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booking / rentals help

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 24, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Hi guys


I am busy developing an application which books out stock for a function and then when the function is over book the stock back into the system. Its like a hiring application.

 I am using sql express 2005 and vb.net (visual studio 2008) as my development platforms.

 The tables I am currently working is Products, Quote_Header, Quote_Lines.

 Products has the following columns (ProdID, CatID, ProdName, ProdQty, ProdPrice) this holds all the products for the application, per category (This part is done)

 Quote_Header (Qref,  Start_Date,  End_Date, AccNo, Total) the employee will choose the start and end date for the quote and the customer account number will be entered, then employee will choose save and this will generate a ref number for the client. (This part is done)

 Quote_Lines(ID,  Qref,  ProdID,  Qty,  Line_Total) Once the employee clicks "start quote" he will be able to add products to that ref number generated above (This part is done)

 So to understand the application, stock gets booked on a start date and then returns on the end date. its a simple rental application.

 So now my problem comes in with the rental of the stock, for instance if I have a product item called chair

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I am trying to create a user diary where they can add and edit and delete bookings / block out times etc...

I am using C# and a SQL Server database....

Any help on how to get started?

I want a user to login and see thier calendar and edit bookings on thier own calendar only.

Group by 10 minute time slots in a booking schedule, available and booked


I have a table in SQL with scheduled booked times, they are normally in 10 inute slots per customer.  I want to have a report that shows the available time slots (in 10 min) periods for the whole day (8am - 18:10), for a number of different rooms.  The report would have the times along the side and the days of the month on the top, with a tick box or similar showing where a slot was booked and blanks where unbooked.  How can I do this?  I can get the booked times into 10 min slots but cant create a variable with all the possible times in order to do a crosstab or a report.  Anyoe help?  I would like it to look like:


                2               3                 4                  5                  6    etc

08:00       X               X

08:10          &n

Designing a Booking System


Hi fellas,

I am currently working on a time booking system and have created a booking control which allows me to book a timeslot of one hour at a time. I use a list of buttons each representing one hour which checks in a mssql database if the timeslot is available or not.

This works without a hitch but i am wondering if anyone has a better approch to timebooking. So that you can book 1 and 1/2 hours sometimes and sometimes half an hour depending on what you are going to book.

Thanks alot for any assistance you can provide!


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