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branding in SP 2010

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 15, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

I'm new to Sharepoint but has been tasked with developing branding for enterprise sharepoint 2010 instance that would primarily consists of team sites and mysites.  In order to integrate this with the rest of our intranet environment, I also need to implement a global navigation bar.

There are alot of articles online but I'm not sure where to start, even with just finding out how far can SP be customized beyond just colours especially on the team site side. (eg. Move the ribbon to another place for example?)  Ideally we want to get it close to the look of existing non-SP intranet look and feel.  Does anyone have any advice on where to start?

Another issue we've ran into is that if Master pages are used, we won't be able to reference a centralized Master page so if we need to make a change globally, we'll have to edit the Master page for each site collection which is an unsustainable solution for a large enterprise deployment like ours.

I know SP 2010 skinning has also changed from 2007 as well so alot of the articles I found are not applicable.

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Sharepoint 2010 branding

Hi All, I have a requirement to change the ui for sharepoint 2010 site I am doing rnd for best practices. 1. do i need to change the master page? 2. only change theme? I am really wondering for that.   Thanks Saumil Thakkar  

Branding SharePoint 2010 - Ribbon tool bar twice on search site

Hello everyone! I'm branding a SharePoint 2010 site and I'm stuck in a problem. The ribbon tool bar is appearing twice on the top of my search sub-site. Everywhere else is good (appearing just once). I did review all my code on the master page and everything seems to be good. Also compared the custom master page with a "v4.master" and all the sharepoint controls and placeholders are just exactly the same. Any ideas of what's going on? Here's the image: From

Branding Ribbon SharePoint 2010

Hello,   I would like to customize the Ribbon to reflect my company branding. I found Tom Wilson's article about this and it match what I want to do. http://styledpoint.com/blog/ribbon-customization-changing-placement-look-and-behavior/ The only point is that I've got 2 tabs "Browse" when I tried to split my Ribbon in several part . I need to place the Tab above the top navigation <SharePoint:SPRibbonPeripheralContent Location=”TabRowRight”> and the small icons under it <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id=”PlaceHolderGlobalNavigation”> <SharePoint:PopoutMenu ID=”GlobalBreadCrumbNavPopout”> <SharePoint:PageStateActionButton>   Does anyone have an idea what I have such an issue?   thx for your help and time

Sharepoint 2010 Branding Guide


One of the objectives of exam 70-573 is branding sharepoint 2010, but I havent find any complete guide about how to do it, anyone can point me in the right direction?



www.sharepoint2010blogger.com Follow me on Twitter <<<

Documentation on real world branding with SP 2010 from MSDN


I would like to know, when we can expect the Sharepoint 2010 version of the following documentation will be available.

"Real World Branding with SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Sites :"



Aritra Saha

Branding sharepoint 2010


Hi guys

I hope you are well. I would like to know if brading on 2010 is the same thing as in 2007 or if it has some gotchas behind the scenes:)

Many thanks






Deploying Branding Solutions for SharePoint 2010 Sites Using Sandboxed Solutions

Learn to create sandbox-compatible branding solutions using custom master pages, CSS files, and images that can be deployed to SharePoint 2010 farms.

Sample: Deploying Branding Solutions for SharePoint 2010 Sites Using Sandboxed Solutions

Explore the code as you learn to create sandbox-compatible branding solutions using custom master pages, CSS files, and images that can be deployed to SharePoint 2010 farms.

Real World Branding with SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites

Learn essential concepts to help you create engaging user interface designs in SharePoint Server 2010 publishing sites.

Sample: Real World Branding with SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites

Explore the code as you learn essential concepts to help you create engaging user interface designs in SharePoint Server 2010 publishing sites.

ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript Snippet Support (VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 Series)

This post covers another useful improvement in VS 2010 - HTML/ASP.NET/JavaScript snippet support. Snippets allow you to be more productive within source view by allowing you to create chunks of code and markup that you can quickly apply and use in your application with a minimum of character typing.

Visual Studio has supported the concept of "snippets" for VB and C# in previous releases - but not for HTML, ASP.NET markup and JavaScript. With VS 2010 we now support snippets for these content types as well.

Clean Web.Config Files (VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 Series)

.NET 4 includes a new version of the CLR, and a new .NET 4 specific machine.config file (which is installed side-by-side with the one used by .NET 2, .NET 3 and .NET 3.5).

The new .NET 4 machine.config file now automatically registers all of the ASP.NET tag sections, handlers and modules that we've added over the years, including the functionality for:

.ASP.NET Dynamic Data
.ASP.NET Routing (which can now be used for both ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET MVC)
.ASP.NET Chart Control (which now ships built-into ASP.NET V4)
What this means is that when you create a new "Empty ASP.NET application" project in VS 2010, you'll find that the new default application-level web.config file is now clean and simple:

Architecture Tools in VSTS 2010

Designing new functionality on existing applications can be daunting. There are always differences between the original design and the current implementation.

The new Architecture tools within Visual Studio Team System 2010 help you understand the application you have, design new functionality you need, and validate that your design and your implementation do not deviate.

VB and C# enhancements in VS 2010

In Visual Studio 2010, we've made several enhancements to our two most popular languages, Visual Basic and C#, to give programmers all the tools they need to build great software no matter which language they prefer.

The Visual Basic team focused on adding productivity features to the language so developers can get more done in fewer lines of code. The most common customer request for Visual Basic is to remove the underscore ("_") character when breaking a code statement across multiple lines in most cases. Visual Basic 10 introduces implicit line continuation, which removes the need for the underscore character in most cases.

Code Optimized Web Development Profile (VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 Series)

When you first run VS 2010 it prompts you to select an IDE profile to use. The profile you select will configure how tool windows are displayed/docked in the IDE by default and set the default keyboard shortcuts. You can then customize any of these settings by using the Tools->Options menu within the IDE and then override/change them. You can also later reset your profile and pick a different one by choosing the Tools->Import and Export Settings menu command.

VS 2010 and .NET 4 Series

VS 2010 and .NET 4 are the next major releases of our developer tools and framework. Together they contain a ton of new functionality and improvements that I think you'll really like, and which make building applications of all types easier, faster and better. The improvements range from nice small tweaks to major, major enhancements - and can be found across the .NET Framework, the languages, and the IDE.

ASP.NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010 Web Development Beta 2 Overview

Many exciting changes for ASP.NET are coming in the .NET Framework version 4. This document gives an overview of many of the new features that are included in the Beta 2 release of the .NET Framework 4 and of Visual Studio 2010.
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