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small doubt

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 11, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net


I'm using SQLSERVER 2005, In "Connect to Server" window I want to remove some all server names (like cookies in Textbox) which I used. When I click on this dropdown it listing all server names. I want to remove these.

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BULK INSERT small doubt



I am using following bulk insert from tab delimited TEST.txt with 48 rows.

   FROM '\\Remote_computer\Share_name\TEST.txt'
         FIELDTERMINATOR ='    ',
         ROWTERMINATOR ='\n',
         FIRSTROW = 2


The insert works just fine... It inserts 48 rows but it gives me message twice

(48 row(s) affected)

(48 row(s) affected)

Am not sure why it's giving this message twice , whereas, my file has 48 rows and in table also, 48 rows are inserted.



i have small doubt in regular expression can anybody clarifies?


Hi All,

i have some doubt in the regular expression, for example i have to find the particular textbox contains alphabets or not for this i had written the regular exp like below one


now my problem is along with alphabets i want to check it contains - or not . for this how to write the regular exp?


Burepalli V S Rao.

I want Er Diagram for Fees System of small institution ,can u plz guide me what fields are necessary


I want Er Diagram for Fees System of small institution ,can u plz guide me what fields are necessary to store Fees information ...


Public Shared function doubt????

I am using VB.net/ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000 for a web application.

For populating the dropdowns, I wrote a Public Shared function LoadDDL(), in which I pass the dataset and dropdown name to set.

I have my doubts that this function will produce unexpected results for concurrent users. And will mix the results among sessions because it is a Shared function.

I am confused here. Is it the right way to go?

Please advice. Thanks in advance.


XmlLite: A Small And Fast XML Parser For Native C++


XmlLite provides a high-performance, low-overhead XML reader and writer geared for applications written in native C++. Learn more here.

Kenny Kerr

MSDN Magazine April 2007

top == self HTML DOM doubt


What does top == self mean?

My website loads in an iframe and this is used to check that it loads with an external banner. However I use it to ensure that the banner always shows.


However I have one more issue that the application again redirects and 2 banners are showing. Can I use some top.screenheight property to check and see if two banners are loading?




A small web application


Hi, I just a very small web project now I want to go further.

The question is that I have't found a proper direction to practice and improve myself. I downloaded dotnuke and found that is it too bigger and hard to learn for personal study. My goal is to do something like ajax+web sevices+sql etc.

Hopefully I can get some suggestion. Thanks.

BIDS Doubt



        I m using BIDS for the first time. I m using stored procedure to retrieve data.

There are two options as Command Type with dropdown Text and stored Procedure.

I m seeing another existing report and in that one, In command Type Place, there is stored procedure and when I click dropdown, I got all the stored procedures listed there.

May I know how can I get that.? what is the difference.? I want to see my newly written stored procedure in that drop down box


How to create modile application with small DB?

Hi Friends, I am going to create my first Windows mobile application, I know Windows Form development. I want to know how to create mobile application with small DB. How I can use SQLlight DB or Shall I use text file to store that values? Which is the best way, I don't want to use SQL server..! Because I want to save few values that's all.   Thanks, Naga Harish .

Small issue extracting soap from xml using Xelement

The following code works fine, except it only gives me the value being returned (integer), with no XML tags at all.  I want the raw XML without the soap (not just the value). display code:                 Dim path1 As String                 path1 = "c:\temp\testing.xml"                 ExtractSoap()                 File.WriteAllText(path1, ExtractSoap.Value.ToString())   function: Public Function ExtractSoap() As XElement         internalStream.Position = 0         Dim xmlMessage As XElement = XElement.Load(XmlReader.Create(internalStream))         Dim soap As XNamespace = "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"         Dim body As XElement = xmlMessage.Element(soap + "Body")         If body IsNot Nothing Then             Return DirectCast(body.FirstNode, XElement)         End


how is the the composition relation in a class able to use its parent class without any object creationexample:class A{method()}class B{A objobj.method();}here B is not having the main method its neither inherited even though due to composition relationship how is it able to acces the A class the class i have used is using C#

Doubt in sp execution

Hi,  i am executing sp in one of my database it is taking 4 minutes to complete execution. where as i am executing same sp in different database it is taking only 1 millisecond to complete execution. i have checked the table settings such as index and table data also everything is same. now i want to find where is the problem. what are steps to find such kind of problems.

Small quible

Read about SSCE 4 and just installed it. It did not allow you to choose the install location, for 2mb Not too big a deal, But I like to have my development stuff separated from the rest...

Array doubt

I am trying to send some numeric values to a urlExampleHttp://yahoo.com/?id=1,2,3The values are comma seperated. Now if these values are stored in arrary, I will have to use for/foreach loop and read them one by one and pass but i want to pass the array directly to the link. How do i do that?Something like thisint[] test= new test[3] {1,2,3};Http://yahoo.com/?id=testbascialy i want to save comma seperate numbers in some variable. These numbers are coming from database.sending the values to URL using WebRequest,HttpWebResponse

Is it possible to prevent seeing results if rowcount is small?

Hi, we are about to start a new project. In the project we won't be owning the data to be analysed. The data provider is going to require some special rules for the usage of data. This is because the nature of data the - the data is going to be information sensitive. They are asking if we could implement a restriction which would prevent to see results rows if there is less than five result rows. I couldn't find any ideas how this could be done. Is it possible? How? We are running Sql Server 2008. Thank you in advance, Teemu Ajalin

Doubt about Transactions

Hey guys sorry if this is not the place to write this post.   I've encounter a problem while using transactions on asp.net   In a procedure i'm making an INSERT then I call a store procedure that passes some values to a data reader. Well there's where the problem start, because while i'm reading this data reader I need to call another store procedure to make another insert. Since in total I have 3 store procedures i decided to make a transaction on server side so i can rollback if any problem happens on last procedure for exemple. My doubt relates to the data reader...somehow i can't call a store procedure inside the transaction if an data reader is in use. Is this true? Does the transaction have problems with this?  

Proper Approach for Monthly PDF Reports for Small Business?

Hello, all. Previously, our environment included an installation of WSS 2.0.  One of our most widely-used "features" was a page of links to reports on network file shares.  No one liked or trusted the Document Libraries, so we continued to store our weekly & monthly reports at places like \\fileserver\r-drive\MonthlyReports\2010\08\Sales\LicenseActivationReport.pdf and then created a bird's nest of links on our WSS "Reports" page to allow folks to find the information they were looking for more easily.  I'm not talking about a Links List, but a page of text with about 30 links to individual reports whose locations changed at least monthly.  These reports are roughly 70% PDF (exported from Crystal Reports), 25% Excel, and 5% Word. Today, we have an installation of MOSS 2007 Standard.  The collaboration and document management features are taking off quite nicely, but the staff is understandably itching to migrate the above-described "Reports Page" from WSS 2.0 to MOSS 2007. I can think of a few different approaches to this situation: We could reproduce a text page with 30 links to places like file:\\server\share\report.xls, but this seems contrary to SharePoint's mission.  It's certainly contrary to what I told the staff during training:  "Don't turn SharePoint into a bird's nest of links to ext
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