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jQuerydatapicker datamode=ImageButton

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 12, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

<ww:jQueryDatePicker runat="server" 
                               Theme="Redmond" Height="19px"/>

How the picture moves to the center?
It does not work: ImageAlign = "TextTop"

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I need help with imagebutton links


I have imagebuttons as links and i added the attributes for mousedown, up and out. That works fine.  I cant seem to figure out how that the imagebutton itself, when pushed, stays down and returns to normal when the user clicks another link....

what I was thinking of doing is calling a method on the onclick event of the button and letting it check whether there is another button pushed down then to send the found link button to its orginal state.

I figured doing the call and checking of the buttons would be long winded with the method, so there must be an easier way to do this ?




Suppress postback on ImageButton


I have the following JavaScript defined for the OnClientClick event of an ImageButton:

var _oHasChanged = $get(_chkHasChanged); if (_oHasChanged && _oHasChanged.checked) { alert('De gewijzigde gegevens moeten worden opgeslagen alvorens deze actie kan worden uitgevoerd.'); return false; }

As you can see, I have "return false;" after the alert, because I don't want a postback in that situation.

This is working just fine in Firefox, but Internet Explorer seems to ignore the "return false;" bit and posts back to the server anyway.

What am I missing here?

Image or ImageButton rounded corners


Hiiiii Coders,

I just want to make corners of my asp.net image or imagebutton rounded. How can i do so?  

imagebutton, sub signature, by ref

Hi Below is my codeThe first 3 lines are run in the DataList1_ItemDataBound event and they call the sub below, of which there is the opening line.My question is if I change the signature from System.Web.UI.WebControls.Image toSystem.Web.UI.WebControls.ImageButton this still works and vice versa so it'll work in the found control is either a imagebutton or image.1. Can anyone explain why it does work fine either way?2. The ByVal ImgProfile As System.Web.UI.WebControls.Image, should this be ByRef, aren't controls passed by reference rather than value?Or I am getting this mixed up. The reason why I say this is I can modify the image control that's passed in and if it was passed by value then I shouldn't be able to modify the control, or should I?Dim Image1 As ImageImage1 = CType(e.Item.FindControl("ImageButton1"), Image)DisplayImage(UserID, Image1)Protected Sub DisplayImage(ByVal pUserID As String, ByVal pImgProfile As System.Web.UI.WebControls.Image)thanks.

Save an ImageButton to the viewstate?

Hi!I have created a custom control that extends the class ImageButton, the thing is that I now also want to save this control to a viewstate...is there anyway to do this?Thanks in advance!

ImageButton does not fire

Hi.I have the following image button:<asp:ImageButton ID="submit" EnableViewState="true"                                   ImageUrl="/images/btn_submit.png" AlternateText="Submit" CssClass="f-right"                                 runat="server" onclick="submit_Click"></asp:ImageButton>The event is fired in Firefox but not in IE*. anyone any ideas?ThanksJason.

Click imagebutton open window.open in class asp.net 2.0

Click imagebutton open window.open in class asp.net 2.0

Disable "enter" click on imagebutton

When i press "enter" i dont want the first button that is on my page getting fired. This is a imagebutton. I did try with a javascript function that checks the event keycode but this always returns 13.<script language="javascript"> function noEnter() {  if (event.keyCode == 13) {  return false;    }  }  </script> When i add OnClientClick="return false;" then you can't press the button at all.<asp:ImageButton ID="backButton" runat="server" CausesValidation="false" ImageAlign="AbsBottom" ImageUrl="../../images/Global/back.gif" OnClientClick="GoBack2_Click" OnClick="GoBack_Click" OnClientClick="return false;"/> When i click with the mouse on the button the Goback function does not get called. So what i'm trying to get here that the imagebutton need to be clicked with a mouseclick and not with and enter keystroke. ty ;)      

Problem with Imagebutton/general questions

Hello,I am new to .NET development, to HTML and javascript, actually to the whole "web" scenario, however I am a game programmer (AS, Java, C#...) but I am having some trouble with some aspects of web programming (actually one, the "statelessness" of it =P) and the syntax is also new to me so there are some things that I have an idea of how to make, but cant actually make it without hours of research on the web.My first question here is one that I guess should be very simple. I am developing a picture album, and there are 2 images that serve as buttons to go to the next page. However, some albuns will not have more pictures then one page. What Im doing is detecting wheter or not my List.count is higher or lower then the required number to have multiple pages. If it is, the ImageButton of the "nextpage" btn will be "image1" and in case its not, "image2". However, on the page code I tryed using the same method I am using for pictures.Regular Picture:<img src='<%= VerificarThumb(8)%>' alt="Teste"/>ImageButton:<asp:ImageButton ID="prxpg" runat="server" ImageUrl="<%= VerQtd(false)%>" Height="93px" onclick="PrxPg" Width="31px" PostBackUrl="~/Default.aspx" />This does not work. Is there some other way to call a C# method for

ImageButton onClick

 I created an image button called "pic1" with the OnClick feature. When clicked it runs "btnClicked".   In the sub "btnClick", how would I get information? One example is to get the button tooltip.  I tried this: request.form.item("pic1.tooltip"). That did not work.

Imagebutton inside Listview inside another Listview

Hi,I'm trying to change the visibility of a imagebutton to false, if the imagebutton.ImageUrl="".The problem is that the imagebutton is inside "ListView2", and "ListView2" is inside "ListView1".Who can I do this in vb code... or even a javascript.Thanks

confirm JS is not working on imagebutton click


Dear Frens

I have a new issue, which i want to share.

When working with ASP.NET 1.1 Framework there is an imagebutton on click of that imagebutton client side validations are fired since it is an online application form

cline side validations are must i am using a javascript when user submitting the application form

for confirm messege .

but it is not working ... if i do the causevalidation="False" for the imagebutton it is working but the validation are bypassed.

How to achieve this please suggest

Thanks in Advance


>>How to open a page in seperate browser when Imagebutton click from parent page?



In parent page there is an imagebutton. What I want to when user click this image button, another page will open with width=200 and height=100 with no toolbar.

imagebutton shows "submit query" before image display


hi guys,

i have imagebutton's on a page with width/height's set and the imageurl pulls from a database

anyway theres 20'ish images on the same page so it takes a second or 2 for the images to load, unfortunately with the imagebutton, while it's in that limbo stage there's 20 big ugly grey SUBMIT QUERY textboxes in my face.


anyone know how to wkraround this? some sort of default already loaded image, or somehow to turn that off altogether? 

How To set DefaultValue of ImageUrl of CompositeControl ImageButton



how to set DeafultValue of ImageUrl to embeded resource so when Client imput's ImageUrl="~/someimege.png" his image would show but if the client doesn't imput Url Default image would show. That Url must not be visible in properties window...

<DefaultProperty("Time"), ToolboxData("<{0}:TimePickerGTI runat=server />")>
    Public Class TimePickerGTI
        Inherits CompositeControl

        Private TimeButton As ImageButton
        <Bindable(False), Category("Default"), DefaultValue("Default"), Description("UpDown Image Url.")> _
        Public Property UpDownImageUrl() As String
                Return TimeButton.ImageUrl
            End Get
            Set(ByVal value As String)
                TimeButton.ImageUrl = value
            End Set
        End Property
        Protected Overrides Sub CreateChildControls()
            TimeButton = New ImageButton
            TimeButton.ID = "TimeButton"
            TimeButton.Height = 18
            TimeButton.ImageAlign = ImageAlign.Middle
        End Sub
        Protected Overrides Sub Render(ByVal writer As HtmlTextWriter)

Issue with ImageButton Border Colors


I am running into an issue with dynamically setting the border color for ImageButtons sitting in 15x15 tablecells.

Here is the relevent code (I removed the code that is not)

    protected void ImageButton1_Click(object sender, CommandEventArgs e)
        ImageButton bt = new ImageButton();
        // Reset the border for the last image button back to default
        ContentPlaceHolder MainContent = Page.Master.FindControl("MainContentArea") as ContentPlaceHolder;
        bt = MainContent.FindControl(Session["SelectedButton"].ToString()) as ImageButton;
        //bt.BorderColor = Color.FromName("#EFEAD7");
        button.BorderColor = Color.Beige;
        // Now set the border for the selected button to black
        bt = sender as ImageButton;
        bt.BorderColor = Color.Black;
        // Save the tile ID for later calls
        Session["SelectedButton"] = bt.ID;

<Part of initial page load code>
    button.BorderWidth = 1;
    if (<condition is true>)
         button.BorderColor = Color.Black;
         Session["SelectedButton"] = button.ID;
         //button.BorderColor = Color.FromName("#EFEAD7");
         button.BorderColor = Color.Beige;

Notice how I have some of the border color assign

datalist imagebutton event


 i have taken a data list.in that i have added a imagebutton field that is bind to a image field of database.

i want that when the image is clicked from the datalist that should be shown to the other image field in web page

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