can get tutorial videos or manuals in starting web forms in asp.net

DataPager Manual input From Listview Control


Hi There,

I've been trying to marry up the listview and the Data pager with my own, Database class that pulls the information from the database.

I can display the information ok no problem, fortunately this time I know what the problem is, but I cannot figure out a way around the problem.

In my Page_Load event I fill out the listview accordingly:


Dim mList As List(Of Object) = mDbase.Record.Items("SELECT TBLResults.ID, Draw, [Date], B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, BB, Jackpot, Wins, Machine, BallSet FROM TBLResults, TBLMachine WHERE TBLResults.MachineID=TBLMachine.ID ORDER BY Draw", GetType(ResultItem))


     Me.ListView1.DataSource = mList





The problem lies in the postback, I need to figure out a way get the information as to what state the DataPager is in so I could update the Query accordingly.

I know there is a StartRowIndex avaialbe but this does not get updated in the Page_Load event.

Has anybody got any ideas?

SQL Server 2005 - Differences between "Autoshrink" database option and manual "shrink database / log


Hello All !

I want to know if there are differences between "Autoshrink" database option and the SQL DBCC shrink (database/file) command.

I have, in production environment, a MS application (MIIS) with a SQL 2005 DB. This application takes very large db files (logs and datas). It's absolutely normal (several millions of transactions by day)

However, I had this morning a problem with disk space.

If I run manual dbcc shrink (db / file): I recover 4 GB

If I set "Autoshrink" option: I recover 50 GB

Microsoft doesn't recommand to set the "autoshrink" option on the majority of databases (for performances problems)

Are there links about these differences ?

Thanks for advance for your ideas / help - Regards - Have a nice day ! RHUM2

Manual change to "applicationSettings" in app.config file are not read by the application.



Okay...This Application Settings stuff is driving me nuts.  Something conseptually so simple should not be this hard to get working.

Here is my

I have a .NET 4 application in which I generated a web reference from a web service wsdl.

I see that it creates an endpoint property in the app.config file which corresponds to a settings class that is autogenerated.    I compile my release code and copy the executable and config file to a local drive.

By default, the url points to the endpoint that was added by the designer.

Now, I want to change my application configuration to point to the production version the the webservice.

To do this I thought all I had to do was change the value in the app.config file.  However, the application never reads from the config, it's always taking the default setting compiled into the settings class.  I'm at a loss as to why this is happening. 

I have search through this forum and there are so many different posts on application settings but all I want to do is change the config file manually without having to recompile.   I'm not doing any runtime settings modifications. 

What if down the line we change the alias to the web service hosting the service.  I can't imagine Microsoft really expects us to have to rec

manual trace using sp_trace_create shows nothing .Shows all the events captured only when SQL Server


has anyone faced this .I am creating manual trace for login failed events in SQL Server 2000 SP4 x86 :

-- Create a Queue
declare @rc int
declare @TraceID int
declare @maxfilesize bigint
set @maxfilesize = 5
exec @rc = sp_trace_create @TraceID output, 2, N'C:\temp\Failed_Logins', @maxfilesize, NULL
if (@rc != 0) goto error

-- Client side File and Table cannot be scripted

-- Set the events
declare @on bit
set @on = 1
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 7, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 23, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 31, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 8, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 12, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 60, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 64, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 1, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 9, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 21, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 49, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 6, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 10, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 14, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 26, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 3, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 11, @on
exec sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 20, 35, @on
exec sp_trace_

Intercept manual refresh in inserting db action page


Hello...i have a e-commerce page which send data to last page for the payment...

In this last page, the user confirm his intention to acquire products .... In this moment, i've created a sub which insert a new order in the database...all works!...

The problem born when i try (and user could too) to manually refresh the page...the code will be processed again and a new (second) order will be inserted in the database.....it's not correct...

This page make a postback after confirm button....so control page.ispostback will not resolve problem...

How could i intercept manual refresh of this page in a secure way ?

Thanks to allUndecided

Sharepoint 2007 - Best manual guide to purchase??


I've recently started working at a company currently using Sharepoint 07 and as part of my responsibilities, I ve been put in charge of re-organising the company's intranet + storage of files, locations, landing sites etc. Although they will provide training, I'm trying to hit the ground running and wanted to buy a user manual, and just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on the best general guides to buy? Something that covers the basics but also quick tips and examples into overcoming issues etc.


If anyone has any good ideas could they post them up here or email me at hellobud88@hotmail.com


Cheers guys. 

Possible to fail task on manual stop?


Hi all,

I have a package that uses BCP to generate interface files for an external client

I have a custom logging table that logs the extract info like parameters used, start time, end time, rows, extract status etc


I have a stored proc that executes at the start to insert the details into the logging table

I have a success constrained stored proc that executes after the BCP process completes and updates the logging table row with the relevant details

I also have an on fail task that updates the logging table row with 'failed' for that BCP extract


The problem I have is that stopping the package while its doing the BCP generation isn't recognised as a failure. So the on fail task doesnt run and the logging table has the extract set as 'generating' (since the on success doesn't run either)

Is there a way I trigger a failure if the package is stopped while a particular task is being executed?


The other thing is that the stop sends a ctrl+c (im guessing) to BCP... and that can take anything from 1 sec to an hr to be recognised. Is there a way to cause a hard quit of the process? Trying to regen a stopped extract usually fails because the output file is still present and locked by the quitting bcp process.

It would probably be better to use a systime derived temp fi

Workflow Initialize Form Can Show In Manual Mode Only?


Hi friends,

I have a Sharepoint Workflow Initialize Form, I'd like it to show when an item is created on the list, and I'm sure I've selected this option in workflow association, but that Initialize Form doesn't show up when item is created. But it can show when I manually start a workflow instance.

So workflow initialize form can show in manual workflow start only?


EaTing Shan

Workflow Initialize Form Can Show In Manual Mode Only?


Hi friends,

I have a Sharepoint Workflow Initialize Form, I'd like it to show when an item is created on the list, and I'm sure I've selected this option in workflow association, but that Initialize Form doesn't show up when item is created. But it can show when I manually start a workflow instance.

So workflow initialize form can show in manual workflow start only?


EaTing Shan
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