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Is there a filter that will show all documents with only their latest "approved" versions?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 11, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Is there a filter that will show all documents with only their latest “approved” versions? The current filers in SP2010 apply to the document level rather than the version level.

Thank you

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Is there a filter that will show all documents with only their latest "approved" versions?


Is there a filter that will show all documents with only their latest “approved” versions? The current filers in SP2010 apply to the document level rather than the version level.

Thank you

Filters Latest Versions?

I created a dynamic data site with asp.net 3.5 and I see it doesnt have the filter folder yet, so which are the latest version and blog post with instructions in how to install the filters part.?I saw this but this is from 2008http://csharpbits.notaclue.net/2008/09/dynamic-data-futures-advanced-filters.htmlThx

Can not show image in Filter drop down menu in SPGridView - Sharepoint 2007

Hi, I can not show image in the filter drop down menu (at header) of SPGridView in Sharepoint 2007.  For example: I have 3 rows as "_layout/images/1.gif", "_layout/images/2.gif", "_layout/images/3.gif". When user click on the column's header, the SPGridView just displayed filter menu and it always displayed the text (_layout/images/1.gif) not an image as I expected. So please help me to solve this problem. Thanks a lot Dan

Not all documents show up in library

Hi, I set up a document library in a new subsite.  Using SP2010 RTM, SQL 2008,  on Server 2008. Created 6 site members and 3 site owners.  Library is using Major versions, everyone can see all documents. Set the library up using Enterprise metadata as a required field and enterprise search terms not required. Tested uploading a document or two and all seemed ok.  Opened the library to the users so they could upload documents for the project. After two weeks there are 27 documents in the library but I only see 3.  Another user, a Member, sees 6.  Most of these document have the Check-out icon.  To see all documents I must go into Library settings and "Manage documents with no checked-in version".  When I try to take control sometimes I can and then check-in the document but other times there is a warning about "duplicate values in meta-data field".  The Meta-data field allows only one value not multiples according to library settings. I would rather not take control and check-in all documents as that creates teh first version and loses the author. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Why are documents checked-out when uploaded by users? Why can't users see all documents in library whether they are checked-out or not? Thanks folks for your time.

User Filter web part: how to show items with no value in it

I want to set up a document library View that shows the current user all items with their Department name in a column, as well as those items that don't yet have a Department name. I thought I could do this with the User Filter web part, but I am struggeling to show the items that don't yet have a department name. The problem I have is this: I created a view called "My department's items". I use the User Filter web part on it to show the user all items that have got the user's department name in a column. However, when a user forgets to fill out the department name after uploading a file, or even when they upload the file but then cancel filling out the compulsory fields, the uploaded file disappears from the "My department's items" view (because the department column is empty). How can I set up a filter to show all files that match the current user's department name as well as those that don't have a department name yet? Thanks.

Data View that handles both a Filter and "Show All"


I had a nice search facility up and running that filtered SQL data displayed in a Data View via a "contains" Filter clause on an entered string.

Pesky users now request a "Show All" button as well to display all data in the Data View.  For the life of me I cannot get this up and running - anybody got a tip/pointer?  I can't figure a combination of Filter criteria that would allow this.




create a page show all users with filter



i want to create a page like asp.netwebadminfiles/security/users/manageUsers.aspx

can you give me a link?


documents didn't show up in search results


Hi all,

i'm facing the following problem with a moss 2007 server:

lets say i have a document library with about 20 xlsx and xls files. All are named similiar like "YZ travelexpensereport ...".

When i search for "the exact phrase" "YZ travelexpensereport" the search results only give me one result instead of all the other files.

When i use the "all of these words"-search i still find the same file -beside some other files. But still the other 19 documents didn't show off in the search results. It's always the same file that show off.

I checked the crawl logs and all of the 20 files were crawled successfully.

Now to the funny part: when i search any of the other 19 documents with the full filename i can find it - which seems logical since it is crawled successfully.

Any ideas are appreciated !

Sharepoint Approval Workflow Hide Non-approved Documents


I have set up an approval workflow for a document library.

One person populates the library with materials.  Two people approve materials for consumption.  Twenty people consume these materials.

Is it possible (1)to hide documents that have not been approved yet or (2) make them unable to be opened?


How to show a section name in a filter list which is two level apart from a primary key


Hi All,

I have three tables, table1, table 2 and table3.

Table1 has PK_T1 and other tables also have PKs respectively.

Table1 has a foreign key relationship with table2 and tables2 has a relationship with table3.

Let's say Table1 has transactional records and it has DeptID and table2 contains department info with a UserID field.

Now, the table 3 is a user master.

When I view Table1/List.aspx, how can I show user names in the filter list?

Best regards,

Show ALL documents in search result, but only allow users with proper permissions to open


I am trying to set up a site with multiple document libraries with permissions for different groups of users. When users search for a document, I want them to be able to see ALL documents that match the criteria, even if they do not have permission to view the library, however, they should not be able to open the documents for which they dont have read permissions.

Please advise on how to set this up



I want to believe

How to - show previous versions values of column



Take a default WSS 3 server & site as the example.

I've created a custom list, one column has "Append Changes to Existing Text" (multi-line text box).  For example "People List":

  • Full Name (single line)
  • Comments (multi line & append changes)

I create a person, and make a comment.  Later I go in and make a second comment.

When I click on this individual record to view it, I can see all information, including both "entries" of comments.

Question:  I want to create a custom list view that will show me all people, and all comments (including previous 'versions' or entries).  When I try to do this, I can only view the most recent comment.


Any thoughts?



How to put a filter on a list based on the latest update on one particular multi-line text format co


Hi All,

In one of my lists, I have a column with multi-line text format that Appends Changes to Existing Text. I need to create a view that showes the 5 entity of this list whcih in those, my multi-text column is being modified most recently.

My first attempt was to create another column in the list with calculated format and use the formula section to modify it somehow to meet my goal, however as my desired column has multi-line text format, it seemd imposible.

By the way I am using Wss.3.




Filter out documents from search based on metadata value



I currently have a document library that contains over 1,800 records in it. Each document has a metadata column called "Archived" associated with it. This property can either be True or False. Currently, every document in the document library gets indexed by the Search Engine Crawling service. I would like to filter out the documents that have the archived property set to True, so that they don't appear in the search result. Is there a way to create a crawl rule that would be specific to a particular Document Library, and that could filter documents out based on metadata?


My alternative is to create and event handler that would move the document out into another document library that won't get indexed whenever the property gets set to true. However, I would prefer to use a cleaner out-of-the-box way to achieve this. Anybody knows if it is feasible?



Nikolas Charlebois-Laprade Microsoft Certified Professional Software Engineer and Project Manager

How to apply a filter to a library so that people only see major versions?


Hi all,

We would really like a filter (button or checkbox) that when viewing a library, you could switch on and off depending on whether you wanted to see major versions only or major and minor versions.

So, for example, you would see version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2.  Then after clicking the filter, you would just see 1.0 and 2.0.

Any ideas on how to make this happen?


Using jQuery to Filter Table Rows

The project is using the .net GridView control, so I had limited control over the output HTML code. Still, I think this code can work for most tables. One thing to notice: you should use the class "filterable" on your table or on one of its parents for the code to work.
First, we need a text box:

GridView control to show master-child or master-slave data, written in c#, asp.net

I previously made a master slave datagrid using Visual Studio 2003 .Net (original article) that would allow users to show data to clients using collapse and expand features. These features however did not carry over to gridview for many users. This tutorial will explaing how to create a collapsable/expandable gridview in frameworks 2.0 and higher
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