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Connect to Outlook feature in Extranet

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 13, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint


I am building a SharePoint 2007 extranet application. This site will be used by 2 types of people - 1) Developers 2) Clients from their respective locations. 

The developers and Clients have their own Active Directories and MS Exchange servers, since they work for two different organizations. The extranet is hosted on a third domain (say XYZ). That is, the developers and clients will be using XYZ domain accounts (XYZ\Username) to access the extranet.

In this setup, will it be possible for the developers and clients to link their MS Outlook to SharePoint? In other words, will they be able to use the 'Connect to Outlook' option in SharePoint calendars and tasks lists?





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Connect to Outlook feature in SharePoint 2010 still using .pst files?


The Connect to Outlook feature in SharePoint Server 2007 uses a .pst file to store content that is visible in Outlook. This has caused issues in the past with a client's enterprise policy of preventing use of .pst files on desktops. This particular client has an application that periodically checks for .pst files and deletes them, which breaks the Connect to Outlook feature for them.

Does SharePoint 2010 use the same functionality to Connect to Outlook, or something different?

Outlook Unable to connect to MySite's "Social Network"

Running into a really odd issue. I have to farms configred pretty much identically, a production farm and a dev farm. For some reason I'm able to set up a social network connection from outlook to my dev farm without any problems but I get "invalid user name or password" when I try and connect tot he production farm. There's no errors showing in the SPLogs or the event viewer. I've checked everything I can think of but knowing me I'm missing something really small.

"Connect to Outlook" produces peculiar results

SharePoint 2010 (Upgraded from 2007) - Office 2007 or Office 2010 on Windows 7 x64 Until last week this problem did not exist. Go to any Calendar in Sharepoint - click "Connect to Outlook." You get two security warnings and then nothing. Switch to Outlook and no messages and no calendar. Open account settings, browse through the tabs, close account settings: The moment you close the account settings window, the "Would you like to add this calendar..." dialog appear and the calendar is added. Weird. Nothing has changed administratively. Any ideas?Anthony Sheehy - MCP, MCITP

Outlook - "connect to SharePoint" and possible problem with irish names


Hi all,

I encountered a problem with the calendar page

<start problem>

Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; InfoPath.2; InfoPath.3; MS-RTC LM 8)
Timestamp: Fri, 1 Oct 2010 09:14:18 UTC

Message: Expected '}'
Line: 1075
Char: 499
Code: 0
URI: .......

</end problem>

This results in the ribbon not being displayed i.e. the user doesn't have access to settings/connect to outlook etc. the user also does not have access to "+add item" and therefore cannot add calendar entries.

this error appears when I log in with an Irish user name . you may be familiar that Irish names contain "O' " e.g. O'Brien or O'Neill

when I log in as another user name without apostrophes I don't receive this error.

A possible workaround is to "connect to outlook" in reverse. is it possible to "connect to sharepoint" from Outlook ?

I know it is possible to connect to SharePoint from the backstage in

Connect to Outlook Ribbon button disabled /greyed



The Ribbon button is disabled for the List, i am using Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise Edition and all the Services are running as well. Outlook 2010 is also installed in it.

Any help will be appreciated.



Girish Tripathi Sharepoint 2010 Developer

Sharepoint2010:Upload multiple document and connect to outlook :owssupp.dll & stssync


My first question went un-answered but I solved in after some midnights, now this is my second question, I am beginning to think SharePoint2010 is fantastic but is lacking in real support.

I am using SharePoint2010 , accessing from internet on Windows7(64bit) and Office 2010(64bit) notebook, While trying to access iver internet, Multiple upload of documents and Connect to Outlook are greyed out even after placing the URL in the trusted sites. Afte rmuch digging up it points to OWSSUPP.DLL and STSSYNC, which are supposed to help in these function. In Office 2010 I can't find this DLL and IE8 (64bit) does not have the STSSYNC active X loaded in my managed-add-in nor did it prompt me to download this active x.

The big question here is can some one help be shed light on this, what's the point if all on OWSSUPP.DLL are talking on Office 2007 when Office 2010 is in the market.

"Connect to Outlook" and "Open Schedule" disabled in Ribbon on instance of Project Tasks list


Hi Everyone,
I am creating a custom list template for "Project Tasks", essentially I need a customized version of the OOB Project Tasks list. I've cloned the OOB feature over to my Visual Studio 2010 solution and I am able to successfully deploy my version as expected, with everything fully functional, gantt chart and everything, except one thing. When I provision an instance of the list using the OOB list template, I am able to see everything in the Ribbon enabled. However, when I provision an instance of my custom list template (clone), I see the "Connect to Outlook" button disabled, as well as the "Open Schedule" button disabled - which allows you to open the task list with Microsoft Project (I have all Office 2010 clients installed, including Microsoft Project).

I am guessing there must be some type of setting somewhere that associates the OOB list template to those Ribbon items that I see as disabled. The only thing different between my list template and the OOB list template is the Type ID. Could this be the problem?

Where should I be looking to troubleshoot this issue?


disable connect to outlook in wss 3.0



is it possible to disable the connect to outlook link in libraries

i want to do this also with alert me. i have disable it in user permissions for web application but the link is still thier.

how can i disable the link also?


Connect to Outlook not working for an External List in 64-bit Office 2010


I've used Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2010 to create an External Content Type with Office Item Type 'Contact'. I then created an External List in a SharePoint site to display the items in the External Content Type (after granting permissions on the ECT). When I click 'Connect to Outlook', a VSTO is created and installed. It says, the install is succesful. However, I do not see the contacts in my External List in Outlook. This is a 64-bit version of Outlook 2010. When I click 'Connect to Outlook' again, I get an error: "Cannot install or update this external list on client machine because another update is already in progress".

From another client machine where I installed the 32-bit version of Office 2010, this functionality works great. It seems the VSTO SharePoint BCS creates when you click 'Connecto to Outlook' on an external list, is not compatible with 64-bit versions of Office. Just to make sure there were no other differences between my two machines, I went back to the 64-bit Office client, uninstalled all Office software, then installed the 32-bit version of Office 2010. I then did my test again, and everything worked just great.

So, my conclusion is: Connect ot Outlook does not work on a SharePoint 2010 External List when you are running 64-bit Office 2010.

Connect to Outlook problems

I have recently completed a server migration and since doing so I am having an issue with Outlook sync to tasks & Calendars.  When I connect to outlook from SharePoint no items are showing in Outlook, and I get the following error when I send/receive.


Task 'SharePoint' reported error (0x80004005) : 'An error occurred in this SharePoint List (ICT - Leave Tasks). Try updating the folder again. If the problem continues, contact the SharePoint site administrator.  HTTP 500.

The server returned the following error message: Exception of type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException' was thrown.'


I checked services in central admin to make sure Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings Service is running

Unable to connect any list or calendar to Outlook in SP 2010


I am completely unable to use the Connect to Outlook option on any list inside my SharePoint Foundation installation - the button is present, but remains greyed out and non-functional.

I have confirmed the following:

- The server is using AD and is set up correctly

- SMTP is set up for outgoing mail

- All features available have been activated

- There are no restrictions for the creation of local pst files on my system

- I am running Outlook 2010, 64bit

- The user being used is in an owners group for the site collection and the site, but I've also added direct permissions for the user for all possible permission sets

- I am able to use the Excel services, Visio and Project connections, but not Outlook

- I am using a standard, unaltered task list and calendar, neither of which will permit connection

- I am using IE8

Since the button is greyed out, I'm not even able to get an error message that might tell me something additional.


I've been searching for a while, to no avail - what am I missing?





Connect "Project Tasks" List's Calendar View to Outlook


I would like to connect our department's "Project Tasks"-type list to an Outlook calendar (the same way I can do with a "Calendar"-type list).  

In Sharepoint, I have a nice "Calendar View" (this is a Sharepoint View/Report using the "Calendar" format) of the "Project Tasks"-type List items showing which items were worked on in the past or are to be worked on in the future.  I would like to Connect this view to Outlook, but it appears this "Project Tasks"-type list does not have the "Connect to Outlook" option in the ACTIONS menu.  

I have confirmed that the "Connect to Outlook" option is activated in our "Enable Client Integration" settings per thread ((http://www.eggheadcafe.com/community/aspnet/69/10091824/cannot-see-connect-to-outlook-in-the-actions.aspx).  In fact, if I create a strict "Calendar"-type list (instead of a "Project Tasks"-type list or "Issue Tracking"-type list), I do get the "Connect to Outlook" option in the ACTIONS menu.  I'd li

"Connect to Outlook" - disable offline synchronization


Good afternoon. For legal and regulatory reasons, our company has disallowed the use of .PST files in Outlook 2007 for email archival, opting instead for a third-party solution. As they have disabled PSTs through Group Policy, our users are receiving errors when using the "Connect to Outlook" feature in SharePoint 2007 calendars, lists or libraries. Further research has revealed a way to fine-tune Group Policy such that PST usage is still limited, but the Outlook features which rely on special PSTs are not disabled.


However, our organization is also concerned with and has experienced these special PSTs growing very large, as many of the lists we are integrating with Outlook contain big attachments. I understand this is because the attachments are added into the special .PST file, where they are subsequently available for offline use. However, the number of laptop users in our company is small, and laptop users typically work through Remote Access, so offline access is almost never needed.

My question is, is there any way to use

Connect to Outlook a Task list that has Tasks with Multiple users assigned


Using MOSS 2007 SP2 and Outlook 2007 SP2 

I go to a task list that has multiple users assigned to a task.

I setup the connect to outlook for this list, and in outlook I only see the tasks that have a single user assigned.

None of the multiple user assigned tasks are visable, is this how it is supposed to work?



Using SharePoint Search feature in ASP.Net Application

Integrating ASP.Net application in to MOSS 2007 to utilize SharePoint Enterprise Search Feature can be done by using Business Data Search.

InfoPath 2010 cannot connect to SharePoint 2010

You have installed Office 2010 beta and you are trying to connect to SharePoint 2010 from InfoPath but you get an error

could somebody give me example how I can connect to database only once if I use many models in contr


I use in my ASP.NET MVC application repository pattern and I use in controller for example 3 models:

   namespace MvcApplication1.Controllers  
        public class HomepageController : Controller  
            private IWebsitesRepository _repository_websites = new WebsitesRepository();  
            private IFirmRepository _repository_firm = new FirmRepository();  
            private IPhotosRepository _repository_photos = new PhotosRepository();  

In WebsiteRepozitory, FirmRepository and PhotosRepository classes I have:

Database1Entities _entities = new Database1Entities();

So I have 3 connections to database ? Is it wrong ? How can I solve it ?

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