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Predicting outcome

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

I would like to predict the outcome of a result set.  I have a history table of 1000 (n) records with 3 columns.  The option for each of the columns are 1-15.  The history table contains the results from historical results. 

Here is  the historical tbl

Column       A     B       C

   rec1         2      4       8

rec2           3        5      9

so in the future - the prediction of outcome what will rec4 be for columns A, B and C be if the options for each of them if the choices are #'s 1-10 and the same number cannot be used twice in the same rec#


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Predicting asp.net's assigned id's or a better way to get the object?


I'm messing with setting some values in javascript and I assumed my input box would have the same id as my original asp.net textbox that created it... it doesn't.

Asp.net added gridview1_ctl02_ to the beginning of all my id's. I see that 'gridview1' is coming from my gridview ID but what is ctl02 and can I assume that will always be what's added or is there a better way of getting this object sent to my javascript?

Thanks for any help

Checking existence of a record in sql database using IF EXIST and reporting outcome on asp page



I have a page that inserts a record to an sql database and I would like to do the following:

(i) Check if a record already exist before trying do an insert

(ii) If a record exist, the page should be able to inform/display a message in a textbox informing the user that the record already exist.


I have seen a number of post on the internet that suggest that one possible solution is to write a sproc and use the T-sql IF EXIST function. However, I have NOT seen a complete code showing (a) how this can be done (b) how to call the sproc from an asp page (c) and MORE IMPORTANTLY how to display a message informing a user that a record already exist i.e. when the record already exist in the database.


Please have anyone got a complete working code that can achieve this preferably in c#?




Show Worlflow outcome in InfoPath.



I am strugling a bit to show the approvers, and workflow outcome, in an InfoPath form that is connected to the built in Approval Workflow. Any one here that has managed it, or could give me some tips? :)


Best practices when predicting rare occurrences


I'd welcome some help getting started in data mining...  Every discipline has best practices.  Are there best practices that I'm supposed to do when predicting something rare like fraud?   

I have 13 million cases, 3000 frauds, in a year.    I'm using decision trees right now...

Should I oversample the 3000 frauds to 3,000,000 frauds?   Should I undersample the ~13 million non frauds ?    Should I use the data as is ?  

Should I train on 6.5 million cases and test against the other 6.5 million?  What percentage holdback should I use for training?  Something really small ? or the default 70/30 ?

Should I do anything special with the algorithm parameters? 

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