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is there a fix for Security Trimming on Top and Quick links yet?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 11, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

If not, is this something thats fixed in 2010?

Bascially security trimming doesn't work on manually created URL's, reltive or otherwise.   Seems to be a common and known issue.  I'm hoping maybe its fixed in 2010 or someone has a way to put them back that I'm just not finding via google?

hopefull thinking



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PortalSiteMapProvider and security trimming


Hi, all. I'm trying to use PortalSiteMapProvider to populate a TreeView on a custom control. Everything works fine but I have one problem that I can't find a solution yet. The way our sites are set up a user can have access to a node on a level 1 node, has no access to any of the direct children of level1 but has access to one of the grandchildren of level1 node:
     Site1.1 (user has access)
           Site1.1.1 (NO Access)
           Site1.1.2 (NO Access)
                 Site1.1.2.1 (has access)
           Site1.1.2 (NO Access)
As you can see the hierarchy of access breaks on 1.1.2 level. When I'm retrieving the SiteMapNodes I can't get Site1.1.2.1.
Is there a way to get to that node with security trimming enabled? Any help is greatly appreciated. I'll paste example code too.

    Public Class NavigationTest
        Inherits SPControl
        Implements INamingContainer
#Region "Private Fields"""
        Private _tree As TreeView

        Private _provider As PortalSiteMapProvider
        Private _siteMapProvider As Stri

hide links in quick launch bar for "People and Groups", "Group", "All People"

Can you tell me how to hide links in quick launch bar for "People and Groups", "Group", "All People"? If a site user click these links all users in site collection will be displayed. (I do want it happends. I only need people for one site only) If you can show me how to display people in one site only would be perfect.

Navigation headings and links display in Treeview expandable collapse buttons in quick launch in Sha

Whenever i am adding Headings and Links in my sharepoint site under "Navigation", it should display in Treeview collapse expandable buttons in quick launch. How to achieve this, any suggestions please. I tried by enabling Treeview in Site settings-->Tree view, but it is not useful here(it only displays document libraries with folders in "+" or "-" symbols. I want this "+" and "-" for all items which  i am adding from Navigation.  Thanks & Regards, Neerubee

File Share Crawl and Security Trimming

I have configured a file share to be indexed by SharePoint using the crawl domain account (which is a farm admin account as well). The crawl account has the necessary read permissions on the share and the crawl was successfull. However when an unauthorized user performs a search, the restricted files are still returned by SharePoint even though the user gets access denied message when clicking on the link. Can anyone please provide me with some information of why that may be happening?? I ensured that the user does not have any permissions on that share and any files in it. Thanks in adavace.

How to apply security trimming to Dataview



I have a publishing portal with several publishing sub-sites. These site make up many of my companies internal publications. However some of these publications are restricted to managers or supervisors only. I would like to have a single place on our main portal page that aggregates all of the publications together and performs security trimming based on weather the user has access to the sub-site. I have created a dataview that links all of the sources together, but if I try to restrict any one of the subsites I get the error "Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource." If a user has full permissions to see everything then the dataview works fine. Anyone know how I can security trim the dataview or perhaps security wrap multiple dataviews to restrict which one is shown based on security.

Security trimmed links in sharepoint



I was wondering how sharepoint implements this security trimmed links ie what is the architecture that supports it..i googled but could not find useful stuff..can someone please tell me or point me to some resource that shows how SP implements this functionailty.



Group links in sharepoint Quick Launch Navigation Panel



I am having sharepoint 2010 RTM Trial on Windows Server 2008 SP2. I have a website based on Team Site.

I am having some Lists i.e. List1, List2, List3, List4 and List5. I want to group them in Quick launch like:

Primary Lists




Secondary Lists



I would also like to see these sections as According Pane Works in ASP.net (On Click, "Primary List" Exposes its childs)


Can anybody helps me out ?



TreeView with custom site map(security trimming enabled)


Hi all

I am really having tough time fixing this issue, Can anyone please guide me on this..

Here is my situation, I am developing a Portal having 2 xml sitemaps(one for visitors and one for registered users)

Web.sitemap (default) and Loggedin.sitemap(securitytrimming enabled)

I am binding sitemaps to Treeview.When i enable my security trimming  for loggedin.sitemap  i am having these issues.

1.Sitemappath is going blank 2.Selected Node color is not changing. 3.Selected node is not expanding.

 Here is th

Remove Default Links from Quick Launch


Hi, i am using Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise RTM trial on Windows Server 2008 SP2.

I have a team site having a quick launch in which i have grouped my List's Links as:


 Payroll List

 Payroll Documents


 HR List

 HR Document

By default, when i add a custom list to the site, its link is added to "Lists" link ("Lists" link would appear in the Quick Launch). I want to disable / Hide / remove that link...

Any Ideas ?

Display the links to the Views in the Quick Launch of a Document Library


Hi All,

I wanted to display the links to all the views of a document library in the Quick Launch of tht Document Library alone. Is it possible ??

Security trimming in SharePoint Search?


I have question related to search. let say there is a user who does'nt have the permission on particular document library but when user do a search, the documents should come on to the search result page from that document library  but when user try to open it from the search result page, user shouldnt or message should pop up saying user doesnt have the perminssion on this document?

Is it possible?


SharePoint Tutorial - Security

Security in SharePoint is comprised of users, groups and roles.

Users, Groups and Roles

A user account comes from the authentication system. For example, if Active Directory is used to authenticate then the user accounts will come from it.

There are two types of groups SharePoint uses: domain groups and SharePoint groups.

ASP.NET 4.0: WebForm Routing (quick n dirty version)

One of the things we're adding in ASP.NET 4.0 is built-in support for using Routing together with WebForms. Now, I'm totally aware that this is possible to do already and that a number of people have posted ways of doing this with the Web Routing feature which shipped with ASP.NET 3.5 SP1. We're just adding some features to make it easier to do

Xml Links

Xml Links:-
1)Fill data in GridView using XML:-

2)Binding to XML Data in ASP.NET 2.0:-

3)Binding xml data to gridview Template field:-

4)Binding xml to dropdownlist:-

5)Programming XML with C# & Connecting Data and XML via ADO .NET

6)DataSet.ReadXmlSchema() Method

7)Using XML with DataSets:-

8)ow To Read XML Data into a DataSet by Using Visual C# .NET

9)MSDN(XML imp links)

10)Xml Classes

11)Image to XML file for file transfer using ASP.NET and C#

Asp.net web site security database


Hello all, I'm new to asp.net and I'm currently practising some few stuffs. I'm creating a hotel reservation system using ASP.net Web site in visual studio 2008 and I currently don't have an App_Data in my solution explorer unlike visual web developer.

1. I have planned to make users of the website login before making their reservations.

2. I have also planned to develop the website such that I will be able to know all reservations made by each user.

First and formost, I will like to know how I can access/View the security database?

Secondly, how do I link my custom made reservation database and the security database in order to achieve my second plan above.?

Someone help me.

Thank you.



hello i have the following problem

i have upload my content to hosting server but i get the following error

Security Exception

Description: The application attempted to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy.  To grant this application the required permission please contact your system administrator or change the application's trust level in the configuration file.

Exception Details: System.Security.SecurityException: Request for the permission of type 'System.Web.AspNetHostingPermission, System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' failed.

Source Error:

An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.

Stack Trace:

[SecurityException: Request for the permission of typ
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