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Renewal Reminder

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 12, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

I posted earlier about a pop up that would remind the users about when a participant is due to renew their application.  This what I got so far.  Not sure if this is correct though.  Can anyone help please.  I have SQL as the engine and Access 2007 as the Gui. 



DECLARE @ReferralDate datetime = '20100401'
IF DateAdd(mm, @ReferralDate, 3) < GetDate()
   PRINT 'Time to renew'
   PRINT 'Nope, we''re still good without a renewal'

SELECT   FirstName, LastName, ReferralDate

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Send a reminder email 1 month before renewal date




I have a custom list with information about our customers and when we need to renew there equipment. When we add entries to the list we have field called Renewal date where we select the date the equipment needs renewing.


I would like to create a workflow so I can select the entry click on workflows and set the entry to email me 1 month before the renewal is due.


I am using SBS 2008 and WSS 3.0


Thanks in advance

Birthday reminder

I need some kind of birthday reminder, or birthday list at the start page. My plan is that it should show the next 15 upcomming birthdays in the company. Im not looking for some Sharepoint 2007/Service 3.0 web part, but Sharepoint Server 2010. Regards..

SharePoint 2010 new install falls over when using automatic password renewal.

Guys, I've installed SharePoint Server 2010 today, and it has fallen over heavily once this afternoon and I rebuilt the farm, it has now just happened again. I believe it is falling over when I set the managed credentials up to change the password automatically. To test this feature I scheduled the password change so it would happen in the next 15-30 mins to monitor the behavior. Initially I manually did a 'change password for this account now' with a randomly generated password that SP generates. I did this for the Farm account, I then restarted the Timer Service (which obviously uses this account). The restart of the service was successful. I was then using the 'Manage Service Accounts' console to change ther service for the 'Windows Token Claims Service' to a least priv service account, I then did the same for some other services. I then got the following exception: SharePoint.Administration.SPWindowsServiceCredentialDeploymentJobDefinition... Unfortunately I don't have the entire exception as I no longer can access the farm, but it seemed to suggest there was already an object in the timer service named the same as the job I had potentially created in trying to change the credentials, and said to rename the object first?!?! Others have had a similar exception trying to change the profile import service credentials (I LEFT THIS SERVICE ALONE!!). I then restarted the

.NET Remoting Problem with Sponsor Renewal on CAO (Client Activated Object) Architecture

I have figured out a strange behaviour when using Client Activated Sponsorship and hope to get a hint from somebody who already got in touch with similar problems. The case is as follows: An Application is used by a server and a client. Both use (or try to use) the same objects after a user login. A lease of a session object on the server (serverSession) is initialised correctly with all of its regular remoting values in the lease for InitialLeaseTime (10) SponsorshipTimeout (5) RenewOnCallTime (10) In order to test the behaviour the values are set to seconds. It is easier to check the log every few seconds, than to wait some minutes until the Sponsorship Renewal call. If a client performs a login, the lease is according to its logged in state renewed each 10 seconds (or whatever the value is set to). So no problem so far. The lease will be alive as long as the client performs a logout, by the way it is used on a local network. Just compare the log (the renewal is firing every 10 seconds as expected): 2010-02-17 10:29:40.4338 Info Log5 SponsorObject:Renewal() 2010-02-17 10:29:50.4308 Info Log5 SponsorObject:Renewal() 2010-02-17 10:30:00.4328 Info Log5 SponsorObject:Renewal() 2010-02-17 10:30:10.4298 Info Log5 SponsorObject:Renewal() 2010-02-17 10:30:20.4318 Info Log5 SponsorObject:Renewal() 2010-02-17 10:30:30.4288 Info Log5 SponsorObject:Renewal() As soon as

Workflow or Time Job for email reminder on Tasks List in Share Point 2007


I need to send a reminder to the person whom a task has been assigned 3 days before a due date. We also wants to re-use this workflow/time job on other lists as well. Name of the lists can be different??


Also if the due date gets change it should change the reminder accordingly.

Which approach i should take to achieve this?? 




over due task email reminder



This should be a very simple question. I am using the out-of-box "approval process" in my workflow in SPD 2010, and there is a  "When a Task Expires" section in "Change the behaviour of a single task", which will send the reminder email to user. My problem is that I don't know how to trigger this action. I mean I set the "Due Date for Task Process" and the duration per task to 1 day, but I still not recieve any email when it past the due date.


Password renewal


Hi All,

I am trying to a password renewal page.

I am sending to users a mailas below :

bodyMsg.Append("<br /><br /><a href=" + serveurl + "/SifreYenile/" + user.ActivationGuid.ToString() + ">Yeni Sifre</a>");

This is my action:

public ActionResult SifreYenile(string id)
            User user = db.Users.Where(u => u.ActivationGuid == new Guid(id)).FirstOrDefault();

            return View(user);

My problem when I click the link from mail,I put a breakpoint to SifreYenile action and it step into the action twice. first time id was correct and second time id was wrong (not null but a img name).

How can I solve this.

SPListItem "Start Time" for recurring events when building a task reminder Timer job.


I have a timer job that looks at maintenance events (calendar list) planned 5 days in the future and moves them to the current todo list. It then marks that maintenance item as copied so it is not double copied to the current todo list.

This works good for single event maintenance items but not for routine or recurring maintenance items. The reason is the recurring events have a "start time" of the first event so after the first one gets moved the rest are all interpreted as being in the past, since (I think) the recurring events start time is generated as an offset of the original event at runtime. How would I get a collection of ALL the Event items that are 5 days out (single and recurring) within a timer job.




Expanded recurrence items cannot be updated

Can calendar reminder popups be generated in MOSS2007?


Hi all,


In our organisation, we are currently in the process of developing our new Intranet using MOSS2007. On our new intranet, we are trying out the Employee Training Scheduling and Materials template to manage courses. When a user registers to attend a course, is there any way that a calendar reminder, ideally a popup or something clearly visible (other than an email, which may not be read) can be generated to appear 15 minutes before the course starts. Could this be done using alerts or workflows?

Or alternatively is there a way for MOSS2007 to integrate with Microsoft Outlook, so that when a user registers for a course, an Outlook calendar item is automatically created with a reminder.


We are trying to stay clear of 3rd party software at the moment, unless it is absolutely necessary.


Any help would be much appreciated.





Task reminder workflow using sharepoint designer


Hi ,

I have created a workflow to remind the tasks created. The workflow is triggered when a task is created or when an item is changed in the task. The workflow stops even before the condition is achieved(my condition is the workflow keeps sending mail everyday until the task is completed.).

I used sharepoint designer to create this workflow. Is sharepoint designer the best pick for such kind of workflows. The workflow should keep running whenever an item in task is changed until the task status changes to completed.

Thx in Advance.


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Greg Y

Sending reminder notifications from a workflow


This seems to be a pretty common question, but I've yet to find a solution.

I'm building a state workflow that will track one of our business processes from start to finish.  We do not use Sharepoint.

The process essentially goes like this: 

  1. Person submits application.
  2. Application is reviewed, and a check form is prepared for the applicant.
  3. The applicant is notified to pick up the check form.
  4. Applicant picks up the check form.
  5. Applicant returns the check form.
  6. Process continues.....

Once the check form is prepared, the workflow needs to periodically check to see if the applicant has picked up the check form.  If the form is not picked up within 7 days, I need to send an email reminder to the applicant.  If the form is not picked up within 14 days, the applicant will receive a cancellation notice, and the workflow will be set to the "completed" state.

Likewise, once the form is picked up, the workflow needs to periodically check to see if the applicant has returned the form.  As before, if the applicant has not returned the form within 7 days, an email reminder will go out.  If the form is not returned within 14 days, the applicant will receive a cancellation notice, and the workflow will be set to the "com

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