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small bug with some templates - VS 2010 Ultimate only

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 15, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

The other day I installed VS 2010 utimate from the MSDN DVD English, Disc# 4699, June 2010, part number x16-88957.   While I was following Chris Hammond article on developing DNN module, I downloaded and installed his template provided on codeplex http://christoctemplate.codeplex.com/.

When starting a new project with his template I noticed that some of the fields such as Location, Solution Name, and check boxes were missing.  I re-download the template to make sure it was'nt the problem.  I also install vs 2010 ultimate on different machine to see that the problem was still there.  Furthermore I also noticed that the problem wasn't specific his template but was also present with other templates such as Ajax Server Control, Ajax Server Control Extender, ASP.net Server Control.  You can see the behaviour here www.clemex.com/bug/DnnTemplate/DnnTemplate.html

So I uninstalled VS 2010 Ultimate and installed VS 2010 Professional instead and voila no more problems and all templates work as expected :) Sometime more features mean more problems, no need to install ultimate if professional is doing the jo

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Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate setup failed

The Microsoft .NET Framework 4 step failed when I tried to install VS 2010 on my Win XP SP3. The first line of the error log is Microsoft .NET Framework 4: [2] Error code 1603 for this component means "Fatal error during installation." The error log can be seen in my skydrive http://cid-dd0e9ffb3a6b3ceb.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/dd%5E_error%5E_vs%5E_vstscore%5E_100.txt The install log can be seen here http://cid-dd0e9ffb3a6b3ceb.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/dd%5E_install%5E_vs%5E_vstscore%5E_100.txt The CRC of the ISO macthed the one on the MSDN download site, but to make sure, I downloaded and installed .NET Framework 4 but it also failed. The installatin log of the .NET Framework can be seen here http://cid-dd0e9ffb3a6b3ceb.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/Microsoft%20.NET%20Framework%204%20Setup%5E_20100505%5E_234527496.html The Msi Log can be found here http://cid-dd0e9ffb3a6b3ceb.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/Microsoft%20.NET%20Framework%204%20Setup%5E_20100505%5E_224838111-MSI%5E_netfx%5E_Core%5E_x86.msi.txt Can anyone help? Thx.          

SharePoint 2010 - noticed a possible bug with regard to custom site templates.

Hi All, I'm wondering has anyone else noticed this behaviour in relation to custom site templates. I wanted to move an site A ( content included ) from site collection A to site collection B. I saved site A as a site template ( content included ) I uploaded the site template to site collection B's solution gallery. I created Site B on site collection B using this site template. unfortunately the top links to site A have been preserved causing major confusion to the users. i.e. the shared documents document library link and the tasks link both link to Site A! the links to documents within the document library on the other hand are to site B!? Is this a known issue ? Is this something that I should have expected to happen? look forward to hearing other folks experience with this functionality. thanks and regards, Counie  

Best Way to Convert MOSS 2007 Site Templates to SharePoint 2010 Templates

Ok, I just treid to do something that I didn't really think would work, but now that I've seen it fail, I get to ask the question. Is there a best practice on converting site templates built for MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010. We have several projects that used the Visual Studio Extensions (v1.3) and the SharePoint Solution Generator to build custom site templates and the .wsp packages. I can add and deploy the solution packages using the STSADM tool, but when I try to create a sub-site based on that template, I get an Object Not Set to an Oject Reference Error. In case anyone is wondering, it works fine in MOSS 2007. I have not tried Visual Studio 2010 yet (it's downloading in the background). I'm just wondering if anyone has run into this and what they did to fix it. TIA, John.

can we install MOSS 2007/2010 on windows 7 ultimate (x64)???

Can we install both moss 2007  and moss 2010 on windows 7 ultimate(x64) ? if yes, please let me know the procedure. I am a beginner and hence i would try the trial version provided by microsoft.

load test using vsts 2010 ultimate


I am new to testing. I want to create load of 250 users as constant load to test a website.I am recording actions(to add some metadata to existing files) and perform loadtest using that web performance test. In general these 250 users are performing these actions(i.e trying to add metadata to the same selected file which was selected while recording actions user1--->existing file1,  user2--->existing file1,.......user250--->existing file1) at the same time. so that we can check the performance. But my scenario is those 250 users should perform actions on different existing files(i.e user1---> existing file1, user2--->existing file2 ...........user250--->existing file250), so that i can check the performance of system with heavy load particularly on adding  metadata function. So can u please help me in  how to do this load test.

I am weak in english so please try to understand my horrible english.

In advance Thanks.

Feature Stapling in SharePoint 2010 Web Templates


Hi All

We have a new requirement where we have to staple a number of features to a custom web templates. Now when we try to staple the features to the custom web template, they are not getting reflected in the custom web templates.

Is feature stapling allowed in custom Web Templates? Could someone help out in this regard.


- Sridhar Please visit my blog http://sharepointschool.wordpress.com/ for getting started with SharePoint

Specs for a small Sharepoint 2010 farm on a Hyper V virtual server


I want to build a small Sharepoint Farm on a hyper v Windows Server 2008 R2 OS.

I want to have the following instances. An App server (with indexing and query) and an SQL server.

I need to scope out a server which will accommodate this development environment and ultimately scale out to include additional virtual instances.

What would the minimum memory and CPU requirements be?


Bazin Makonnen

InfoPath 2010: Create custom "Table Templates" and "Page Layout Templates"


Is it possible to create your own table templates and/or page layout templates for InfoPath 2010?


Project Templates in VS 2010



I am a beginner in ASP.net world and is a experienced Java developer.

My company is looking to convert the existing legacy applications into .Net. We have many small applications that need to be converted to .Net.

Most of them share the same look and feel with a similar layout, header, footer, admin menu, authentication with Active directory etc.  Rather than every developer going through the same initial steps manually, I would like to standardize and create a base template of the project that everyone can work with. I am also looking into adding the logging framework set up, exception handling (I am thinking of using ELMAH) etc.

I was thinking of using the template option of VS2010 through which I export the template after creating the sample project which then can be used by other developers.

Another option is to create a base project and commit to the Version control which can then be checked out by other developers. They can rename the project and other details.

Any suggestions on which is better ? Or other ideas or options?

Really appreciate your inputs.


SharePoint 2010 Application Templates

Anybody inside MS know when the App Templates will be released ??

SQL Server 2008 Development problems with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate uninstall and VS2010 premium i


I installed VS2010 Ultimate to test it out but had license for the VS2010 premium only.  After uninstalling ultimate and reinstalling VS2010 premium, my SQL Server 2008 now refuses to connect to my databases stating: 

TITLE: Connect to Server

Cannot connect to Q9300\SQL200801.


How to unit test C# Web Service with Visual Studio 2010 ultimate


I have webservice running, how to test those web methods using the Test features of Visual Studio 2010.

As with normal web reference i am not able to create the classes and call the webmethods inside the test class.

Email templates in SharePoint Server 2010


?????? ??????? ? ??м, ????? ?????м????????? ???????? ?????????, ??????? ????????? SharePoint ??? ?????????? ???? ???????????? ?? ?????? ? ?????????м, ??м?????? ????м????? ??? ???????, ???????? ?????????? ? ?.?. ????? ?????????? ??????? ???????? ? ?????м? ????(??, ??????? ??????? ?????????? ? alerttemplates.xml), ? ????????? ????? ????????? ? ??? ? ?? ??м??... :( ??????????, ??????????, ??? ? ????м ??????м м???? ????????? ???????? ????????? ? SharePoint 2010?


Could you post your question in English?

Ok, I'll try:)

I want to customize the emails that send SharePoint Server 2010 when adding a user's rights to work with documents, editing documents or lists, create alerts, etc. Some alerts I customise (those patterns which are located in alerttemplates.xml), and the rest of the set, I never managed to ... : ( Can you tell me where and how can I configure email messages in SharePoint 2010?

Fabulous 40 for SP 2010 - Installation Complete but Templates not visible



I downloaded and intalled some of the great fabulous 40 solutions. First of all checked all prerequisites and turned features on if needed:

- SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features (OK)
- SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure (OK)
- Sharepoint 2007 workflows (OK)

- SharePoint Server Standard Site features (OK)
- SharePoint Server Publishing (OK)

Then uploaded the solutions and activated them. They show pretty good in the solutions list. But I can't see each of them when creating a new website. I am using the German version of sharepoint. Does this matter?

Kind regards

kapaya software gmbh www.kapaya.com

Sharepoint 2010 - How to Disable Site Templates?

Using Sharepoint 2010, how can one disable site and list templates that are available when a user creates a new site or a new list?

ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript Snippet Support (VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 Series)

This post covers another useful improvement in VS 2010 - HTML/ASP.NET/JavaScript snippet support. Snippets allow you to be more productive within source view by allowing you to create chunks of code and markup that you can quickly apply and use in your application with a minimum of character typing.

Visual Studio has supported the concept of "snippets" for VB and C# in previous releases - but not for HTML, ASP.NET markup and JavaScript. With VS 2010 we now support snippets for these content types as well.
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