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Need a Suggestion

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 15, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server


I have a Advantage Data base as source and SQL as destination but i am unable to connect Advantage from sql that is using SSIS .

Please suggest me an idea to get tha data from Advantage DB to SQL DB using SSIS, such that i need to get confirmed that the data that gets into SQL synchronize with that of ADV DB .

I need to show the proof showing that the data within all the columns and tables are same in SQL DB  as ADV DB

Pls Suggest me an Idea.

Regards, Santhosh Hiriyanna

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Run Button Behavior: Suggestion/Bug


Note: This could be a bug or considered as suggestion. I am not looking for solution.

1: I have ImageWatermark.cshtml open and currently in focus.

2: I have Photo1.jpg selected in left Files workspace.

3: Now if I Click "Run", instead of opening ImageWatermark.cshtml it trys to open Photo1.jpg and it fails.

So ideally I would expect the "open file (ImageWatermark.cshtml) to run rather than running the selection from Workspace.

RSS implementation code - need suggestion


Please suggest what is the best approach of coding for RSS implementation,


Implementation 1:

a) Add custom handler in web.config for .rss type

b) Create a handler class (RSSHandler.cs) in APP_Code

c) Create a Sample.rss file

d) Browse Sample.rss in browser

 Technical Solution:Utility Classes:I)                   

Stand alone server into Cluster Server...recomandations and Suggestion

Hi all I have Stand alone server(SQL Server 2000) on Win2k3(SP2). Now I want make as Cluster server. way I am thinking 1.I have create fresh Cluster Environment and move the Databases 2.Arrange SAN drive and move all Databases(Data files/Log files) to SAN drive and Add one more Node and Create Cluster. I am realy new cluster some body help me the Direction to move Standalone to Clusteer.   Thanks in AdvanceSNIVAS

Need suggestion on table creation

Hi All    I want to create a DB in production server. In the DB 5 tables will consists lakhs of records.    We are using SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition    To produce the better performance i want to create 5 Data Files for 5 tables.Is my approach is    right or wrong.    Waiting  for valuable replies.

Resore suggestion

Hi all I have  fullbackup at 5:00PM yesterday and Transactinal log every 30min (24 hours),I took Diff backup   7:00PM yester day and Diff backup 4:00 AM today. My  Transactional backup running every 30 min, If any faulure what steps i have to take... Please correct me  if I am wrong 1.Restore Fullbackup(Yester day) with no recovery 2.Restore latest Differancial backup with no recovery 3.Restore all trasactional backups 4:30 with no recovery onwards.... and restore last trasactional backup with with rcovery it is creect scenario ??..please help me.. Thanks in Advance  SNIVAS

Need suggestion's and guidelines for designing and creating WCF client channel pool

  What factor's should be considered for creating a WCF client channel pool? 1)Whether it is advisable to create a pool of pre-opened channel's?or create a new channel as an when needed?which one is expensive operation? 2)what should be the pool size? 3)how pool will support if concurrent request's are coming which use different binding's? 4)what should be channel lifetime? 5)If all the connection's in the pool are busy,whether we should wait till the free channel's are available in the pool or create new one's which is expensive?which one is better? if anybody is able to provide some usefull links it will be helpfull.

Architeture,Patterns Suggestion

Hi there, Recently i have joined a new project that is to be build from scratch.(goal of the project is to reach the users across boundaries : windows, web & mobile)   I follow architecture having following layers:1.Presentation Layer 2. Logic Layer(BLL)  3. Business Objects  4. Data Access Layer.   But this time i wanted to use new technologies Microsoft have introduced like Entity Framework 4.0 , WCF services. So i have thought of  creating the layers like 1.Presentation    2. BLL  3.Services  4.Business Objects   5.DAL but i am in confusing state how to use Entity Framework. in the above layered diagram. Please suggest or guide me.If there any flaws in the above layered diagram do guide me.I have heard of Microsoft Enterprise Library(MEL) 5.0. What exactly it is? Will i get benefited with MEL 5.0. Suggestion are highly expected. thanx for ur time.

I need a suggestion to bind the data in share point 2010 page.Suggest some right control to do this.

In my visual web part i need a control to display rows with grouping option. In my web part i am going to display all my document library and  announcement so that i need groping option. I need to do grouping option in the view.so what is the best control u suggest me to bind my data? 

PDF to Word Converter - Suggestion

Friends,    I searched and give a suggestion to all for Converting PDF to Word file. I analyse with nearly 15 exe's downloaded and worked with that for our Client use with our Product. Finally i satisfied with Smart PDF Converter.exe.   http://www.pdftodocconverterpro.com/ They given the exact output of given input PDF file as same. But the negative is they don't support with u Interface level. For that i searched and find another one Run in the Command line itself. That name is Able2 Extract Converter. They supported with Interface also.., http://www.investintech.com Other Analysed and not well PDF to Word converters list are http://www.hellopdf.com www.pdftodocconverterpro.com www.download3000.com http://www.somepdf.com/ http://www.pdf-file.com www.softpedia.com/ http://en.kioskea.net www.topshareware.com http://www.freepdfconvert.com http://www.fileguru.com www.quickpdftoword.com This is my suggestion to all Programmers and Students... Ur wishes to select... Thanks and Regards, C.Rajandra Thilahar. CRT(Want to become a GreatLeader to ALL).

Suggestion on retrieving data from a database

hi everyone, I have a page which will retrieve data base on drop down lists and place the data onto  a gridview. When the data was entered, each field was entered with multi-selected and delmited by a comma. In the database, some fields will have a string with multi information delmited by the comma, for example, Chicago, Atlanta, NYC will be recorded and place in the field in the database. I'm trying to search now but with a dropdown list with Chicago, Atlanta, and NYC being an individual record. If the person selects NYC, all of the records from NYC will appear even though Chicago and Atlanta are part of the string. Can someone show the right direction to do this? Thank you, Carlos The following is the code for the current page:<%@ Page Language="VB" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="ExportContacts1.aspx.vb" EnableEventValidation = "false" Inherits="ExportContacts1" %> <%@ Import Namespace="System.Web.Mail" %> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <script runat="server"> Protected Sub exportcsv_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Dim objStreamWriter As IO.StreamWriter objStreamWriter = New IO.

Need Suggestion for Database Design ...

Hi folk..i want suggestion to design my database tablesi have senario likehere i have a job which will start and then completeso i have fields like StartTime, CompleteTime to store both timestamp...now i need to find the time consumed in this process [(CompleteTime - StartTime) Hrs:min:Sec]so i have two optionshave a field in database Table which will calculate the ConsumedTime for each recordwhen i need to display the consumedtime, i will calculate the differencee.from above which is better.??Assumptions :The table will have a large number of recordsThanks

AD Suggestion Needed


In my application, there are different roles i.e.. Manager, Admin,etc... All are having groups except Manager.

Now there is a problem how to distinguish managers and user

My Requirement:


There is a Request form which needs to be approved by the manager (there is no group for manager) and requested user will select any user present in the AD Users as a manager.

When ever users login in to application, First i need to check whether login user has any request to approve(as a role of manager) or normal user(user submiting for a request)

If he has Request to approve, i will need to give two options Login ManageraAprroveror User Requests

How can achieve this task that need to keep track who is manager and user

User Profile - last name change suggestion


First time encountering this scenario and not sure if the method I will be doing is the best way of completing it.

User got married and last name has changed, the account was set up with pre-marraige last name and now needs to be updated.

The way we have our SharePoint users set up is by adding them locally then going into ShareServices - User Profile and Properties - View user profiles and add the user there. We are running MOSS 2007 on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2.

I noticed I couldn't change the Account Name because it's grayed out so I am assuming I'll have to recreate a new local account and SharePoint User Profile? Or is there a simpler way of going about this?


Help me even with a suggestion...


I have read the books "beginning SharePoint 2010 administration .. and Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration" by wrox, and they are great books, but i have read them in short time (1 month each) and now i feel i forgot what i read because i dont work on real projects for SharePoint 2010. also I am reading books for ASP.net 4 so i can be good in ASP, and i also want to read books for Sharepoint designer and SharePoint development, so there is a lot to do and many to read.


is there any recommendation of how to be a good sharepoint specialist? i wana know how to design pages, develop custom web parts, configure SharePoint, but i dont know how to start, i keep reading chapter from here, and one from there, can anybody give me a guidance on where to start, and name some books and sort them for me to start reading them?

How to encrypt aspx page in application , any help and suggestion ???


Hi ,
For security reason , 
How to encrypt my aspx page code in my application ?
Any Other suggestion where we can encrypt in our application, encryption can be done in application like connection string etc?
Thanx in advance ...

Hi ,

For security reason , 

How to encrypt ,  aspx page code in application ?

Any Other suggestion where we can encrypt in our application, encryption can be done in application like con

SQL 2008 Relationship suggestion



How would you relate those 2 tables together?

SQL 2008 Relationship suggestion



How would you identify and relate those 2 tables? Please have a look at the printscreen


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