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Older version of database - Baffled!

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server


I've installed all the 3.5 cabs, pointing to the latest SqlServerCE.dll, still can't open a connectiong to a SQL Compact Database. I'm using VS 2008, I can open a SqlCE 3.0 DB but not 3.5. I keep getting

"You are trying to access an older version of a SQL Server Everywhere database. If this is a SQL Server CE 1.0 or 2.0 database, run upgrade.exe. If this is a SQL Server Everywhere 3.0 database, run Compact / Repair. [ Db version = 3505053,Requested version = 3004180,File name = ---\DB.sdf ].

I'm able to open the sdf from the device Query Analyser, just dunno, what's going on -- Any ideas would be very helpful!

Thank you,



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SharePoint Version 2.0 (WSS 2.0 SP3) Content Database restore to new farm

Is it possible to use an SQL backup from a sharepoint Version 2 SP3 database to restore the content on a new server farm and attach to a new web applicaiton. NOTE: This is WSS 2.0. In WSS 3.0 this is a very simple task, but it is not the same in WSS 2.0 (the add content database option CANNOT be used to attach to an existing content database like it does in WSS 3.0). The options I have found appear to say you need the configuration database from the old server then it can be done. I am migrating from an outsourced deployment, so I do not have access to that. Plan B is to do a sharepoint STSADM backup. THis seems to be a more likey way to do it.

Newbie-Can I remove older version of .NET Framework

Hey,Got different versions on my Windows XP; 1.12.0 Service Pack 22.0 SP 2 - Language Pack3.0 SP 23.0 SP 2 - Language Pack3.5 SP 11- For obvious reasons these take a lot of space, can I remove any of them and which?  2- Are they a built up or separate?  3- If I can only use the latest 3.5 SP1;  is there a language pack with it?4- I have not been able to update anything for over a year.  It keeps telling me, Windows has some new installs for me but won't download properly.  Sorry I can't tell you the specific error it gives me, but I believe it has to do with a previous version as it is related to a Service Pack 2.  Sorry I know it's vague, but it takes for ever before I get the error message.  If you can't give me any idea, I'll try it again and post more info.In the meantime I'd appreciate any help you people can give me.Sunshine

How to get previous version of content database

Hi,   Setps I did.... 1. Created Site collection with url http://server.80/Site1 2. taken the back up of dev server site collection and trying to restore with this new site collection 3. But, i restored in http://server.80/ How to get the content databse back up of http://server.80/  Pls its very urgent......................   Thanks in Adv..................

protection against older version uploads

(using SQL Server 2005) I just changed some things in my SQL server database.  This will require an update to the user program that uploads and downloads from the database, but I am starting to wonder about protecting the database against uploads from old program versions.  Theoretically everyone should be using the latest program version, but if they aren't then there is a possibility they could upload data to the database with routines that no longer should be used.  Is there a standard way to protect against out-of-date upload routines?

SQL 2000 migrating older data to a different database

I've a sql server 2000 database, and now its size has increased tremendously. it is roughly 20 GB. this db contains data since last 4 years i.e. 2007. so i would like to create a new db with same schema, move all the data for the year 2007-2008 from the existing database to this newly created db. and then continue to use the exisitng db with my application.  now in my application, there will be an option to switch db, if i select the newly created db, it will fetch the data for year 2007-2008. if i select the existing db, it will be working with the current data.   please suggest what is the best approah to work on this. my application is a vb.net desktop application with framework 2.0. please suggest thanks shruti  

Forum FAQ: How can I degrade a SQL Server database from a higher version to a lower one?

Symptom Many times we are asked if it is possible to degrade a SQL Server database from a higher version to a lower one due to the business needs of data migration.  However, it looks that Microsoft SQL Server doesn’t support degrading a SQL Server database from a higher version to a lower version by using the Copy Database Wizard or the detach and attach methods.    Solution Yes, degrading a SQL Server database is not supported, but you can use a flexible workaround to resolve this issue. You can use SQL Server Management Studio to first generate scripts for a lower version and then use Data Import/Export Wizard to transfer data. For example, if you want to degrade a SQL Server 2008 database to SQL Server 2005, you can follow the steps below: 1.  Open the SQL Server 2008 database in SQL Server Management Studio 2008. 2.  Right click the database name in the Object Explorer and select "Tasks Generate Scripts…" 3.  In the Script Wizard dialog box, select the database name and check "Script all objects in the select database". Then click "Next". 4.  Set the "Script for server version" option as SQL Server 2005. 5.  Run the script in SQL Server 2005. 6.  Import data from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2005 by using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard.   Similarly, you can do

Database server version requirements



I have a very simple question but I am not sure in answer. I have to install Sharepoint server 2010 enterprise edition and I put it in farm with sql server 2008 enterprise edition.

My question is which edition of SQL server 2008 are compatibile for Sharepoint 2010 enteprise edition. If I choose SQL server 2008 Standard edition is there any limitation about services and features in Sharepoint. (currently we use performance point services for reporting).

Thanks in advance.


Reporting Services Error-The version of the report server database is either in a format that is not


 Hi,I have Configured All Reporting SErvices Through Rep Serv Configuration Wizard


When I type 


on top of Address Bar Of Browser I Am Gettin This Error

  • The version of the report server database is either in a format that is not valid, or it cannot be read. The found version is 'Unknown'. The expected version is 'C.0.8.40'. To continue, update the version of the report server database and verify access rights. (rsInvalidReportServerDatabase)
PLease Help Me


Need older version of SQL2008 Standard

I downloaded the SQL2008 standard from the partner site, but the version number is beyond my host's version and so databases cannot be restored to his site.  How can I get a SQL2008_Standard_version 10 from the partner site?

Change document version number via database


Hi all,

I was blocked by an issue of document version number. The customer wants to move a document from one document library to another. After the document is moved, version number should be kept the same and metadata values of each version should also be kept.

File.MoveTo(string newUrl) method can move file and keep the same version number but lose the metadata in previous versions. Only the latest version has metadata values. Also this method cannot move file cross site collections.


Following is my solution:

1. Upload all the versions along with metadata to the new location and then delete the old file.

2. Update document version number in database directly.

Finally the solution works well, but I don't know if step2 will impact any other default logic in SharePoint system. Below is the logic to update version number.

            SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection(connStr);
            SqlCommand cmd;
            string cmdTxt;


            cmd = cn.CreateCommand();

Version Problem in Migration of database from MOSS2007 to SP 2010


I am trying to migrate content database from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010, but i have problem that-

Can not upgrade object [SPContentDatabase Name = " <name o0f DB>"] whose build version [] is older than [] minimal supported version Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPContentDatabaseSequence.

please help me to solve this problem


Exception deserializing objects from older version



We have a fairly complex document structure for our application, which we are saving to disk using Binary Serialization. We came across the familiar problem, that when we incremented the version number of our application (to allow an MSI installer to upgrade it), the Deserialize method on files created with the old version no longer worked. After some research, I came up with the solution to define our own SerializationBinder, and implement a BindToType function that substututes the types. I've stuck the code for this below:

 Public Overrides Function BindToType(ByVal assemblyName As String, ByVal typeName As String) As Type
  Dim typeToDeserialize As Type = Nothing
  Dim ThisAssembly As [Assembly] = [Assembly].GetExecutingAssembly()

  If typeName Like "MyApp*" Then
   ' To return the type, do this:
   AddErrorMessage("Deserializing " & typeName & " " & ThisAssembly.FullName)
   typeToDeserialize = Type.[GetType]([String].Format("{0}, {1}", typeName, ThisAssembly.FullName))
   ' To return the type, do this:
   AddErrorMessage("Deserializing " & typeName & " " & assemblyName)
   typeToDeserialize = Type.[GetType]([String].Format("{0}, {1}", typeName, assemblyName))
  End If
  If typeToDeserialize Is Nothing Then

Sqlserver 2008 R2 "eval version" installation failed. - reason :wait on the Database Engine recover


Please can someone assist me. I have installed twice and get the same result ( & uninstalled) Everything passed during pre install process but installs with failures. OS = Windows vista home basic

Database Engine Services  - failed

SQL Server Replication -failed

Full-Text Search -failed

Reporting Services -failed


Log details are below.

Overall summary:
  Final result:                  SQL Server installation failed. To continue, investigate the reason for the failure, correct the problem, uninstall SQL Server, and then rerun SQL Server Setup.
  Exit code (Decimal):           -2061893608
  Exit facility code:            1306
  Exit error code:               24
  Exit message:                  SQL Server installation failed. To continue, investigate the reason for the failure, correct the problem, uninstall SQL Server, and then rerun SQL Server Setup.
  Start time:        &n

How do I open database version 661? I have verion 612


I am using a Gridview in Visual Studio 2008 and have imported a database to use as the datasource. When I try to link the database to the datasource I get this message:

The Database 'xxxxx' cannot be opened because it is version 661. This server supports 612 and earlier....

What do I need to install to get it to open? I have windows server 2008 R2 installed.


This is my discovery report:

Discovery Report for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Setup

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Setup Discovery Report

Restoring MASTER database from version 10.00.1600 to version 10.50.1600 fails with error...


Hey Guys,

I backed up the master database on a machine with SQL Server 2008 version 10.00.1600. Then I turned on SQL Server in single-user mode on the new machine with SQL Server 2008 R2 version 10.50.1600 with the following command (using sqlcmd)


Running this command gets me the following error.....

Msg 3168, Level 16, State 1, Server U15417546, Line 1
The backup of the system database on the device D:\master.bak cannot be restored because it was created by a different version of the server (10.00.1600) than this server (10.50.1600). Msg 3013, Level 16, State 1, Server U15417546, Line 1
RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

Since i am restoring from a lower version, to a higher version, i assume the restore should be able to complete? I have not been able to find much help regarding this, so any information would be much appreciated.


Can't attach database version 661

Have installed Express 2008 SP2, can't attach database with version no 661 to version 662 ? Say 662 is backwards compatible ??

Multiple database support with Entity Framework

One of the features introduced in Entity Framework is being database independent. Which mean each database provider can support Entity Framework by implementing its provider.

This feature allows you build applications independent from the underplaying database provider. In this post I'm going to show how to build an application that support multiple databases using same conceptual model made by Entity Framework.
Product Instance Instance ID Feature Language Edition Version Clustered
Sql Server 2005 SQLEXPRESS MSSQL.1 Database Engine Services 1033 Express Edition 9.2.3042 No
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