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i have no idea on charts and i have an requirement of child growth charts pls any help

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

i have no idea on charts and i have an requirement of child growth charts pls any help

am using visual studio 2008, how to get a chart control and how to use it and

any examples for growth charts

thank u

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Extreme UI: Line Charts with Data Templates


Charles Petzold continues his investigation into robust XAML coding made possible by Windows Presentation Foundation, this time tackling the complicated process of creating line charts.

Charles Petzold

MSDN Magazine January 2010

ASP.NET: Create Snazzy Web Charts and Graphics On the Fly with the .NET Framework


Knowledge workers can understand data more effectively when raw numbers are presented in a graphical format. This is especially true when displaying database information on a Web page, where a simple chart can make the difference between a dry presentation and a vivid data source. In the past, creating dynamic, data-based charts on the fly in ASP required purchasing a third-party, image-generating COM component. Now with ASP.NET, developers can access the .NET Framework's drawing classes directly with C# to create dynamic images and charts.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine February 2002

pie charts

how to use excel 2007 pie charts in ssrs 2005?Satish

Best architecture for showing mathematical formula based charts to end user

Hi All, We have one new project to implement. Let me explain briefly about this project. This project is related showing chart to end user on the basis of different mathematical calculated formulas. End user has authority to change these formulas on the fly and on the basis of that changed formula we need to show the chart. So this is all central idea about the project. These charts which I mentioned above are very complicated and user friendly             So can any buddy tell me which is best suitable architecture for this and how can fit her to my scenario .I knows, three tier architecture and some other are there but I want know which is the best architectures that developed above idea in right way   Any helps for above is really appreciate  

Plot Running total charts from SSAS Cube

Environment: I am using SQL Server 2008, I have installed SSIS, SSAS and SSRS. Objective: Create a Effort V/S Defect plot in SSRS 2008 Approach: 1. Created the SSAS cubes with Effort and Defects data by timeline (rollup of data based on Week ending date) 2. Created SSRS project and linked the dataset to SSAS cube. But i am unable to plot a Effort (X-Axis) v/s Defects (Y-Axis). As soon as i drag the measures into the query designer in dataset properties, the effort rollup will break. Following is the data that has been created in SSAS. I need to plot a graph of Hours v/s defects (Running total). Please guide me on how to plot the graph using SSRS 2008 from the already created SSAS cubes Week Of Hours Defects 10/24/2009 8   11/7/2009 63   11/14/2009 68   11/21/2009 80.5   11/28/2009 139   12/5/2009 221.25   12/12/2009 131.75   12/19/2009 124.5   12/26/2009 61.5   1/2/2010 73   1/9/2010 153.5   1/16/2010 149.5   1/23/2010 196   1/30/2010 163   2/6/2010 155.5   2/13/2010 178   2/20/2010 138   2/27/2010 161.5   3/6/2010 189   3/13/2010 191.9   3/20/2010 240.5 9 3/27/2010 260.2 5 4/3/2010 214.5 13 4/10/2010 274.6 24 4/17/2010 200.5 15 4/24/2010 227 9 5/1/2010 237.05 18 5/8/2010 190.5 12 5/15/2010 156.25 6 5/22/2010

RE:SSRS charts

Hi currently i am displaying data from the database in a gridview.Now i want to pass the gridview columns as parameters to rdlc file to get smoothline charts on the fly.dynamically i hav date coulmnand some x,y,z.... coulmns coming in the grid everytime.so now i want to bind the date coulmn of a grid to X-axis default and y-axis as a dropdown of rest of the columns from grid.so that wen the user selects a column from the ddl a grapg is genegated on the fly.If there is a chance of having multiple y-axis with diff colors is gud iguess.I hav achieved untill displying data in grid.can any 1 help me how to proceed next..pls.....i would be greatful.....thnks!!!!!!!! 

Spider Charts?

Hi,I want to make spider charts like this one:http://www.nevron.com/Gallery.ChartForActiveX.RadarChartsGallery.aspxI want to know can I prepare it using reporting service 2008? If not, please suggest some other good tool. I am using sql server 2008 as the database and working with Visual studio 2008.Regards,ap.

Dynamically Created Charts

Using SSRS 2008. Is it possible to create a chart dynamically based on data passed in the query and then used in maybe expressions. Example would be if ClientID=1 then create a bar chart for 12 months, column colors would be green, if ClientID=2 then create a quarterly bar chart, column colors would be blue, if ClientID=3 create a 13 month chart (if possible) to show regular 12 months and a 13th month as a YTD column, column colors would be black. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated

ASP.NET 4.0 charts controls problem

Hi All, I have a very weird problem. I have used asp:chart control to display chart on my home page. The home page is accessible to both, logged in and anonymous users. When I log in and access the home page, I can see the chart image. The problem is, when an anonymous user tries to access the page, the chart image is not rendered. I checked the folder and the image does get created but it does not get rendered. I have tried number of things, assigned full rights to the folders, tried to save the file in both, file and session. But none of them work. If anyone has come across such problem and know of a solution then please do let me know asap. Thank you in advance. -VT

Keeping colours on click-through charts

I am wondering if someone can help me with this: I have a main pie-chart report with 5 categories. When I click the series label for the respective category it goes through to another bar-chart report with a breakdown of this category into sub-categories. As things stand, whichever category I click in the main report, the colour of the bars in the sub-category report is blue. What I would like to do is "keep" the colour of the main pie-chart category on the bar-chart subcategories. For example if the fill colour of the pie-chart category that I am clicking is Red, I want the bar-chart sub-report that opens up to be coloured all Red as well. Do let me know if this isn't clear... thanks!  

WPF Toolkit Charts - PlotArea

I need to plot the area for the scattered chart with calculated value colors (RGB Values). The chart should be able to zoom, the plot area should also zoom.

RunningValue problem in Charts

Hello; In SSRS 2008, I am using the chart component to represent Incoming and Closed Problem Reports as well as Forecast Incoming and closure rates. I am using the RunningValue function to plot my Actuals as they are cumulative. The problem is that since my forecast goes until the end of release (6 months into the future) my actual plot flat-lines after today’s date until the end of the Forecast plot and makes for a very ugly chart. Is there a way to end the current plot for Open/Close at today’s date (End of data) yet continue to plot the forecast dates up to the end of the forecast period. Thanks for any help.Thanks Ron...

Fusion Charts to PDF at server side

Hello, In my scenario i have to export PDF from the generated XML Data which will come from Store Procedure i got one solution but the whole code and logic is inside .aspx file means at the client side in which they had given a static xml file as well as a static file. So can you give me solution in which xml file will be generated from server side and we will able to export in PDF with the help of server side code. Thank You. Bhavik Y. Shah

Combine 100% stacked bar charts onto one chart

Hi All: I have eight questionaires for likert scale (Strongly disagree, disagree, netural, agree and strongly agree). I try to create a 100% stacked bar chart that X axis would be eight questionaires and Y axis is the pecentage.  I couldn't get it work. What I did was to create a single 100% stacked bar chart for each questionaire. That's not the way I want and does anyone know how to create this type chart? Thanks in advance.      

Charts and graphics with SSRS?

Can you do charts and advanced graphics with ssrs?

how to write xslt in data view web part to display visifire charts

Hello All, I am writing xslt to display created by column in visifire charts. but it is not displaying chart. same code for displaying custom column is working fine but i dont know where i am going wrong in case of created by column. i put internal name also which is author for this column but no luck. below is the code i had used to display visifire chart. <xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes">     <![CDATA[                     + ' <vc:DataPoint AxisXLabel="DTL3]]></xsl:text>   <xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes"><![CDATA[" YValue="]]></xsl:text>     <xsl:value-of select="count(/dsQueryResponse/Rows/Row[normalize-space(@Author) = 'A'])"/>     <xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes"><![CDATA[" LabelText="DTL3]]></xsl:text>     <xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes"><![CDATA[" Exploded="False]]></xsl:text>     <xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes"><![CDATA["/>']]></xsl:text> but the same code for different column name is working fine. please provide your inputs, where i am doing wr
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