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How To Disable Workflow Report

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 12, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint


When workflows run, you have the workflow history to see what items ran and if they were completed, cancelled or still in progress.

If you click on either the name of the workflow or it's status, it takes you to another page where your workflows are itemized with 2 options namely the Activity Duration Report and the Cancellation & Error Report . Beside these options is an icon that shows the content is going to be an xml content.

Typically, Activity Duration Report shows "ERROR, report contains no data". This is absolutely fine by me, at least the message is helpful, it tells the user sorry there is nothing here. That's totally cool.

BUT, the Cancellation & Error Report returns a whole lot of xml strings, which is not helpful to the user. It's just scary! Now I have a user who treats my project as a project and does testing, and as well keeps a scary list known as BUGS and SNAGS LIST . This list scares everyone because it grows daily. Now the users wants this item, this xml stuff out, you get the picture?

How do I do that? Thanks.

You've only got one life; help as many people as you can, and enjoy it while it lasts.

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I'm displaying .rdlc report file using Report viewer control on Webform. If  I Fix height of viewer control and data is not same as to size of viewer control then it display one scrollbar on viewer control and second vertical scroll bar is coming on webpage.

 I want to off viewer vertical scrollbar or in simple word's I don't want to display two scroll bar with my report. Please guide me or send me reference if any.


How to disable the Drop down that comes during the mouse hover over to the folder/report in SSRS 200

Hi All, Is there a way to disable the Drop down that comes (with options to Manage/Delete/Move etc.) during the mouse hover over to the folder/report in SSRS R2? Our users are getting confused and some of the smart users have tried to take certain actions that are offered in the drop down. Thanks.GBM

Disable Expand All/Collapse All workflow designer hyperlinks?

Hi,In a blog post by Matt Winker (http://blogs.msdn.com/mwinkle/archive/2009/10/20/wf4-designer-enhancements-in-vs-2010-beta-2.aspx), he notes that: "Additionally, you can choose to expand or collapse individual nodes, or go to the "Expand All" command in order to expand out the tree.  One thing to note is that we don't allow expansion inside of a flowchart because we don't yet have a mechanism that lets me rearrange all of the items around that newly expanded activity.  "My question is, will there be a way by the time RTM releases to do expansion within a flow chart?  The flow chart model is what I'll be using exclusively, so I'm quite interesetd in this.If there will not be support by the time workflow reaches RTM, is there or will there be a way that we can hide the Expand All/Collapse All hyperlinks?Thank you,Notre

Disable an activity in Designer at run time in workflow 4.0

There are couple of activities in my workflow & based on some condition, I need to make an activity disabled i.e. I don't want that activity to be seletable by the user. I am opening my workflow in designer at run time to give an overview of WF to the user. Something like  (new DesignerMetadata()).Register(); this.wd = new System.Activities.Presentation.WorkflowDesigner(); this.designerSection.Child = (this.wd.View); I was going thru the MS sample of CommentOut Activity but that won't solve my requirement as Activity needs to be disabled at run time based on some condition.

WorkFlow report

Hi, I am trying to create a workflow which will email some users every 24 hours.  I created a workflow and insert a while loop into it and add a delay activity. Delay activity works only once and workflow ends. Although I want this workflow to work until I terminate it but it finishes itself after only one iteration.  I am start to thinking what I want is not possible to do with workflows but I wanted to check other people’s ideas or solutions. Please give me some ideas.

is there a way to disable ALL report schedules at once?

is there any way for me to disable ALL scheduled report runs at once? I'm in the process of migrating from 2000 to 2008 and I'd like to enable reports one at a time, at least initially, just to be sure everything is working. Then once we're sure it's all working I'd like to re-enable the schedules.

Disable "Include Link" option in Report Subscription


Can the "include link" option be disabled?
So that when users are setting up subscription they do not see it or it is disabled.

Enable/Disable of Report parameter in SSRS 2008


Hi Friends,


I am stuck with one reporting issue and need your  help on that.

The source of the report is SSAS Cube.


I have 3 parameters





How To disable Export Format in Dropdown List of report viewer web part?



does any one knows how to disable the export option in the dropdown list of report viewer web part?


Workflow automatic weekly/monthly status report



We have an error reporting system on WSS 3.0. The responsible person for this system wants to get a weekly or monthly status email that tells about number of unclosed items, number of items that are done 50% etc to her mail address.

Is it possible to create a wrokflow that does this?

best regards

Disable workflow on the document library


I have a site collection based on publishing site template and having  document library named pages at several places in the sitecollection. I need to creat feature to turn off the OOTB workflow on it when the feature is activated.

Can anyone help me on this. 

Thank you in advance

Disable Export Options on ReportViewer using a Server Report


Is it possible to disable export options on a server report in the ReportViewer control without changing the reportserver.config file? 

I have the code to change a Local Report but not a Server Report.  We have a group of reports we only want to be able to export to PDF and TIFF while the other server reports should be exportable in all formats.

Disable drill through in excel rendered report


There is a drill through report. when this report is rendered on excel, and clicking on that drill throught text box is throwing an error. How can we disable the drillthrpugh link on excel rendered report?

Please suggest..



Free Series of SharePoint Workflow How-to Videos

This is the series of "How to" Document Workflow with SharePoint using Visual Studio 2008 (using the .NET Framework 3.0 for backward compatibility to Visual Studio 2005). I have created video's that show the most common requests that I have seen around MOSS/SharePoint 2007 workflow & document workflow.

Alternating row background for first column of a report


is there a way to make the first column of a report use the an alternating background color? 

I have the background color set for the entire row however it does not work for the first column if the color is set to an expression.  If I just set it to a color i.e. red it works just fine. If I insert a dummy column to the left it works just fine (but the dummy column does not work, presumably because it is first??).

In the file below only the textbox for part number does not show an alternating background.  All others work correctly.

                    <Textbox Name="PartNumber">

Use Membership but bypass / disable password usage for users


I have an application that does LDAP authentication. The authentication is done on the code behind page of my Login.aspx page. Once the user passes LDAP authentication, a cookie is set and I redirect:

FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(UserName.Text, False)

I would like to setup membership in my application and keep track of some user information. But due to company security requirements, I cannot store user passwords on my application. That must stay on the LDAP server only.

Is there a way to store users but disable password storage on the aspnet_membership table?

How to use report viewer 2010 in VS 2008


I downloaded report viewer 2010 from here


Now I want to actually use it in a website.  How do I do that?  Do I have to modify some part of web.config?  Specifically, what do I need to change?


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