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How to remove toolbar for InputFormTextBox in sharepoint?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 13, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
How to remove toolbar for InputFormTextBox in sharepoint?

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How to remove toolbar for InputFormTextBox in sharepoint?


How to remove toolbar for InputFormTextBox in sharepoint?

Remove Word Style once copy and paste content to Rich text Editor in sharepoint 2010

Hi Guys, I have page layout for Users to add content for Page.I have site column for page content on field type HTML with Richtextmode="FUll Html". Now when user cut and paste content from Word document in this Field it carry word document style. how can i control this content on Page layout with CSS. Please adviseThanks Ron

New Toolbar for sharepoint document Library

Hello, how can i add new toolbar which contains all my fucntionts and actions to effect the document Library in the same page? Note: i don't want to customize in the existing toolbar in the page i need new one. Thanks in Advance

How to remove conflict between Sharepoint 2010 Post Cache Substitution and Response.Filter

Under SharePoint 2007 (Win Server 2008, SQL 2008) we made use of Response.Filter to meet certain requirements for accessibility to remove certain markup or add to markup that was missing attributes, etc. When we upgraded to SharePoint 2010 we get the following error message from the pages, unless we remove the use of Response.Filter: "Post cache substitution is not compatible with modules in the IIS integrated pipeline that modify the response buffers.  Either a native module in the pipeline has modified an HTTP_DATA_CHUNK structure associated with a managed post cache substitution callback, or a managed filter has modified the response." I have found several posts including this article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2014472 that explains that it is definately a problem, but no one has an alternative solution to using the Response.Filter, and the article doesn't say how to disable the use of Post Cache Substitution. So, my question is how do I turn off the use of Post Cache Substitution in SharePoint 2010, or how can I alter the final markup of the page "After" the substitution happens?  Or, if it is a control or three that are using Post Cache Substitution, which one(s) so that I can remove them.

How to validate the Sharepoint's InputFormTextBox control

validating the Sharepoint's rich text box control.

remove inactive sharepoint users


There are users granted to access SharePoint site by adding them to SharePoint Site Collection groups individually in the past. 

Now some of them are no longer with the company and removed from corporate Active Directory. But those users are still showing in SharePoint site.

Anyway to clean up those users from SharePoint site?

Thanks in advance,


Unable to add/remove members of a sharepoint meeting request; what am I missing?


Does this ring any bells for anyone?  You create a meeting request on a sharepoint calendar, using Outlook as the calendar interface, it all seems to work initially but if you attempt to edit the meeting request you can no longer manipulate attendees?

I setup a calendar on SharePoint 2010 (full not free).  I have Office 2010 Pro installed on my Windows 7 x32 client.  I access the SharePoint 2010 calendar through IE 8, go to the Calendar tool, and click the button on the sharepoint ribbon bar to Connect to Outlook.  I receive two click-through prompts from Outlook (name and "are you sure?") and then I see the calendar in Outlook.

I access this new SharePoint Calendar from within my Outlook 2010 interface.  I right click on a timeblock and choose "New Meeting Request".  I setup a meeting with a couple of people in the To field.  (2003 Enterprise Exchange Server and 2003 Integrated Active Directory are sitting behind this)  So far it all seems to be working just fine.

But then if I later go back and double click on the meeting (Still in Outlook) I can no longer add or remove people to the request.  The To field is simply gone.  It looks exactly like I am no longer the owner of the meeting and have lost the associated tools.  I "think" it may be caused by my Outlook clien

remove backup from backup process used in sharepoint administration site



We have a sharepoint and using sql 2008r2 server.  We found that everyday it backup to a folder spbrXXXX where XXXX is a serial #.  It also has a xml document that track its backup.  In each of these folders is a butch of bak file.  When I check the sharepoint admin site, it said it is backing up everyday to this folder.  How can i remove those folders that are more than 2 weeks?  I need to have a way to control this folder from continuously growing.  Our sharepoint is only a few weeks old and the folder is 36Gig big already.

thx, Ted.

Is it possible to remove 'SharePoint Designer Settings' link from Site collection Adminitration Se

Is it possible to remove the link 'SharePoint Designer Settings' from the Site Collection Administration section of settings page.

How to remove "Relink documents" view from a SharePoint List?

How to delete the "Relink Documents" view from a SharePoint List???? I am using a SharePoint Form Library in which i have used a filter in public view. But the problem is when the user switch to "Relink Document" view, then he or she is able to see all the items. As a result of this, the purpose of filter is failed. 
Can anyone give me the solution????

how to remove generate-id in sharepoint designer 2010?

 <h2 class="demoHeaders">Tabs </h2>
  <div id='tabs'>

Anytime i save the code in SP Designer 2010 the div changes to:

 <div id='tabs{generate-id()}'>
The trick in SP Designer was to create a variable and then use it but it doesn't work in SP Designer 2010. Any ideas?

Question about InputFormTextBox in Sharepoint


I need to do this in a InputFormTextBox in Sharepoint:

" User cannot copy an image along with text into this field. To have an image, user has to first upload the image into Picture Library and provide the URL in the Rich Text Box. The Rich text box will then render the image along with text."

Any ideas?


SharePoint New button suddenly missing from toolbar

I have a task list that is suddenly not showing it's New button in the tool bar.  This behavior is happening to all sight member, owners, and me - the collection administrator.  Can any body advise me as to what might have happened?
There are no mistakes; every result tells you something of value about what your are trying to accomplish.

Need to Remove Event Log Error after deleting a database sharepoint 2010


I deleted a couple of databases  fron SQL after recreating  the service application. I am getting event log errors  ID 3760 that these db's are unable to be located.

How do I remove the trigger that is making this error apear?

I have looked all through CA but unable to figuer it out.

Remove Toolbar from web part



I want to dispaly a list in to web part.  I want only title & modified by column to dispaly on webpart and I dont want toolbar for that webpart(I dont want to dispaly the coloumn names like title & modified by ) how to do that. Please any help




How to remove the group ID of a lookup column when exporting SharePoint list to Excel?


I am exporting my SharePoint list with a people/group column and another lookup column to Excel spreadsheet. The problem is, in addition to the content of these two column, the group ID (from the lookup lists) of these two columns show after like "Jack Smith #45". I really need remove these numbers. I tried to use Excel formulas, but i found it very difficult since both of these two columns allow multiple choice. Any ways?


SharePoint Blog remove links at end of post (posted by, Category, permalink, email this post, Commen


I have googled and searched for a way to change the links (remove and or edit) shown below:

Posted at 4:05 PM by THETEST\Administrator | Category: Category 1 | Permalink | Email this Post | Comments (0)

I got as far as changing the views for the Posts list, I un checked the Comment field. It still shows up, so I opend all of the views and unchecked the Comment field and it is still there. Do i need to approve the view? I have tried to see where the view is pending but I cannot.

Anyone have any ideas that can help me?

Thanks for your help.

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