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wrong action: http://docs.oasis-open.org/ws-sx/ws-trust/200512/RSTR/Issue

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 13, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WCF


I have developed a sample using WS-Trust 2005 (securityMessageVersion WSSecurity11WSTrustFebruary2005... ) and now I want to use WSSecurity11WSTrust13...  as I got the requirement to use WS-Trust 1.3.

I have my WS-Trust 2005 sample running, but unfortunately, when I try to migrate to WS-Trust 1.3, the following error occurs when the client receives the RSTR message:

The negotiation security message has the wrong action 'http://docs.oasis-open.org/ws-sx/ws-trust/200512/RSTR/Issue'.

I've got configured the client to use WS-Trust 1.3, so I don't know what's missing. Any idea?

Here's the client's app.config



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Check-out issue when opening a document from a document library when a read-only copy is open

We have an issue when a user has a read-only copy of a document from SharePoint open and then tries to check-out and edit another copy of the document (i.e. from the document library) the checked out copy is not connected to the web server. For the user it will look the same they will make edits, save and then close, but when they do so the document is not updated in SharePoint - it may be saved locally in their SP drafts, but the user will think that they have lost their version. We then get the checked out to another user error and you have to discard changes to get the document working again. Steps to reproduce this issue: * click on the name of a office doc on a Document Library * Make sure "Read Only" is selected and click "ok" * Minimize open document * click on the same file on the Document Library * Make sure "check out and edit" is selected and the "Use my local drafts folder" checkbox is ticked. Select OK. * Edit document and press save. Changes are never saved back in SharePoint, they are only on the local draft. We are using MOSS with SP2. Clients are on Office 2003 and 2007 Is this normal behaviour? Is there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening?

HTTP POST in WPF/XBAP with partial trust

Hi, Is it possible to do a HTTP POST in XAML browser app with partial trust? I've tried to search for a solution, but I can't find any. I want to send a HTTP POST request to a website, within the same domain, that return a downloadable report (in a new window, _blank). I've earlier used hyperlink with GET parameters, but I have to use POST due to large amount parameter data. Is this possible? Edit: I'm using .Net Framework 3.5

Windows 7 window.open() and - target issue



In Windows 7 when I use window.open(url, "_MyWindow") a new browser window opens every time I click.

Expected behaviour is - URL is replaced in the browser window with the same target attribute (_MyWindow) if it's already open.

Any suggestion/workaround is greatly appreciated.

All works fine in any other OS/IE config, even on XP/IE8.




same issue appears using <a href=http://www.microsoft.com target="_MyWindow">Open link</a>

WSE 2.0 and/or WCF - how to set wsa:Action in soap:Header different from HTTP header SoapAction?


I currently have a WSE 2.0 WebServicesClientProtocol object (generated from WSDL) created which has a a valid uri as its soapAction (from the WSDL binding). I need to set the <wsa:Action> value in the <soap:Header> to something other than the binding's soapAction. I know this violates W3C protocol, but the web services are another party's and cannot be changed.

I code (where "transport" is the WebServicesClientProtocol object) :

transport.RequestSoapContext.Addressing.Action = new Microsoft.Web.Services2.Addressing.Action(reqAction);

and can see in the VS debugger that it sets the action, but when I call the method to send the web request the <wsa:Action> is reset to the same value as the soapAction in the HTTP header. I assume WSE 2.0 is doing this. Can a custom SoapOutputFilter help me to "manually override" the <wsa:Action>?

If I abandon WSE 2.0 (which I kno

Reporting Services 2008: "HTTP status 401: Unauthorized" Issue


I'm getting the error "The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized" whenever I try to list the reports on my reporting server. The weird thing is, it works when I run the asp.net application on my dev machine hitting the server reporting services web service url (http://www.example.com/reports/reportservice2005.asmx?wsdl) but when the asp.net app is installed on the server (running iis 7) hitting the same url I get the error. Here's my set up:


SQL Server Reporting services 2008 (not R2)

Web service url: http://www.example.com/reports/reportservice2005.asmx?wsdl


Created a proxy ReportingServices2005.cs

Web.config has <identity impersonate="true"/>

Code to list reports:

<asp:ListView ID="lvReportList" runat="server">
            <asp:PlaceHolder runat="server" ID="itemPlaceholder"></asp:PlaceHolder>
            <asp:HyperLink runat="server" ID="hpReportLink" NavigateUrl='<%#Eval("Url")%>'><%#Eval("Name")%></asp:HyperLin

Check out issue - authentication modal dialog on every checkout, Explorer View or Open With Windows



I got users that have an issue when trying to check out document, using the Explorer View or using Open With Windows Explorer.

Users are on Vista, IE 7 and Win 7, IE8

I have seen this Warning in the Application Event log:

"WMI ADAP was unable to retrieve data from the PerfLib subkey: SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SSO\Performance\Library, error code: 0x80041009"

Any help would be very much appreciated!


Unable to open my site using http:// url


   Today when i try to open the my share point site through browser, but am unable to open it browser. and when i try to open it from the Designer, it shows "Could not found the Web server at 'MyServer' on port 8989". When it Checked in IIS, the sites are not available inside it, and it check through Central admin there the the corresponding Web applications are available. I bit confused and check in 'Inetpub' there also site folders are not available. None of my share point site are open apart from the "Central Admin". I don't know what actually went wrong. How can i restore all my share point site.

Open form issue


I have a datagridview inside a form (code based)

i would like the form to open while displaying all the information in the data grid, i am looking for a code based solution

i know that i can define the form size.

thank you for your help.


Issue with MOSS 2010, infopath, I.E. 8 and pdf file (no open, just save-cancel)



I have an annoucement list, which  has been customized in infopath ("customize Form" button). Nothing funcy, just adding some comments.

When i open an item with I.E. 8., and click on  the (attached) pdf file, a popup window appears with only the selections: (save-cancel)

If I do the same steps using I.E. 7, I have the selection "open", so I can see the pdf file inside my browser.

Is there any solution?

Also, two newbie questions:

a)Is there a way to revert to the original open-edit-new item form and discard the infopath forms?

b) how to show the created by/last modified date/last modified by in this infopath form?


Thank you



In Sharepoint Integrated Mode whether Report Manager URL http:///Reports will open the


Hai Friends,

                I am Ali, In SharPoint Integrated mode ReportManager URL getting This Error [ This operation is not supported on a report server that is configured to run in SharePoint integrated mode. (rsOperationNotSupportedSharePointMode) ].

1. at the time of SQL Server 2008 R2 installation Reporting services enabled In Native mode.

2  In Reporting service config manager tool http://<serverName>/Reports URL is working in 'Native mode' as Fine. Here i am able to create New Roles and able create New Folders and able to deploy the Reports from BIDS and Report Builder to Report Server.

3. Now , I opened Reporting Services Config Manager Tool and I Created New Data Base(as 'ReportServerTest) In sharepoint Integrated mode.

4. ReportServer Configured Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated mode Sucsessfully. Granted Data base.

4. Enabled Content Types Sharepoint Library and i am able to deploy .rdl files from BIDS(Designer) to sharepoint library.

5. But i need to Deploy the Reports from Report Builder 3.0 to Report Server In SharePoint Integrated Mode

I Want to op

InfoPath Filler - Hyperlink via datasource issue - always reverting to http://address/



I am trying to design an InfoPath Filler 2010 form (form based on a SharePoint List) and I want to create a dynamic URL based on another field in the form.

When I place an image on the form and create the hyperlink from it, I get the option to choose a data source.

I do this, but as soon as I click ok and publish the form, the formula is lost and it defaults to http://address/

Has anybody else experienced this? and if so, did you find a workaround to create a dynamic URL?

Kind Regards


Giles Hamson MCTS, MCITP SharePoint 2010 | Blog: http://ghamson.wordpress.com | Twitter: @ghamson

I think msdn docs may be wrong about...



Though I'm not copletely sure, but I think the following msdn entries are wrong

1) Here's what msdn says about <serviceCertificate> of <serviceCredentials> element:

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms731340.aspx :

"Use this element to specify an X.509 certificate that will be used to authenticate the service to clients using Message security mode."

Msdn implies that <serviceCertificate> is only used with bindings using Message security mode, but as far as I know, it's also used with bindings using transport security mode?!


 2) And here's what msdn says about <clientCertificate> of <serviceCredentials> element:

  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms731367.aspx :

"This element is used when the service must have the client's certificate in advance to communicate securely with the client. This occurs when using the duplex communication pattern. In the more typical request/response pattern, the client includes its certificate in the request, which the service uses to encrypt and sign its response back to the client."

Thus, msdn implies that <clientCertificate> is only used with duplex communication, which isn't the case

Issue on HTTP/HTTPS authentication


I had enabled claims Authentication and configured Forms Based Authentication (FBA) with membership provider in SharePoint 2010.
The logged-on user is kicked out when the page is redirected from https to http.
FedAuth cookie is not valid after redirecting from https to http.
Does anyone have any suggestions?



how to open an excel with action pane in wpf application?please help me


I am developing a wpf project, in which according the customer's requirements, we should open an excel and an action pane should be displayed on that,

i tried a lot of ways ,but i failed , i have made a vsto project which the action pane will be installed as an add-in ,  the display switch was set in registry, the default

was off, when i open the excel by wpf application, the switch will be set on, but i failed, when i open an excel in wpf application, at same time when i open excel by

office excel, it was still displayed, so anybody can tell me how to open an excel with action pane only in wpf project?

Please help me!

Thank u.


SQLConnection Open Close Performance issue


Hi, I have interesting and depressing problems in querying sql statements with some machines in my environment. Firstly i will try to summarize my environment and try to define the problem. 

There are seven application servers and an sql server in my environment. Each of these seven application servers have a windows service application that runs sql statements on the sql server. There are some performance problems at 3 of 7 machines. I write a simple code and test this code on all application servers. The code as follows:

static void Main(string[] args)
   DateTime processgeneric = DateTime.Now;
   DateTime processstart = DateTime.Now;
   Console.WriteLine("Application started: " + ((TimeSpan)(DateTime.Now - processstart)).TotalMilliseconds.ToString());
   processstart = DateTime.Now;
   SqlConnection sqlConn = new SqlConnection("Data Source=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX;Initial Catalog=DBNAME;User Id=USER;Password=PWD;");
   string sql = "SELECT * FROM [DBNAME].[dbo].[T

How To Open Fancy Tooltip from GridView

This article will show How To Open show Fancy Tooltip in GridView.

ASP.NET Architecture - ASP.NET Worker Process - HTTP Pipleline - Http Modules and Handlers

"ASP.NET is a powerful platform for building Web applications, that provides a tremendous amount of flexibility and power for building just about any kind of Web application. Most people are familiar only with the high level frameworks like WebForms and WebServices which sit at the very top level of the ASP.NET hierarchy. In this article I'll describe the lower level aspects of ASP.NET and explain how requests move from Web Server to the ASP.NET runtime and then through the ASP.NET Http Pipeline to process requests.
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