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Why do I keep losing my changes (VS2005) ?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
I'm a newbie to both Windows Forms development and SQL Server CE, so please bear with me...

I am developing a vocabulary builder application, and my data keeps reverting to the data set I originally imported. I keep losing the records I've added using the application I'm developing, or from within VS2005. I know about the 'Copy To Output Directory' option in the Solution properties and I set this to 'Do not copy'.

What gives? Not sure what other information you might need, but I suspect it's something really basic...

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Tools for memory error check in VS2005


Dear all,

I am going to write vs2005 program with ASP.NET and C++.

As you know that C++ will involve a lot of memory error handling.

Do you know is there any tools for checking memory error in Code Behind C++??

Transactions: Build Scalable Systems That Handle Failure Without Losing Data


Systems that handle failure without losing data are elusive. Learn how to achieve systems that are both scalable and robust.

Udi Dahan

MSDN Magazine July 2008

Disable VS2005 Undo?


Does anyone know if there is a way to disable the Undo feature within VS2005?  I searched through the options but nothing jumped out at me.


Losing the value


Theres is a variable in my program but I always lose the value . I want to stay with this values to use . How i could do this ?

Partial Class pages_dossie_relatorio
    Inherits System.Web.UI.Page

    Dim tam As Integer = 10



Request.PathInfo losing Master Page content and CSS link


Hi All-


I'm using Request.PathInfo to response.redirect as user to a different page ( based on the content after .aspx ).  It redirect just fine however, once redirected, the page loses all content from the master page and the CSS link.  I've searched and can't find an answer. 

Does anyone have a solution for this?

VS2005 calling VS2010 asmx service returns empty string


Anyone have any experience with this?

We are using VS 2005 for the front end, and vs 2010 for the web services part (asmx), not wcf yet.


Web service works just like the vs2005 when run locally, no problems.


Connecting to it from a test app returns an empty string. Connecting to a 2005 app doesn't!

Anyone run into this before or have a suggestion? Surely vs 2005 can connect to web services from a later version?






CorBindToCurrentRuntime failed when C++ Project compiled using VS2005

Hi, I use unmanaged CLR Hosting APIs for loading CLR in windows native apps like notepad, calc etc. In case CLR is already hosted in the application ( like any .NET app ) I used CorBindToCurrentRuntime function published by mscoree.dll to get the handle to ICorRuntimeHost object and do some stuff by enumerating AppDomains. Things were working fine until I migrated my project from VS2003 to VS2005 IDE. I had to do this I faced some issues with my existing code when tried to get handle to Runtimehost using existing hosting APIs in CLR 4 process. I decided to check if new API i.e. "CLRCreateInstance" is exposed by mscoree.dll then use it to get handle to ICorRuntimeHost else use old function. In order to use this I included metahost.h file in my project and build my application. Now, for some reason I'm not able to get handle to ICorRuntimeHost interface inside .NET 1.1 application. If I use polcy file to run .NET 1.1 app as part of .NET 2.0 CLR, then call to "CorBindToCurrentRuntime"succeed and return the correct handle. Can anyone suggest what could possibly go wrong if I migrate from VS2003 to VS2005 IDE. I thought if it could be because of some .net framework dependeny  introduced when I built my c++/native project using VS2005, but I could not find one. My C++ project is a native project and doesn't depend on clr. Code Used to get

VS2008 BIDS Report export to Excel not grouping the same as VS2005

I have a report that I created in VS2005 BIDS and got it to export to Excel to group/subtotal the same way it does in the BIDS report window.  Now I have copied the .rdl files to a VS2008 project, open it in VS2008 BIDS, made NO changes to the report format and the exported Excel file is combining what should be the 2nd and 3rd groups into 1 group.  In the BIDS window, the grouping is working correctly.  Does anyone have any ideas what has changed between 2005 & 2008 that may cause this problem?  Thanks in advance.    

Where is developed under the vs2005 WCF example, and is used in configuration files?

Where is developed under the vs2005 WCF example, and is used in configuration files?

calling a web service on a remote server from a ASPX page (web site project VS2005)

HI,I am maintaining a web site project in VS2005 and have to call a new web service on a remote server. I've done add web reference, and created the .wsdl and .discomap files in the app_webReference folder.  When I try to create a object representing the web service in the code ( wsnamespace.serviceName ws = new wsnamespce.serviceName(); ) the code wouldn't compile.The web site project is already calling other web services. When I right click on the type representing the web service and "go to definition" it takes me to a proxy class (derived from of course SoapHttpClientProtocol) in the metadata. I think this is what's missing for  the new web service i'm trying to call. Have I missed any steps?Thanks in advance.-me

Losing responses from the device- UdpClient

Hi all,    In my application i am using UdpClient class for communication between the PC and the device. There are 3 tabs, on click of each tab a WindowsFormsControlLibrary (a dll) is opened an on click of any button in these tabs a request to the device is sent via udp socket and the device sends the response for the corresponding request. On receiving any response from the device the respective slot is called by the use of events and delegates.  A thread is created to notify the respective slots in the different tabs  when some response is received. For every 1 second the device sends a response to indicate that the device is active. These responses are displayed in the datagridview in one of the tab. The problem is some responses are lost and because of which the order of responses is not correct. The code is as shown below: </> public void dataReceived()                                 {                                                 IPEndPoint remoteIp

HTTPContext.Current.Session losing the variable sporatically

I have noticed a strange behaviour in my ASP.net 2.0 application. I have some logic in my aspx page that accesses some Session variables fine, then accesses some app_code and most of the time the HTTPContext.Current.Session returns the variable back fine.  However, I have noticed that sometimes this Session returns null, like it has lost it's "pointer" to the current HTTPContext. Is this a known bug, has anyone seen something like this before?   Any help would be appreciated, thanks, Mark. 

Problems with Farm Account magically losing permissions to certain things

I don't know what's going on, but this has now happened two times in a row during my rebuild from TP to Beta (completely new build from the OS up).  I'm using the same service account (domain account) as my setup and farm account.  While logged in with my farm account, I install the SP2010 pre-reqs, then the bits, then give it dbcreator and securityadmin roles in SQL, then run the SPT wizard.  Within the wizard, I specify the same account as my farm account, and all works fine and dandy.  After it's done, I'm able to get into Central Admin with this same account and see/do everything.After working with things a while and following the MS instructions for getting the User Profile SA working, if I reboot or logout/login, then I suddenly don't have access to some very important things, such as:- System Settings > Manage Services on Server.  It just disappears completely- Security > Configure Service Accounts.  This does not disappear, but clicking on it causes a prompt saying "Error:Access Denied."  Previously, I was able to go in here and set my service accounts for things like search, user code service, etc (I set them to the proper service accounts)- Configuration Wizards > Launch Configuration Wizard.  I used this multiple times when getting my farm setup, but now it's gone.I've gone so far as to make my farm account all of these things:- Member of B

Cannon add new Data Source in Grid in VS2005 using SQL Server2005

I am a student and started out with VS2010 on my laptop.  Due to compatibility issues, I had to start using the provided version, 2005.  I uninstalled 2010 and now have the trial version of VS 2005 as well as SQL Server 2005. I have a data grid on a windows form and am attempting to use a database provided for the class.  When I use the smart tag to start the Wizard, as directed I do the following Select Add Project Data Source Choose Type..Database..Next In Choose Data Source Window, I select New Connection  Data source: MS SQL Server Database File..Continue In Add Connection Window, Data source: SQL Server Database File (SqlClient) Database file name...browse to database file in Student cd (E:\StudentData\DatabaseFilesSQLServerVersion\RnrBooks.mdf) Log on to the server: Use Windows Authentication And then press Test Connection Here is the error that I get: Failed to generate a user instance of SQL Server due to a failure in starting the process for the user instance.  The connection will be closed  

CREATE GLOBAL CUBE statement - losing hierarchies due to slicing

Hi,   I have a SSAS cube from which I generate local cubes with the MDX statement below:   CREATE GLOBAL CUBE MyLocalCube   storage 'MyLocalCube.cub'   FROM [MyCube]  (          MEASURE [MyCube].[Measure1],          MEASURE [MyCube].[Measure2],           DIMENSION [MyCube].[Dimension1],          DIMENSION [MyCube].[Dimension2]          (             LEVEL [HLevel1],                     LEVEL [HLevel2],                     LEVEL [HLevel3],             MEMBER [Dimension2].[Hierarchy1].[HLevel2].&[MemberX]       ),         DIMENSION [MyCube].[Dimension3]  )   The problem is that this statement generates a local cube file which works fine but all other hierarchies defined in Dimension2 are not included. I cannot find the syntax for adding them manually. So, in other w

Losing Focus..

I have the code and  it is below. I have eliminated the errors and  it debugs fine. But it is not doing what I want it to. In fact it's doing nothing. Just want the textbox1 to increment when it loses focus. I believe I have all the hooks etc... So the big concern is when the Alt key is held down and then the print screen key is released (the up) it should increment  the textbox1 if  the focus is lost.   So maybe  if there might be someone out there who might give me some pointers and head me in the right direction I can final call this finished. I appreciate it. Thank You.    public partial class Form2 : Form     { private KeyboardProcedure keyboardProcedure;    public Form2()         { InitializeComponent();   this.KeyUp += new KeyEventHandler(Form2_KeyUp);           }  public void Form2_KeyUp(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)         {                    //If the Alt key was pressed and the PrintScreen key was the one released, bump the counter and update the                                 //textbox.             if (e.Alt && (e.KeyCode ==

Deployment of Website created VS2005 with VB.Net code behind

Hi everyone, I am newbie creating websites.  This is my first and I am having problems with deployment and accessing.  Either I am doing something wrong or I am leaving something out.  I have tried several different methods of deployment using VS 2005 Professional version.  The website will be used by internal users, using company's own servers.  Deployment methods appear to be successful, but I do not see how to run the website.  I guess I need the step by step instructions on deployment.
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