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Posted By:      Posted Date: October 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

I would like to have a document appear in multiple folders within share point.  Is that possible? 

For example, I would like my Project Plan to appear in my Project folder and in the Program Folder without having to maintain it in both places.


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How to get rid of the (More Links.) link on lists in SharePoint 2010?

I have a list of 5 items. The view settings are set so that the Item Limit is 20. I would like the eliminate the (More Links...) link under the list when the web part is on the page. I also tried setting the Toolbar properties to No Toolbar. Any ideas? Thanks.

Reporting Services Sharepoint Add-in not showing links in Sharepoint Central Administration

Hi. I've just installed RS Sharepoint Add-in on Sharepoint farm and have the issue, that links to configure RS in Sharepoint are not showed in Central Administration Site->Application Management, and RS features can't be activated for web app. My configuration is: A separate DBMS on Windows 2008 SP2 x64, SQL 2008 SP1 x64, with MOSS and RS dbs. Web frontend: Win 2008 SP2 x64, Sharepoint 2007 SP2, RS 2008 SP1. What I did: installed RS and RS Sharepoint Add-in on web frontend, configured RS to Sharepoint mode (http://frontend:portnumber/Reportserver displays reports catalogs, reports shows message about configuring RS to Sharepoint mode), tried to set Sharepoint from central admin - links were not displayed. Reinstalled the add-in and tried to configure again - links not displayed. Reinstalled the add-in from the account used to install MOSS - links not displayed. Please help.

Links dont work in sharepoint central administration!!

I just installed microsoft sharepoint 3.0,I want to restore a backup of the site which is located in another server.but the links of the restore page in the central administration dont work,I typed the path to the folder containing the backup and press ok,nothing is done.

sharepoint 2010 personalization site links

 I get the following error when i want to add a link to the personalization site links. Dutch translation(Er is een fout opgetreden tijdens de zoekopdracht. Als het probleem zich blijft voordoen, neemt u contact op met de beheerder van de portalsite) English translation is a bit like (there is an error occurred during the search exercise if the problem exist, contact the administrator of the SharePoint site) It's a migrated SharePoint 2010 (Dutch) environment. And I think the reason is that I removed an audience that was connected to a personalization site link. Greetings Frido

SharePoint 2010 for Mobile - RSS Viewers Do Not Display as Links

I have an RSS feed from MSN on my SharePoint page.  Which works fine in a browser.  When I added ?mobile=1 at the end of the URL to emulate mobile view, RSS feeds appeared as text and not hyperlinks. Has anyone seen this before?  Is there a fix/configuration for this? Thank you.

Security trimmed links in sharepoint



I was wondering how sharepoint implements this security trimmed links ie what is the architecture that supports it..i googled but could not find useful stuff..can someone please tell me or point me to some resource that shows how SP implements this functionailty.



Group links in sharepoint Quick Launch Navigation Panel



I am having sharepoint 2010 RTM Trial on Windows Server 2008 SP2. I have a website based on Team Site.

I am having some Lists i.e. List1, List2, List3, List4 and List5. I want to group them in Quick launch like:

Primary Lists




Secondary Lists



I would also like to see these sections as According Pane Works in ASP.net (On Click, "Primary List" Exposes its childs)


Can anybody helps me out ?



Links to documents in SharePoint 2010


I would like to send a link to a document stored in SharePoint 2010 to several users. If I change the name of the document for any reason, I don't want the link that my users already have to be broken.

Is there a way to get this done.



Pawan Desai

SharePoint 2007-2010 content upgrade, Summary Links web part closed after upgrade.


Has anyone seen this before?

Did a DB content upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to 2010.  After the content upgrade (with only a warning saying that an unknown 3rd party web part was missing), we reviewed the new site, and found MANY pages which contained Summary Links web parts suddenly had many (but not ALL) of the Summary Links web parts now marked as closed.  At first we thought the parts were missing from the page, but when we edit the page we see the parts are in the Closed gallery.  We can add the part back in from the Closed gallery and all it's originally set properties are there.  Why are they coming up as Closed after the upgrade when they weren't Closed BEFORE the upgrade?

More details:

We have quite a few pages that contain one or more Summary Links web parts.  On SOME of the pages, one or more of these web parts are now Closed.  However, not ALL of the pages that contain these parts have the parts closed, and on the pages that now have these closed parts, not ALL of the Summary Links parts on that page are Closed, so it is not a problem with an unregistered Summary Links web part as the part is working on the same and other pages (I found other people on the web mentioning issues where NONE of their Summary Links parts are working after an upgrade.)  So, it seems to be somewhat random as to which instance

Sharepoint 2007 KB 2276472 and KB 2276474 - download links not working



I've been trying to download the hotfixes for Sharepoint 2007 to upgrade it to v (KB 2276472 and KB 2276474) but the download links seem to be broken. The links to download are as follow:

Is anybody able to download the hotfixes or are their links really broken? If they are, can someone from support fix it?

External Sharepoint Links Not Inheriting Port Reference

Hi. I can't find any question quite like this so I'll post it. Internally and externally, my Sharepoint site works fine EXCEPT that externally (http://mysite.dyndns.org:44443) not all links inherit the port reference (44443) and thus don't work. As an example, I can get to the "default.aspx" page and I can navigate to a specific item, like an "Announcement" (http://mysite.dyndns.org:44443/Lists/Announcements/.....), but when I select the attachment that is part of the announcement I can see that the URL reference is missing the port reference (http://mysite.dyndns.org/Lists/Announcements/.....) and the link fails. Not sure if this is an AAM issue, IIS or a corrupt Sharepoint config. T

SharePoint 2003, Wheel of Links

Is there any way of having a workspace that is in the form of a wheel that has various links where the links can lead to other sites?

Sharepoint 2007 Broken Links


Morning All,

When running the SEO Toolkit Against My Site I Have Reduced Thousands Of Errors/Violations Over The Last Few Weeek...

But I Am Left With 167 Broken Links Apprently, but when seeing them they are all like this:

The Web page contains the broken link 'http://www.flynetviewer.com/public/_layouts/Authenticate.aspx?Source=%2Fpublic%2Fpages%2Fdefault%2Easpx'.


any ideas on how i can fix this ?



web parts for Favorites, Most recent, Most popular links - sharepoint 2010


I have a requirement to create web parts for sharepoint 2010 portal for Favorites, Most recent, Most popular links

Can some one point me to right place, I have some ideas such as for favorites we can use links web part. for the 

Most recent, Most popular links I am not sure of logic of how to create those links programatically, background service looks at iis logs that is too cumbersome and complex, has some one done in same lines, please let me know

thank you


SharePoint Blog remove links at end of post (posted by, Category, permalink, email this post, Commen


I have googled and searched for a way to change the links (remove and or edit) shown below:

Posted at 4:05 PM by THETEST\Administrator | Category: Category 1 | Permalink | Email this Post | Comments (0)

I got as far as changing the views for the Posts list, I un checked the Comment field. It still shows up, so I opend all of the views and unchecked the Comment field and it is still there. Do i need to approve the view? I have tried to see where the view is pending but I cannot.

Anyone have any ideas that can help me?

Thanks for your help.

missing mysite and my links in sharepoint site



I do not see my site and my links when I open my intranet url in my host machine. I can browse in my front end web server but not the same in out side server (local machine)with same credentials. I can open site but I simply missing those links in top riht side. Please help me. Thanks to all in advance.

How to Rename My Sharepoint Sites Title under My Links to My Dept sites


I am building a website using MOSS.I would like to rename My Sharepoint sites to "My Dept Sites" which appear if a person clicks on "My Links" to "My Dept Sites".I would like to organize under different category instead of all the sites coming under "My sharepoint Sites"
Any help would be appreciated in this regard.

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