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Default Trace enabled but not running

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 12, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
We have a clustered instance of SQL 2005 SP2 and while trying to troubleshoot a problem the other day, we noticed that the default trace is enabled, yet it's not running.  I've searched Microsoft Forums and Google in general yet I cannot seem to find anything about this particular situation.  Any advice would be appreciated.   I haven't tried to disable and re-enable it yet, I didn't want to destroy any evidence that might be there.

I guess my question is "What could cause the default trace to stop and not leave any trace files on the drive?"


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Extend running trace

I've got a trace running, created with sp_trace_create and a stop time.  Is there any way to extend this stop time? Obviously I can start another one at the relevant time but it's going to be convenient to keep this one running.

Replication entries filling up default trace

I have noticed that a lot of replication related entries are filling up the default trace of my SQL installation, I like the default trace and like to use it for valuable information gathering. One thing that I do notice however is that its being filled with entries like   dbcc setinstance ("SQL Replication Distribution", "Dist:Delivery Latency", @agent_name, @delivery_latency)      dbcc incrementinstance ("SQL Replication Distribution", "Dist:Delivered Trans/sec", @agent_name, @new_delivered_transactions)          dbcc addinstance ("SQL Replication Distribution", @agent_name)            Anywhere I can turn this off and avoid such messages from being logged in the default trace.  

Missing column statistics from default trace

I am seeing Missing statistics events on my default trace and was wondering whether I need to create statistics on the table. Missing Column Statistics Is this a good practice considering the advice on http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms190397.aspx

SQL Server 2005 - Check if Trace Flag is enabled?


Hi all,

never encountered trace flags before, but due to a problem in one of our applications I was asked if we activated a hotfix by enabling two trace flags.

Is there a possibility to check, if the trace flags are enabled?

I don't have the permission to execute anything on our SQL Server so I cannot run the DBCC TRACEON command.

Other question: by enabling a trace flag is there any risk to it? We have a productive environment and at the end of the month there are lots of reports running, so I don't want to do any changes to the system that might cause a problem.

Thanks for your suggestions


Why is word stemming not enabled by default in SharePoint Search?


I am just wondering why it is not enabled by default in SharePoint while most popular web search engines enabled it by default.

For example, for plural, if you google "Hiker", results will contain "Hikers" and "Hiker".


How to configure a default trace source?


Hello everyone,

Let's say I use third party assemblies, and they write something to their trace sources, but I don't know the names of the source. Is it possible to create a default trace source, so all trace messages for non-existing sources would go to this source?

It is very easy  in Java logging configuration. Is it possible in C#?





Default ASP.NET Architecture

In providing an architectural approach, some assumptions are made concerning the project goals. These assumptions should be used as a litmus test to determine if the described architecture may be an appropriate fit for your ASP.NET application.

Ajax Enabled Gridview using JavaScript in ASP.NET

Before explaining the article, I would like to thank all readers who read my article and voted for it. Your appreciation for my article gives me strength to write more good articles. Hope in future I will get your valuable comments and suggestions. Now I won't waste your time and come back to the topic. I have written this article on 'Ajax Enabled Gridview Using JavaScript in ASP.NET'. In this article, I will show you how to make a Gridview using a simple HTML table, JavaScript and XML HTTP for Ajax call without using any ASP.NET control.

Using Code

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In many scenarios we need to display Running total as well as Grand total in GridView footer. In this post i will try to explain in an easy way that how we can display running total & Grand total in a GridView footer combindly. To explain this solution using an example here i use a sales order report. The report contains all sales order amount in a tabular way. I will use a GridView to display sales order amount and use GridView footer to display Running total & Grand total. Let we have a customer table with id and name column plus an orders table with OrderID,CustomerID,OrderDate & Amount. Now our goal is to show all customers order with amount as well as page wise running total & grand total. Note that running total is necessary when you enable paging in a GridView where as Grand total is always you can consider.

Setting the default start page in godaddy hosting?


 How do you set the start page with godaddy hosting? I can see no way of doing this! You do not seem to have access to the IIS settings that allow you to change it!

default constructor SelectList




dont have a  default constructor

new SelectList() :(

Client script not running


Dear all,

in my MVC 2 application, and in the shared Master Page I wrote this little script for menu handling :

<script src="../../Scripts/jquery-1.4.1.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () {   
     $('#nav li').hover(  
         function () {  
             //show its submenu  
             $('ul', this).slideDown(100);  
        function () {  
           //hide its submenu  
            $('ul', this).slideUp(100);           

The script, that shows menu items when the

How to change the default page base class?


I've tried setting the <pages pageBaseType="DynamicWebPage" /> value in web.config, but when I response.write out the page type, I'm still getting Microsoft.WebPages.WebPage.

I'm simply trying to sub-class WebPage and add some additional functionality such as a dynamic PageData dictionary similar to Phil Haack's dynamic ViewData dictionary.



Very Basic Question - Error message running first page


Hi Everyone,

I am running Windows 7 and I have gone into Control Panel and activated all of the IIS Functions.

The web application I am running was downloaded from the net (and has worked on other machines previously).  Once I downloaded it, I moved it into C:/inetpub/wwwroot/code/main.asp

I am a bit of a novice at this!  But I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction!


I get the following error when I try and run the web application through IE:

"An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator. If you are the system administrator please click here to find out more about this error."

(When i click the "click here" button it just goes to the IIS site).


Appreciate any help I can get!




Nested Tracers - is there a way to only log the outer trace?



I have some nested tracers. The outer one has a category of 'PageTrace' and the inner ones have categories of 'DBTrace'. When I set the outer category source to 'All' I get both traces. When I switch on the inner trace, I just get the inner trace.

So, my question: is there any way to just log the outer trace events, i.e. the Page Traces.




Default page for my Forlder(product)?


Hai all,

         I need to show the URL like this http://www.saffronrouge.com/face/moisturizers

for me  http://www.mysite.com/products/

i need to list all the products. please help me on this.

Setting default localization



I ever thought that I can set a default localization if the users one (which is set in the browser) isn't available.

I've implemented my localresource files for localization. The start.aspx.resx contains all texts and elements for German use and the start.aspx.en.resx for English users. When I switch the language in the browser settings from German to English everything works fine and the english text is displayed. But when I switch to an other language which is not German or English, it takes defaulty the german resource files.

I've set

UICulture="auto:en-US" Culture="auto:en-US"

as well, but it didn't assume the .en resource file automatically. (For example when I enter the website and switch the browser language to French or Italian it should take the english resource files.)

Thanks and regards,

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