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Career Listing

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

I am looking to create a Career Listing Page for my website. Anyone have any idea where to start or if there's some suedo code out there? Much help is greatly appreciated.

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"Views" Listing Permission

I'm currently experiencing a problem whereas a once funtioning "view list" assigned to one of my tables is no longer displaying in the upper right hand side of said table... Additionally, when I go into "list settings" from the page and re-add the created view(s) for public viewing, it will show up on the page initially, "but" when I exit out of the page and come back to it, it's gone again! Has anyone else seen this before? JayCERTIFIED: CCNA, Network+, Security+, Server+, I.T. Project+

question about listing

Hi! i have a problem about listing. i have categories that it is added  infinite category,subcategory. Table is like that:idustidkategoriseviyei want listing like this:For example when i click "Arac", the list will become like following:Araç                         (category)  Otomobil                 (subcategory)  Motorsiklet              (subcategory)  Then .when i click "Otomobil"Araç   Otomobil       ----Fiat       ---Audi       ---BMWwhen i click "Fiat"Araç   -Otomobil           --Fiat                ---Murat                ---Sahini need to do this. Thanks ...

Logic for Summary and Specifications .. how to use datalist for showing product listing ?

Hello Experts .. I am working on a shopping website , i want to create a page where only one item from a category is selected ..... and simunatneously summary and specification will be changed .. http://store.apple.com/us/configure/MC374LL/A?mco=MTc0Njg1ODA   ---------- only one item to be selected at a time ...Kindly tell me the logic of doing this ... Amit

Listing Foreign Keys

If I run the following code (quote many times on the internet), which should show all foreign keys in a database, but it only returns a partial list:   select CCU.table_name src_table, CCU.constraint_name src_constraint, CCU.column_name src_col, KCU.table_name target_table, KCU.column_name target_col, RC.UPDATE_RULE, RC.DELETE_RULE from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.CONSTRAINT_COLUMN_USAGE CCU, INFORMATION_SCHEMA.REFERENTIAL_CONSTRAINTS RC, INFORMATION_SCHEMA.KEY_COLUMN_USAGE KCU where CCU.constraint_name = RC.constraint_name and RC.UNIQUE_CONSTRAINT_NAME = KCU.CONSTRAINT_NAME order by CCU.table_name, CCU.constraint_name   If I run the following, removing the KEY_COLUMN_USAGE link, it returns the full list:   select CCU.table_name src_table, CCU.constraint_name src_constraint, CCU.column_name src_col, RC.UNIQUE_CONSTRAINT_NAME, RC.CONSTRAINT_NAME, RC.UPDATE_RULE, RC.DELETE_RULE from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.CONSTRAINT_COLUMN_USAGE CCU, INFORMATION_SCHEMA.REFERENTIAL_CONSTRAINTS RC where CCU.constraint_name = RC.constraint_name order by CCU.table_name, CCU.constraint_name   I can't figure out what the problem is, the ones that are being left out of the first query ad the ones where the unique_constraint is set to the column name, not the constraint's name. For example, the first one appears in both query results, the second one only appears in the secod queries results:   src_table src_constr

Problem with listing records from table (object not found)

Hi everyone, I'm creating a website based on ASP.NET MVC 2 and SQL Server 2008 R2 Express for the database. After creating the table in database, I want to list all records in that table. For that, I use "scaffold'ing in ASP.NET to automatically generate the view file. But I encountered an error when loading that page. The error message was: [CODE] Server Error in '/' Application. Invalid object name 'dbo.Accommodations'. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid object name 'dbo.Accommodations'. Source Error: Line 41:         </tr> Line 42: Line 43:     <% foreach (var item in Model) { %> Line 44: Line 45:         <tr> Source File: d:\MyProject\Views\Accommodation\Index.aspx    Line: 43 Stack Trace: [SqlException (0x80131904): Invalid object name 'dbo.Accommodations'.]    System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.OnError(SqlException exception, Boolean breakConnection) +2030802    System.Data.SqlClient.SqlInternalConnection.OnError(SqlException exception, Boolean breakConnection) +5009584 &n

Listing documents in Folders and subfolders in a Dataview of Document Library

My dataview is pointed to a Document Library. I noitced files in folders and subfolders don't list - only the folders themselves.  Is there any way to list files in a particular folder or all files in all folders? What I'm trying to do is tie a folder to entries in a custom list. I'd like a folder for every ID in that custom list. When I open the Dispform for the ID, I'd like a dataview or some other webpart to dynamically to show related files (all which would ofcourse just be in their respective folder). I'm thinking it's just a matter of passing the ID querystring to a condition in the Dataview or Webpart. It would also have to be a folder as I need to allow same file names to be uploaded.   Thanks.  

Directory Listing Denied

Hi,   After uninstalling and re-installing NET 2.0 (sp1) and 1.1 both Sharepoint 3.0 Central Administration and a sharepoint site show directory listing denied errors.   Surfing to http://site/ result in Directory Listing Denied (403) error. However, if I type the whole path http://site/default.aspx both central administration and the site is shown correctly.   After scanning google, I've seen several suggestions. Checking application pools (both central administration and the site have their own application pool owned by Network Service). Checking so execute permissions is script only and not executable (I've tried them all and on all subdirectories). Documents settings in IIS is default.aspx (don't think sharepoint listen to that though). They all fail. The problem is persistant.  I would really like to hear some suggestions how to fix this problem.

How to use Nested Datalist For Product Listing Page .. ??

Hello Experts Kindly Help me to solve a big problem ...   Length 1700 mm x Width 700 mm   Depth 430 mm x Capacity 185 ltrs   Bath Thickness x 5 mm   £181.00 Now only £127.50http://www.penbiddle.com/phoenix_bath_range/rectangularo_bath.htm   like in this linki have to use Datalist for this ...NEsted Datalist

Listing of control subclasses and/or functions


Hello! I'm new with Visual Studio and older C++ programer. My question is as the title says, is there somewhere a list of controls that defines either their subclasses or functions?

One example. I'll pick a textbox. When the user types in an odd entry, I want the textbox's background to turn light-green. Where can I go to find the answer to make this happen?

I looked at this and other forums, but ended up in C#. Google gave me .net and MFC, but no details about controls. - On the left a window suggest, to state hardware and software. (Windows 7, Visual Studio Pro 2010, not yet paid for, I want to run it for a couple of weeks, HP laptop) Goal = convert my console apps into a coherent Window application - make them look good for users.

Thanks for reading!

p.s. no clue if this ended up in the right forum. My programs have nothing to do with Office. They will integrate with AutoAD. Also, I can not post from Visual Studio start frame, this is from IE.

TreeView not listing in certain document library in SP2007


Hi All,

        We are not able to view treeview for certain document libraries in SP2007 site but certain document libraries we able to view treeview ?

dynamic listing of data collection



I'm trying to achieve a dynamic contact lists/info.
 > From the Left Column, it may contain three hyperlinks that could update the list of contact lists
 for a specific department office. And on the Right column, I'm planning to have a loop over
 the data view collection from a Model(e.g. Contacts) that will be displayed after selecting any of the
 hyperlink from the left column.
Any references / suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Successful login redirects to directory listing


I have set the destinationpageurl of my login control to login.aspx. On successfully logging in to my website, I get redirected to the directory listing. Why is this? What am I doing wrong?

Also, what do I need to do to not allow the user to see the directory listing ever.

Country code listing


I have a WPF app that needs to populate a combo box with a listing of country codes. I have some code that is supposed to loop through the region info installed on the windows box and come up with the listing of country codes installed. It's coming up with 127 countries and my understanding is that the number should be closer to 200. Here is my code, can I get some feedback on whether or not it looks correct?


private List<string> GetCountryListing()
  List<string> countries = new List<string>();

  foreach (CultureInfo ci in System.Globalization.CultureInfo.GetCultures(System.Globalization.CultureTypes.AllCultures))
    RegionInfo ri = GetRegionInfo(ci);

    if (ri != null && !countries.Contains(ri.ThreeLetterISORegionName))

  return countries;

private RegionInfo GetRegionInfo(CultureInfo cultureInfo)
  RegionInfo ri = null;

  if ((cultureInfo.CultureTypes & CultureTypes.NeutralCultures) != CultureTypes.NeutralCultures && cultureInfo.LCID != CultureInfo.InvariantCulture.LCID)
    ri = new RegionInfo(cultureInfo.LCID);
  return ri;



File Listing in Grid View


I have grid view in which i want list files in a particular folder and to view them in browser on click

Please help

Create CAML for listing docs from a document library which has subfolders as well.

Hi imagine a doc library in sharepoint holding PDF's called DocA.
DocA has subfolders e.g DocA\sub1, DocA\sub2
I am writing a CAML query to extract PDF's which were created older than 7 days.
My issues is i cant get the PDf's items in CAML query and it just shows the folder only.

Here is my code.

SPSite site = new SPSite(Site);
SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb();
SPList list = web.Lists["DocA"];
string querystring = "<Leq>" +
                     "<FieldRef Name='Created' />" +
                     "<Value Type='DateTime'><Today /></Value>" +

SPQuery query = new SPQuery();
query.RecurrenceOrderBy = true;

query.Query = querystring;
DataTable table = list.GetItems(query).GetDataTable();
return table;

Hierarchy Employee Listing

I am trying create a SQL extract file that has the following layout below.

User  UserBoss Level1 Level2 Level3 Level4 Level5
John               John
Bob    John      John    Bob
Tom    Bob       John    Bob   Tom
Doug   Tom      John    Bob   Tom    Doug
Brad   Doug      John    Bob   Tom    Doug   Brad
Lee    John       John    Lee
Sue    Lee        John    Lee   Sue

This listing doesn't have to be sorted in this order and anyone in the listing could have multiple people reporting to them. Any ideas?

Currently, I have a sql recursive query (plus case statements) working that ranks employees and then puts them in the levels hierarchy as described above. However, I c

Context Menu not listing all fields issue with ie7



We have a Sharepoint 2007 installation using performance point reporting for our main system. Because of legacy systems our endusers are using IE6 and all works correctly. Recently we have moved some end user browsers to IE7 and this has had an effect on our reports.

In IE6 we can drilldown using the context menu in Analytic  graphs and Analytic datagrids, which displays all of the fields that are part of the cube. If most cases it displays about 20 fields that can be used to slice the information as we require it.  Using IE7 we can still drill down but the list of fields displayed is much shorter, usually 4 or 5. 

Is there a setting or fix we need to apply to IE7 to display the full list of fields in the context menu?


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