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Naming HttpModules

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 15, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Hello Everyone and thanks for you help in advance.  I am writing an HttpModule that is enclosed with a web project, but am having problems accessing it, most likely because of naming issues.

Here is what I have:

A class named RewriteModule.vb that has the following code:

Namespace RewriteModule
    Class RewriteModule
        Implements IHttpModule


The project name is RewriteModuleVB

in the web.config file, I have the following:

 <add name="RewriteModuleVB" type="RewriteModuleVB.RewriteModule, RewriteModuleVB"/>

I am receiving a configuration error message when I run the page.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Has Microsoft documented on the naming convention for windows and web controls like they did for Classes.


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I am trying to configure Oracle Access Manager (OAM) with AD application mode (ADAM). I am being prompted for the administrator (root DN) LDAP login for the ADAM instance, and nothing I try works. I know the administrator account in ADAM, and when I installed ADAM I used this info for the partition information, CN=accessmanager, DC=devnet, DC=local , the local admin account is devadmin, which is in the administrators container. My question is, what should the LDAP naming convention I should use for devadmin ? Oracle's example is (cn=administrator,o=company,c=us), but nothing I tried seems to allow OAM to access the ADAM installation. The obvious CN=devadmin,DC=devnet,DC=local does not work. Thanks in advance, John  

Parent Child Naming Template

I have a parent child relationship defined on a dimension. I want it to show something like: Main Event Sub Event 1 Sub Event 2 ...   What I get using Main Event;Sub Event *; is: Main Event Sub Event 03 Sub Event 04 ...   Is there any way to do what I want?

SSL Certificates and Naming

Hello, I have a server that I will call machine01 (specified in -> my computer | properties | name tab).  I refer to this machine as machine01.mydomain.com using a DNS service externally and internally.  I use this full name machine01.mydomain.com to connect to SQL Server.  I wanted to setup an SSL connection and purchased a certificate with the common name = machine01.mydomain.com and have been trying to get it to work for several days.  For everything I try, I can't get the certificate to show up in the drop down in SQL Server Configuration Manager | Protocols for MSSQLSERVER | Properties | Certificate Tab | Certificate.  Is my issue that I should have used machine01 as my common name in my SSL request?  If it is, can I get a certificate assigned to just machine01 and it will work with remote SQL Server connections to machine01.mydomain.com?  Is there a way to make a machine01.mydomain.com certificate work?  Hopefully someone out there has dealt with this before and can give me some much needed advice.  I have read some posts online that kind of talk about this issue, but I haven't seen a real definitive answer or solution that has worked for me.  Thank you very much in advance, George

What are httphandlers and httpmodules?

Hi,Can anybody please tell me in very simple language what httphandlers and httpmodules are.

httpModules - Remove / Clear From Sub Application

My team just converted a .NET 1.1 web application to .Net 2.0 (I know, I know, but going up to 3.5 was not an option at that time.) but the application had to run under a web site that it parents and sub folders would be listed as .NET 1.1 applications whereas its application folder is set to .Net 2.0 in IIS. Place the application in its QA environment the first error that came back was a client side script error of: "-----------------------------------------------------------Message: 'WebForm_PostBackOptions' is undefinedLine: 201Char: 1Code: 0URI: http://localhost/Root_Web/S1test/S2test/RCW/thePage.aspx"----------------------------------------------------------- To give you an idea of the IIS setup Level 1) Root_Web   - .Net 1.1, Web.Config     <httpModules>      <add type="Security.HTTPRequestScan, Security" name="HTTPRequestScan"/>      <add type="PageScruber,Scruber" name="PageScruber" />    </httpModules> Level 2 - Sub Folder) S1test    - .Net 1.1Level 3 - Sub Folder) S2test   - .Net 1.1Level 4 - Sub Folder) RCW    - .Net 2.0, Web.Config       <httpModules>      <remove name="HTTPReque

Max length for naming list/view

Is the max length for naming a sharepoint list/view configurable? what is the max length for List/View Name.   Thanks for your help.  

Naming Convention for SSIS?


hi all,

what 's your naming convention when developing SSIS packages?


thanks in advance.

Andrew Chen
Interested in BI related technologies

Naming Convention in SSRS



I'm looking for a Naming Convention /Best Practicies  for the name of object generated in SSRS, such a TextBox, Group,... 

(E.g. TextBox1-->TextBoxAccount or tbx_Account or Table, tableXXTextBoxAccount ??)

Doest anyone have a intersting link or could suggest me any naming convention ?



How we register httpmodules and httphandler


Say I am implementing a HttpModule called my_httpmodule and the class is in \App_Code\myModules folder, do I need to change anything in web.config?

HTTPModules in MOSS 2007


i want to update a custom list item in http module but at Item.Update() fuction call it throws the exception "Operation is not valid due to current state of object".

i have made the web.AllowUnSafeUpdate=true

and i am calling the update fuction outside the SPSecurity.RunwitelevatedPrivlage block.

Please help me.

Naming a SharePoint Column Differently Than the InfoPath Field Name



I have built a project intake form in InfoPath and am submitting it to SharePoint.  Part of the form uses the Person/Group Picker control.  I wish to publish that field to SharePoint upon form submission.  However, the column title is "Display Name."  Is there anyway I can change the name of that?  I tried editing the list in SharePoint and that field is not editable.  I also tried renaming the field in InfoPath, but it is part of the Person/Group Picker control, is a locked field, and will not let me change the InfoPath given name.  I also looked at changing the name of the field during the publishing wizard process, but it will not let me do so there either. 

Am I just stuck with that name if I want to use the Person/Group Picker control?

I am using InfoPath Designer 2010 and I believe SharePoint 2010 (although it may be MOSS 2007).


Role playing dimension and member naming question.


I have a fact table with invoice information that has multiple date columns.

I had originaly only needed to join my time dimension to this fact table on it's create date, but I have now added a role-playing dimension to join to the invoice date.

When I had 1 date dimension all of it's members where called 'week','year', 'day', etc.
Now that I have the role-playing dimension I have two dimensions with member names like 'Date.week', 'Date.year', 'Date.day', 'Invoice Date.week', 'Invoice Date.year', 'Invoice Date.day'.

So many queries I had written to reference the original date dimension no longer work because of the extra 'Date.' prefix. Is there a way to hide this prefix for my original date dimension?

Thanks in advance.

Policy Management - Use of ExecuteSQL() for Index facet to define naming convention policy


I am trying to define an advanced policy involving use of executeSql() function and @@SchemaName, @@ObjectName parameters. It is related to non-clustered index naming convention and as such I am making use of 'Index' facet.  I have defined policies for tables and procedures and I have successfully used executesql with @@SchemaName and @@ObjectName parameters. However, when I run Index policy I get the following error;

TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Exception encountered while executing policy 'CompanyName - Index - Naming Convention'.

For help, click: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?ProdName=Microsoft+SQL+Server&ProdVer=10.50.1600.1+((KJ_RTM).100402-1539+)&EvtSrc=PolicyEvaluationException&LinkId=20476


Must declare the scalar variable "@@SchemaName". (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 137)

For help, click: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?ProdName=Microsoft&#

ReportViewer, Eport to Excel naming of the sheets



I am working with a local report in report viewer.

The RDLC has more than one control on it and I am setting the PageBreakAtEnd propery to True in order to force a soft page break; which also results in a 2nd Excel sheet being produced when the user exports to Excel.

However, the sheets in excel are called 'Sheet 1' and 'Sheet 2'.

How can I specify the name/label to be used for the Sheet?



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