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Where to find SharePoint Virus Scan APIs?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 13, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint


We need to use SharePoint Virus Scan API and implement IMso_VirusScanner interface. However, not sure of how to go about. Where, in which namespace can we get this interface? Or we need to download it specially?


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Accessing SharePoint 2010 Data with Server-Side APIs

Accessing SharePoint data in server-side solutions is one of the most common tasks that you will perform as a SharePoint developer. SharePoint 2010 provides powerful server-side APIs that enable you to retrieve, add, edit, and delete SharePoint data programmatically. SharePoint 2010 also includes the new LINQ to SharePoint technology that enables you to work with SharePoint data efficiently and easily.

Module 5: Accessing SharePoint 2010 Data with Client-Side APIs

SharePoint 2010 provides a new client object model that enables you to create SharePoint solutions that run remotely from the SharePoint server farm.

Sharepoint 2010 can't find People. How to solve it?

I have following problem: when i try to search people in any site i have to write whole "Last Name". That's mean, when i write, only part of "Last Name" i get no results. Why it happens? How i can to solve the problem?   Thanks.

Visual Studio 2010 can't find the Sharepoint Foundation 2010 Server when compiliing, Standalone vs

I'm wondering if we installed Visual Studio correctly cos when we get into Visual Studio 2010 the "Deploy as a Farm Solution" is the only available button option and the "Deploy as a Sandbox Solution" is un-selectable, grayed out, assuming the "Sandbox" solution is the "Standalone" approach? So when we go to compile a Workflow, the error message says the Sharepoint Server is not found" Could this "Deploy as Farm Solution" be a problem when we were instructed to install Sharepoint 2010 Foundation as a "Standalone" install? in other words we're trying to find out why when we go to compile a Workflow in Visual Studio 2010 that it can't find the Sharepoint Server Step 3: Install SharePoint 2010 1.  To install SharePoint Server 2010 or SharePoint Foundation 2010, open a Command Prompt window, and then type the following at the command prompt: On the Choose the installation you want page, click Standalone to install everything on one developer workstation. Thanks very much for any suggestions, ideas or pointers! BobK

Failed to find SharePoint server when using Microsoft Transporter Suite

When attempting to migrate a Lotus Domino application into MOSS 2007 using the Microsoft Transporter Suite 2007, I get the error: "Failed to find SharePoint server for URL: http://shp7/resimport".  I have installed the Transporter Suite on the SharePoint server (Windows 2003), and am running it under an account with full SharePoint admin rights.  I fill out the Target SharePoint site and Target SharePoint list boxes as directed in the Transporter console's help.  I know the site is running, as I can see it when I use http://shp7/resimport in IE from the server.  Anybody else experience this problem?

Where exactly can I find my files that I used in groove / sharepoint?

My machine software is more or less trashed. All data is still there and I need to format before installing again. I used to keep files in my own sharepoint (grovve) folders, they were not shared with anyone anywhere. I've seen a couple of queries where it says click on workspaces under favourites - not there. I have a copy of my entire drive under my username, so anything that was there is still there. Can anyone tell me where my files are? I'm on WIndows 7 with office 2010 Many thanks

where do find complete guide for sharepoint 2010 server object model?

where do find complete guide for sharepoint 2010 server object model?

SharePoint Anti-Virus recommendations



I'd like to hear which application-level anti-virus products you have found work well with SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007.

Thanks for your input,


How to find out how many users logged onto a sharepoint hosted site?


We have a sharepoint hosted site that is accessible to users externally. 

Sometimes whenever we need to  release some updates, we would like to do it when there is no user browsing the site.

Are there are any tools available? If not, can we write any scripts or code?

Please suggest.

cannot find a reference to Microsoft.sharepoint.dll on sharepoint a macchine



 I have sharepoint 2007 installed on server 2008 (VPC).

 In VS2008 I am unable to find Microsot.Shaerpoint.dll in "ADD Reference" section.

 I am able to browse for it in C:\...\ISAPI\Microsoft.Sharepoint.dll and add it.

I am wondering why is this not in .Net tab like I find in other sharepoint machines.

Am I missing any upodates or service packs for VS2008. I do not have SP1 installed to mention.

Please help resolve this.

Thank you

where can i find Jquery tabs webparts for Sharepoint 2010?


Hi All, I'm after a Jquery tabs webparts for Sharepoint 2010? i came across this one http://jquerytabswebpart.codeplex.com/ But its only for SP 2007. Any resources would be appreciated. THanks

Where can I find 32bit version of Microsoft.SharePoint.Search.dll?



I'm trying to develop some PSI Extensions for use on our corporate network. However, I cannot copy the above DLL from the server to my development machine as it is a 64bit server!?! We don't have a 32bit instalation package to extract a 32bit version from...

Is there anywhere I can get a copy of the 32bit version so I can do some local development and succesfully build my assembly?

Any help greatly appreciated...




How to find number of documents uploaded to each sharepoint site?


How can I determine how many documents are uploaded to each sharepoint site?

How to find a web portal is running on SharePoint?


Hi All,

I am very confused between .Net and Sharepoint web sites. Anyone please help me out with how to find if a site is running on Sharepoint or any other Microsoft Technology.

As vodafone is running on Sharepoint but i didn't get any clue how to find out.


Scan the file for virus before uploading



           I have a requirement where i need to check the virus of  a file when uploading file to server.  Actually we don't know what type of files user uploads, he may upload a word doc which has virus. So inorder to protect server i need to write a program which should help in rejecting the file which has virus.



Find Disabled accounts in the Sharepoint sites



I have 50 Sharepoint 2007 site collections, and different domain users are accessing my Sharepoint sites. Somehow the disabled user accounts are exists on the sites. i need to find out all the disabled user accounts available in sharepoint and delete it. Is there anyway i can get it in the Database? pls help.

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