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Underscore replaces space character in report name when RDL downloaded for edit

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

Hi Folks,

When I download a report rdl for edit from Report Manager, if there is a space character in the name then its replaced by and underscore.

For eg., if my Report name is "Test Report.rdl", when I download the rdl it comes up as "Test_Report.rdl". I have noticed this happening just recently and didn't occur earlier.

How do I get SSRS to stop replacing the space character with "_" ?

Appreciate any assistance on this.



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TextField control add extra character space at end of it



On one of my publishing page layout i have added Content Field (field of content type) that is

<SharePointWebControls:TextField FieldName="MyName" runat="server"></SharePointWebControls:TextField>
"MyName" is single line text column in the content type.

Then i edit the page which is using this page layout and add one text "Sandip" in that MyName field. Now problem is, this filed show the text on the page but at the end of it, it add space. i.e- "Sandip "

I m not getting why it is showing this.

Please help..!

Regards Sandip Patil Sharepoint Developer http://www.worldofsharepoint.com

InputFormTextBox replaces   with a space

I am using a InputFormText box in rich text mode. Whenever the html contains "&nbsp;", and the item is saved and when i fetch the field text from Code, the "&nbsp;" is replaced by " ". Because of this the saved content differs from the fetched content when displayed in the InputFormText. e.g. i save the following html <p>Table Name</p> <p>&nbsp</p> <p>&nbsp</p> <p>Table Name</p> when i get the field text using splistitem.getformattedvalue("fieldname"); what i get is  <p>Table Name</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Table Name</p> when the text of the InputFormTextBox is set to this retrieved html, it changes the <p> </p> to <p></p>. so the output is Table Name Table Name instead of  Table Name     Table Name   I have googled it but havn't found a solution.  Pankaj Bajpai. Prosares Solutions ASP.Net | Sharepoint | Consulting SharePoint | ASP.Net | Business Intelligence http://www.prosares.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/pankajbbajpai

Large Dataset Downloaded Before Rendering Report's First Page



I'm hoping to understand the behavior of SSRS a bit better in the following scenario (SSRS 2008).  A single matrix (tablix) exists on the report.  No other objects are on the report.  That matrix is populated with 1.1 million rows of data totaling about 200MB.  Why does SSRS download the entire dataset prior to rendering the report's first page or am I missing something here?

When previewing the report, the local .data file bloats to 200MB indicating all dataset rows are being returned.  The matrix does not contain any sorting, all cell "can grow" and "can shrink" properties are set to false, no expressions are used anywhere, and even the table's column data types from which the data is being pulled are appropriate.  In other words, I believe I've reduced storage and CPU needs while eliminating elements that add overhead when rendering a report.

The specific scenario here is a researcher previewing the first few pages of data then choosing to download the entire dataset.  MS documentation I've read refers to "soft page breaks" when rendering as HTML and left me with the impression that perhaps SSRS needs to know the entire height of the dataset before it'll slice the report into pages.  It's odd to me though that it needs to download 1.1 millions rows of data befor

Regular Expression to avoid space and special character



I would like to have an regular expression that does not allow any spaces(before,within,after the word) and alphanumeric characters.

Thanks in advance.



ReportExecutionService always printing an extra space after character 'w'

I am using ReportExecutionService to print SSRS report. For some odd reason it always prints an extra space after a character 'w'. I have adjusted the resolution to 300 and 600 dpi and that's not helping. Can anyone tell me how I can get this issue resolved?

SQL Server Reporting Credentials work when I edit my DataSource but when I try to preview a report I


I have a 64-bit SQL Server 2008 SP1 installation with SSL enabled, Reporting Services, Analysis Services and Integration Services are all running.

When I go into Business Intelligence Studio (on a 32-bit Windows XP client) and create a DataSource it works fine when I click on "Test Connection" but when I try to use the same connection to run a report it fails with an error message of "Login failed for user sa". 

I have saved the password so it isn't something as simple as that.

I am obviously using the "sa" user, not passing through Windows credentials, the password is definitely correct as if I make it wrong on purpose it doesn't work when I click on "Test Connection" any more.

I have tried the OLE-DB connection type and also the "Microsoft SQL Server" connection type, both show the same behaviour.

On the server I can see in the SQL Server logs, "login failed for sa user, password does not match" type errors; loads of them.

I can connect to SQL Server Management Studio using the same credentials and it is all fine.  So this is just a problem with SSRS.

This DOES work for some users.  I can save the project, load it on another PC and it works fine.  Getting the same user to log on to my PC doesn't help so it must be something about my PC??

Unable to edit master page - message "building report"


I am able to open the site (SPS 2010) using Sharepoint Designer 2010. When I browse to the master page, I can check it out and when I try to edit, it gives me a message saying that it is trying to build the report. But nothing happens even if I wait for hours.

I am trying to edit the master page so that I can change the top banner and to provide mouse-over text for the sites. I would really appreciate if anyone could provide any advice to get around this.

I am also curios about one thing. For some reason, I am unable to open the site using sharepoint designer if I try to open the site via http. But I am able to open the https site. Does it have to do anything with alternate access mappings?

Please advise.

Replace special character with space throughout the database



My requirement is to replace the special characters with space throughout the databse. How can I do this? I am new to this sql server. So any one could you please help me in this aspect.

Thanks in advance

Edit/Display of Report/Properties/Parameters only 2 decimal places show need 4 decimal places


Does anyone know if there is a way to display 4 decimal places on an Overide Default of data type Float on the Report/Properties/Parameters page.  It accepts 4 decimals and that is what is used in report but when returning to this screen it only displays 2 decimals.

SSRS 2005

Cannot Edit the Path of a Report in the Studio



In the Business Intelligence Development Studio of SQL 2008, I cannot edit the path of a report.  I have been moving the report's .rdl file recently by doing a "Save As".  When I open the report's properties, the path cannot be changed.

Where can I go to tell the report where its .rdl file is?


Matching the underscore character



Does anyone knows how to match the underscore character?

Thanks in advance,

Carlos Mallen

Large white space in the right margin of the report



I have a report where I hide or show a set of columns based upon the user selections in the paramters dropdown list. User could select option 1, option 2 or both. Requirement is that if they select option 1 then I need to hide the option 2 related columns. If they select option 2 then I hide the option 1 related columns. The tricky part is that they can also select both options then I need to show both options related columns. Normally I create dynamic column titles and column fields with the IIF statements and show only one set depending upon the selection and adjust the right margin. In this case I need to leave the right margin to the maximum columns width so it could accommodate the selection of both sets of columns.  The issue comes in When they select only one set of columns that leaves some ugly large white space in the right margin which is visible while previewing or printing report. Is there any way to fix this issue? This is SQL server 2005 reporting services.

Thanks for your help.

Inplace Edit in GridView

In this article I am presenting a different way to look at EditItemTemplate, using which user navigation for editing is reduced and . it looks very different (see screeen shots) then regular implementation of GridView.

Edit GridView Individual Cells in ASP.NET

The ASP.NET GridView allows for a row of data to be edited by setting the EditIndex property of the GridView, placing the entire row in edit mode.

You may not want the entire row in edit mode if you are using DropDownList controls for several columns in the EditItemTemplate. If each DropDownList has many options then loading them all at once may result in a sluggish page. Also, if your data structure is more like a 2 dimensional array rather than a set of rows, you may want to edit each cell individually.

Here I will demonstrate how to achieve this and also how to deal with event validation without disabling it.

ASP.Net Gridview Edit Update Cancel Commands

In ASP.Net 2.0, GridView Control also provides the functionality to edit and update the data retrieved from the database using CommandField template. You can cancel the action using Cancel Command of the CommandField. GridView consists of events that can be used to perform the actions like edit, update and cancel upon the Data items displayed in the ASP.Net GridView Data Control.

Edit Individual GridView Cells in ASP.NET

The ASP.NET GridView allows for a row of data to be edited by setting the EditIndex property of the GridView, placing the entire row in edit mode.

You may not want the entire row in edit mode if you are using DropDownList controls for several columns in the EditItemTemplate. If each DropDownList has many options, then loading them all at once may result in a sluggish page. Also, if your data structure is more like a 2 dimensional array rather than a set of rows, you may want to edit each cell individually.

ASP.NET GridView - edit records using JQuery Dialog

There are many ways in which you could modify modular data in Grid View:
1. Inline by making rows editable when u click on Edit
2. By using separate pages for Edit
3. By using popups/dialogs for adding/editing
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