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SAP NetWeaver Identity Management RMS & SharePoint 2010

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 11, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint


In one of our client, they are using SAP Netweaver Identity Managment, and also SharePoint 2010. They wanted to protect Office doucments in SharePoint by integrating with Netweaver. Can someone help me or direct me how to configure that in the SharePoint server.


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Unable to monitor SharePoint 2010 using SharePoint 2010 Management Pack for SCOM 2007 R2

I am using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007 to monitor my SharePoint 2010. After installation the version of SharePoint management pack displays as 14.0.4744.1000 where as the one I have installed was of version 14.0.4745.1000. It does not show if anything is managed or not. Kindly help if someone has used SharePoint management pack for managing SharePoint server 2010. Thanks, Rucha

CAFM/ Space Management using: Visio/ Visio Services/ SharePoint 2010?


We accomplish Space accounting using  Autocad and Archibus to calculate square feet on a facilities floor plan. We would like to have that ability to use Autocad drawings imported into Visio and use Visio services to calculate square footage information and publish the smart drawings on the web using Sharepoint.

Is there anyone that has accomplished this type of work using the Visio/ SharePoint?  Any help is appreciated.  

Document management features in sharepoint 2010



We would like to use document management using sharepoint 2010.

We would like to know what are its advantages over documentum.


3rd Party Document Management Migration to SharePoint 2010



I am scoping out a document migration project to SharePoint 2010. I would like to ask a couple of questions about using the SharePoint SDK's to perform the migration to SharePoint from a 3rd party document management library. I would appreciate any comments or feedback. 

After reviewing the SDK's there are 2 I focused on. The Content Migration API and DocumentManagement API. Am I correct in assuming that the DocumentManagement API is used primarily for accessing documents and not necessarily perform a migration?

Second, the Content Migration documentation implies that it can be used to migrate 3rd party document libraries to sharepoint. From what I've seen, the method to do this would be to produce the XML files required by the Admin tool and store them in a .CMP file, which is just a CAB file. Yet, I don't see any methods outside the Run method for the SPImport and SPExport classes that can be used to produce the .CMP file.

Are there API's that i am missing or is this correct? If there are no other API's available to produce the .CMP using the SharePoint SDK, would it be feasible to use the CAB SDK to produce the .CMP file instead? If so, is there compression issues I need to be aware of and so forth?

I appreciate any insight regarding these questions.


Focus On: Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint 2010

Find out what's new in ECM, check out the resource center, explore the document set ribbon and export sample, and link to SDK topics about assembling final documents from document set contents, rules and conditions that affect document flow, and working with document IDs.

Error installing SharePoint Server 2010 Prerequisites - Namely Windows Identity Foundation


Good day to all

i am trying to install Sharepoint server 2010 on my server, i have a windows server 2008 sbs sp2 pc. i have manually downloaded the Prerequisites and installed all except the windows identity foundation which just hangs. i have downloaded the file from the windows site namely: Windows6.0-KB974405-x64.msu, please can someone assist me in this matter i am at a lost.

SharePoint Foundation 2010 - How to ensure uniqueness of SharePoint user identity when using multipl


Hi everyone,

here is my situation:

  • I have a SharePoint Foundation 2010 web application extended to 2 IIS sites.
  • Web application has been set up (on creation) to use claims based authentication (because we needed to use FBA).
  • First IIS site is set up to use Windows Integrated Authentication (Kerberos).
  • Second IIS site is set up to use Forms Based Authentication (with LDAP connection to AD).
  • Both sites can be normally accessed and sucessfully authenticate users.

My problem is that two separate SharePoint logins must be created for each AD user who needs to access the web application using both authentication mechanisms. Those two logins have the following username structure:

  • i:0#.w|mydomain\username
  • i:0#.f|myldapmembershipprovider|username

The unfortunate consequence is that any items assigned in SharePoint lists and libraries that were <created under/assigned to/modified by/checked out> by user's windows login aren't <visible/available/modifyable> under users FBA login and vice versa.

I'd like to have a single SharePoint user account regardless of the authentication mechanism used to access the web application.

Is this possible and is there a standard mechanism in SharePoint/IIS

Application Lifecycle Management in SharePoint 2010

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Why the message "There are no trusted identity providers" in Sharepoint 2010 if it has a STS


When you create a new web application in Sharepoint 2010 and you select "Claims based authentication" for the Authentication option, the "Trusted Identity provider" box is greyed out.

There are some blogs etc. about how you add a custom STS or something like ADFS, but isn't the built-in Sharepoint STS an identity provider?

What part does the Sharepoint STS play in a web application? Is it a different type of STS?

Are Sharepoint claims enabled applications different to WIF claims enabled applications?


Short Overview of SharePoint Features in Visual Studio 2010

As you probably know, Visual Studio 2010 was announced earlier this week and it contains a lot of cool features and project templates for SharePoint developers. Below is a short overview for some of the SharePoint development related features and project templates.

How to get more information about the exceptions that can happen in SharePoint 2010 projects?

In case there is an exception anywhere in the SharePoint 2010 project (most common place an exception would happen is during deployment of your SharePoint project, custom deployment configuration or custom deployment steps), there's a registry key EnableDiagnostics available for you to use.

InfoPath 2010 cannot connect to SharePoint 2010

You have installed Office 2010 beta and you are trying to connect to SharePoint 2010 from InfoPath but you get an error
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