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DataFormWebPart explort

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 12, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

In SharePoint 2007 I create a DataViewWebPart export it and rename all occurrences of ListID with ListName and then change the ID of the list to the name of the list.  Once this is done I just add the markup into my code and then redeploy and everything goes fine.  However this process does not seem to work in SharePoint 2010.  Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this?


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DataFormWebpart give me an Error



i'm trying to create a dataFormWebpart for my wss3 site.

here are my steps a took:

1. open my site in sharepointdesinger

2. create a new document (just a blank page, i did not use a sharepoint content)

4. create my datasource (my datasource as a view table i created in sql server 2005. can i use a view table to insert and delete data?)

5. select my data

6.insert new item form

then i browse the page. when i insert some data it gives me this error:

"The data source control failed to execute the insert command."

i looked up on the internet and i see the are talking about the

does this update realy fix the issue?

and i'm using sharepoint services sp2 can i use this opdate for a sp2?

or is there another thing that cause this error?



infrastructure Update for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (KB951695).

DataFormWebPart and DVDropDownList no save data

Hello,  Sorry likely noob mistake. I have spend a whole week in this: I have a CustomEditForm.aspx for a DocumentLibrary. In my DataFormWebPart, y change a FormField for DVDropDownList, in order to catch SelectedIndexChanged, and get values from other list, and update de values of the DataFormWebPart. Every think work right, BUT when i want to save de data, my DVDropDownList  is not Saved. All others field work perfect, EXCEPT my control, WHY?????   Thanks in advanced   <SharePoint:SPDataSource runat="server" DataSourceMode="List" SelectCommand="&lt;View&gt;&lt;/View&gt;" UseInternalName="True" ID="ChangesDefinitionDS"> <SelectParameters> <WebPartPages:DataFormParameter ParameterKey="ListName" PropertyName="ParameterValues" DefaultValue="Changes Definition" Name="ListName"></WebPartPages:DataFormParameter> </SelectParameters> </SharePoint:SPDataSource> <SharePoint:DVDropDownList runat="server" id="FormFieldChangeDefinition" AutoPostBack="true" DataSourceID="ChangesDefinitionDS" DataTextField="Title" DataValueField="ID" __designer:bind="{ ddwrt:DataBind('u','FormFieldChangeDefinition'

DataFormWebPart Sum of Currency Columns

I have a data form web part with the "sharepoint list with currency columns" data source. I have added a footer to sum the rows. It seems like because of the number columns as currency format are formatted as "$2,000,000.00", the total shows up on the footer is "NaN". Looking at the XSLT, I don't see any issues with the XSLT code - <xsl:value-of select="sum($nodeset/@Year_x0020_1_x0020_P_x0026_L_x002)" /> Is there any reason why currency columns are not summable in the XSLT? Has anyone came across this kind of issue?

Hiding column headers in grouped dataformwebpart

Hi, I've set up a dataformwebpart (from a SQL view) that shows a list of orders grouped by salesperson, I've succesfully created a formula that sums the total value of the orders in the group header but when I open the page the column names within the group that is collapsed are still visible. If I expand then collapse the group manually it hides the group column names as I wanted but when the page refreshes it shows the column names again! All I wanted to achieve is to have a headline figure, that is all, that is then expandable to show column names and the data, having the column names underneath the headline figure makes it look very messy.   Does anyone know why this is happening and have any suggestions? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

Masking the Header of a DataFormWebPart

I haven't been doing conditional formatting in XSLT for a long time, so apologies in advance if the questions is too obvious. That said, I don't think it is.  I'm simply trying to hide the column headings of a dataformwebpart until the users actually select the expand "+" image.  I converted the ListViewWebPart to XSLT to enable all of the nifty tools, but found the bulk of them directed at manipulating the data, and not Column Headers:  I can hide the header, or display the header, based on the presense or absence of content in the table, but can not find any   parameter that will get the display to even toggle on or off, or react to the end user commands to make the header visible, for example, after the Java runs the "expandgroupby" or anything else that changes when getting the "group by" to expand the groups in from "collapsed" to "expanded"   Any help on this would Greatly appreciated.b-.thedansker

DataFormwebpart to display specific folder data of a List.



I am having one requirement where the DataFormwebpart should display specific folder data of a List. For an exxample I have one list which has three folders Level 1 , Level2 and Level3 . I want that when webpart is added on SharePoint page it should display data of Level1 and not the root level data of list. 

Basically the webpart needs to be drilled to Level1 folder by default rather than root folder of List.


DataFormWebPart - Filter by content type


I'm trying to add a dataform web part to an ASPX page and then filter by content type.  Content type is missing from the list of fields within the Filter Criteria box, even though the list in question has two content types. 

Does anyone know the reason for this, or what I'm doing wrong ?

Filter SharePoint list based on ID and scope as Recursive in DataFormWebPart


The following is the code in the DataFormWebPart

<DataSources><SharePoint:SPDataSource runat="server" DataSourceMode="List" UseInternalName="true" UseServerDataFormat="true" selectcommand="&lt;View&gt;&lt;ViewFields&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;ContentTypeId&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;Title&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;File_x0020_Type&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;RoutingEnabled&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;Category&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;Approach&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;Channel&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;Competency_x0020_Pillar&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;Contact&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;Cost&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;Cost_x0020_Description&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;Country&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;Editor_x0027_s_x0020_choice&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;Execution_x0020_Plan&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;External_x0020_Links&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;Issue&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;Lessons&quot;/&gt;&lt;FieldRef N

Sorting problem with dataformwebpart


Hi There,

Using Sharepoint designer 2007 and WSS 3.0. I've added a SQL view as a dataformwebpart and whenever I try and sort and group by the 2 fields I need, the sorting displays correctly in sharepoint designer but whenever I browse to the site I get the error message

"Unable to display this Web Part. To troubleshoot the problem, open this Web page in a Windows SharePoint Services-compatible HTML editor such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer. If the problem persists, contact your Web server administrator"

I thought this might be caused by the data in the fields to be sorted, some were numeric and some were text, so I altered the SQL view so it converted all to varchar but it still won't sort properly.  I've had this problem many many times with different views, sometimes it sorts perfectly, other times I get this annoying message which doesn't help me find the reason. Can anybody please explain why this is happening, or offer a workaround or solution?

Secondly whenever you insert a dataformwebpart from a SQL View it ignores Aliases and just presents the original field title, this is incredibly annoying as I like most other people in the world in my role work with a relational database where most primary key fields in the major tables are all called No_ or Code, In some cases I can take the field from another table wher

image upload via DataFormWebPart



I have a list with a DataFormWebPart that is loading associated images from a corresponding picture library. When enabling "show insert item link" in Sharepoint Designer for this web part, the link is added and when clicked shows the picture upload form from within the WebPart as expected. After choosing the image to upload, I hit save and get a "The data source control failed to execute the insert command" error.

Any suggestions as to how I can fix this? Essentially I'm attempting to be in this list and upload a photo to a corresponding picture library on the same site.

I'm using WSS3.



DataFormWebPart Refresh



I'm using SharePoint Designer and have two DataFormWebParts on the page.  One is used to add new records and the other displays the existing records.  When a new record is added it doesn't display in the second WebPart until the page is refreshed again.  Can anyone suggest a way to have the new record display in the second WebPart without having to refresh the page?


Sharepoint Designer 2007, DataFormWebPart, Field as DropDown


Hi together,

I'm trying to use this webPart in Designer. I already successfully made a connection my SQL-Server to show data. I'm able to edit data.

Now I want to customize the edit part of the form. I already discovered the part of the edit-template in sourcecode (xsl).

I already pasted the following

<asp:DropDownList runat="server" id="ff3{$Pos}" __designer:bind="{ddwrt:DataBind('u',concat('ff3',$Pos),'SelectedValue','SelectedIndexChanged','id',ddwrt:EscapeDelims(string(@id)),'@country')}" />

Now how (or where) can I define the datasource of the combobox... Either from scratch or antoher dataconnection (table) or from the already entered values (like in the filter).

Is there somewhere a good tutorial for this?




Enabling attachments with DataFormWebPart on Blog template

Hey there

I'm running SP 2007 with hotfix 953749 installed.

What I'm trying to do is enable file attachments in NewForm.aspx and EditForm.aspx on a Blog site template.

I followed the instructions in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/953271 and yet the attachment field is not shown.

Please your guide.

Thank you.

DataFormWebPart RedirectULR with Parameter


I've been trying for some now to find a solution and nothing has worked so I hope someone on these boards can offer me some help.

I have a very customized implementation of SharePoint that involves interlinked ViewForms with EditForms. The exact structure is unimportant but the last step that I need to complete to make this usable is to edit a list item then have the Save button link back to the previous ViewForm. I have successfully passed the ID of that ViewForm to the EditForm as a Parameter (Query String) but whenever I modify the redirectURL string of the Save buttons it won't stick. I save the page then go back to the browser and it continues to redirect the form to the default page.

This is what I want the redirctURL to be: mydomain.com/SiteName/EditForm.aspx?EngagementID={$ParamIssueID}

Does anyone have any thoughts? I have parameters working elsewhere on the site but I just can't get it to work here. Thanks in advance!

DataFormWebPart Assigned To Filter value shows markup


I am using a DataFormWebPart to display items off a task list with filtering enabled.  However the problem is that the filter values for the "Assigned To" column display a markup.  I suspect this is the markup that comes with the Data.  I want to just show the name of the person only and not the markup.  The is the same for the Link column as well.  Does anyone know how to fix this?


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