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Trouble finding Asp.Net template in Vs 2008?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 15, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

I had been running Vs 2008 with C# with no problems using the installed templates.  I am running MS .Net framework V3.5 sp1.

Now I want to create a small website using ASP.NET.

I just downloaded visual web developer 2008 express edition and web PI 2.0.

When I start visual studio 2008 I cannot see ASP.Net in the list of templates.  Also the Visual Studio 2008\templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual Web Developer folder is empty.

What pieces of this puzzle am I missing?

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Where is the Visual Studio 2008 Web Control Library Template


Does a project exist for grouping user controls? Visual Studio 2005 had this template but it does not appear to exist in 2008.

We will be creating several User Controls and would like them grouped accordingly.


Thanks in advance for any responses.

Visual Studio 2008: having trouble in opening any web page

hi alli am unable to run any web page in the browser that i design in visual studio..i didnt understand that what happened.As the visual studio was working fine and i can easily run my websites that i create in it but now i tried to run different pages in its internal browser,internet explorer,mozilla firefox but they give error(the error which we get when we are not connected to internet and try to open a url).Even i had tried to build a new website and run it but the problem is still..i cant figure it out thats why came here and posted.so can anyone help me out...

Trouble Using More Than One LIKE Operator in a Table Filter in SSRS 2008


Hello All,

I'm having what I'm hoping will be a simple issue -

My co-worker has created a large report which contains several tables in SSRS 2008.  Each table is tied to one dataset, yet only certain data can be returned to each respective table.  Right now he's applying filters at the table-level behind each table, however as you can imagine this is not efficient because there is a LOT of data returning for this report. 

I'll try and give a simplified example -

There are two tables in the report body - one for containing products relating to both Cats and Dogs, and one for containing products relating to Birds.   Each product starts with the name of the specific animal - for example "Cats-Mouse Toy", "Dogs-Frisbee", "Birds-Rubber_Leaf".  

Now I need to somehow filter out each product so that they go to their proper tables.  As mentioned above, my co-worker was creating a specific filter for each product, but this is proving to be inefficient.  For example, there are 52 different products for Birds alone.  That would mean 52 different filter entries for each product.  What I would like to do is use the LIKE operator but i'm not getting the results I want on the first table.

So, on the first table I need something like:  =(Fields!Products.value LIKE &

Finding details of a page deadlock in SQL 2008

We have a java application which runs 5 threads simultaneously (firing few update & select queries against one table). This sometimes causes page deadlock (object id 0). Is there a way to find which queries are causing the deadlock?

Trouble installing SQL Server 2008 Cumulative 4


I have a server that is currently at 10.00.2723 (CU3).  I want to patch it to 10.00.2734 (CU4).  The service pack installer tells me that it can not find an instance of SQL Server on the machine.

SQL Server 2008 Enterprise x64
Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
This is a VM using VMware

Any body have suggestions, run into this before, etc..?



trouble associating template in document library?


I am having trouble associating a template with a document library.  When I enter the URL for the template under the Advanced Settings for the library, I get an "Invalid URL" error message. I've compared my URL to other templates on other sites and I think I'm doing it correctly.  The name of my document library is "Link Checks".  I put my template, BrokenLinksTemplate.doc in Links Check/Forms  so that my URL is formed: "/Link Checks/Forms/BrokenLinksTemplate.doc".

Can anyone advise me what I might be doing wrong?

Trouble with URL when creating new site from template


Last year created I a site that I saved as a template so that I could create a new site for 2011 using the same site structure.  Now I've created the new site for 2011 but I can see I made a naming error in my old site, in that I put the year on a list name and this has now transferred to the new site.

Here is the URL from last year:  /LegWeb/2010/Lists/2010Bills/AllItems.aspx.  I should have named the list  "Bills"  instead of "2010Bills"  because now in my new site the URL looks like a mistake:  /LegWeb/2011/Lists/2010Bills/AllItems.aspx.


What can I do to change that URL now?

Trouble installing SSAS 2008 R2


Hello all. I am installing SQL 2008 R2 SSAS on a Win XP Pro machine. All other components of SQL 2008 R2 installed just fine, but SSAS is giving me errors when trying to start the service. Error: Provider failure 0x80041004

It tells me to look in the Event log for details, but I don't see any entries in the logs that would apply.

What am I missing, What is going wrong? Where can I look for help?

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Todd C - MSCTS SQL Server 2005 - Please mark posts as answered where appropriate.

How to deploy on a windows web 2008 dedicated server the VS 2010 ASP.NET simplest template ?


I have installed SQL Server 2008 Express Advance Services Edition on server.

I have copied the standard asp.net VS 2O10 from simplest template (the one with login link and 2 tabs home and about) under the root directory of the server. The website works until I try to login then I get:

Failed to generate a user instance of SQL Server

I cannot find a single article that just explains step by step how to deploy this simple example used by Microsoft or can I ? Then can you point me to this tutorial thanks.

Trouble with Conversion from SQL 2005 to 2008


Hi -

We're moving a SQL 2005/Windows 2003 process to SQL 2008 R2/Windows 2008 and are having a devil of a time making it work.  It runs in 2005 just dandy.  SQL Server 2008 R2 (64-bit) is running on a virtual machine, everything is new.  Standard SQL server install.  No service packs.

I'm running several stored procedures from one script from SSMS. The script pretty much bombs after the same Stored Proc everytime, although not always.  The sql error message is as follows:

  • A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occurred during the login process. (provider: TCP Provider, error: 0 - The specified network name is no longer available.)

Why would it disconnect and reconnect in the middle of the script?

Perhaps a red herring but the one of the steps before the error happens is a clr stored proc job surrounded by SQL code that  turns Trustworthy On/Changes Owner to 'sa' and back (Owner to NT Authority\System / Trustworthy Off).

A real head scratcher.


Error in Windows Application Log

Faulting application name: sqlservr.exe, version: 2009.100.1600.1, time stamp: 0x4bb6b40b<

Trouble installing SSRS 2008 R2, XP Pro SP3, can't access Web Service or Report Manager URLs


I found a great thread by Uday titled "SQL 2008 Reporting Services Win XP SP2" and worked through it, but I am still stumped.

I am using port 8080 cause this was default.  I tried changeing to 80, but it didn't help, so changed back.  IIS is using port 80 and is currently stopped.

I see both databases in SQL Server and can query while logged in as Account that is used for the service account.  SSRS is running. 

URL reservations look good in the rsreportserver.config file.  In Native mode.

While in RS Config Manger I can test database connection and it is good.  When I click the webservice URL or the Report Manger URL in the Config Manager I get errors "Web site can not be found" and "Website can not display page"  I just upgraded to IE 8.  Can't figure out what to do next.

When I use httpcfg.exe I see a URL for http://+:8080/ReportServer/   and http://+:80/Reports/.  This could be the problem.  How can I chages seconfd to port 8080?

Any help would be appreciated.



Help Finding Visual Web Developer Express Version 2008


Can anyone point me to a link where I can install VSE 2008?

I can't seem to find it anymore, the one on the MS site downloads and install VSE 2010.

I don't think version 2010 is compatible with the work I've done in 2008?  Or is it? 

jQuery having trouble finding textbox inside repeater


This is an ASP.NET 3.5 web app with a master/content page relationship. The content page contains a repeater with a textbox.  I am trying to use jQuery to attach a charcter counter function.  (This function works perfectly on other pages where the textboxes are not in a repeater.)  However, when the page runs, the following exception is thrown:

Compiler Error Message: CS0103: The name 'txtComments' does not exist in the current context

Source Error:

Line 11:         $(document).ready(function() {
Line 12:             //Set up the character counters
Line 13:             $("#<%= txtComments.ClientID %>").charCounter(1000);
Line 14:         });
Line 15:     </script>

This is the jQuery that is in the HeadContentPlaceHolder:

    <script src="scripts/jquery-1.3.2.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="scripts/jquery.charcounter.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    <script type="text/javascript">
        $(document).ready(function() {
            //Set up the character counters
            $("#<%= txtComments.ClientID %>").charCounter(1000);

This is a simplified version of the repeate

Trouble binding InfoPath "template part" to data source


I created an InfoPath template part using an XSD.  I added it to my custom controls, but when I try to insert it into the main template, it asks to be bound to a data source.  I have created a group to bind it to in the data source, and I created a "complete XML document or schema" based on the same XSD as well.  It matches the schema in the template part exactly.  The template part won't bind to either node.  I get the error message, "Requirements_Template_Part cannot be bound to the selected field or group." 


This XSD is complex and contains a repeating table.  I read somewhere that this might be a problem.  Unfortunately , the XSD cannot be changed much though this is a format imposed on us from another group.  A coworker is writing a transform to cull out the data from this XSD and feed it into another system.  He says he will update the XSD from time to time, and I thought that a template part would make it easy for me to update it whenever he updates his XSD.

Trouble importing .dbf file into SQL server 2008 express edition


Hey all,

I'm having trouble exporting my .dbf file into Microsoft SQL server 2008 express edition. I set up an ODBC using a couple different drivers and different versions of the drivers and still got the same error. Below is the error message I am receiving.


TITLE: SQL Server Import and Export Wizard

Could not connect source component.

Error 0xc02020ff: Source - HOSPSITE [1]: The component "Source - HOSPSITE" (1) was unable to retrieve column information for the SQL command. The following error occurred: ERROR [HYS12] [Microsoft][ODBC dBase Driver] Index file not found.


Pipeline component has returned HRESULT error code 0xC02020FF from a method call. (Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap)



If any one can help that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

trouble remotely connecting to SQL 2008 Express

This one has me stumped.  My SQL 2008 Express resides on a remote Server 2003.  My client resides on Windows 7.  I VPN into the remote server and have always been able to access the database until recently and I do not know what has changed.  I access via SQL authentication and I have insured that the user is valid along with his password.  I have gone through the complete checklist and to the best of my knowledge, have set all parameters and security settings properly. I can get to the remote desktop via RDC and can access the database and tables perfectly yet when I attempt the remote access I receive an error "-40" along with an error "2".  I have googled both and followed all instructions but am still locked out.  Oh, these errors seem to relate to the remote server not being accessible.

Finding error while installing sql server 2008


i tried different setups from different sites but all end with the same error.


The following error has occurred:

 Wait on the Database Engine recovery handle failed. Check the SQL Server error log for potential causes.

For help, click: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?LinkID=20476&ProdName=Microsoft+SQL+Server&EvtSrc=setup.rll&EvtID=50000&ProdVer=10.0.2531.0&EvtType=0xE53883A0%25400xBE03358B%25401306%254024



error log 


Overall summary:

  Final result:                  SQL Server installation failed. To continue, investigate the reason for the failure, correct the problem, uninstall SQL Server, and then rerun SQL Server Setup.

  Exit code (Decimal):           -2068643839

  Exit facility code:            1203

  Exit error code:               1

  Exit message:                  SQL Server installation failed. To continue, investigate the reason for the failure, correct the problem,

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