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WebPartZone ID is annoying

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 10, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Hi everyone,

I just started reading about web part and I found the feature really cool. So, I started out testing a bit and it's awesome. But I been trying a way not to show my webpartzone id on the page itself but I just can't seem to find out how to do it. Is there anyway to make the ID appearing on the page ? Thanks all. 

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Annoying issue with: Element 'xxxx' is not a known element.


I am getting hundreds of messages like that: "Element 'xxxx' is not a known element. This can occur if there is a compilation error in the Web site, or the web.config file is missing. "

Very simple to reproduce, just start a new web project and start adding elements to the web page. All this craps starts poping up, no intellisense.

Just an annoying detail with VWD 2010 Express - Web site not showing in Recent Projects list


This is a really minor, annoying problem, but if anyone has an easy answer, I'd love to know it.

I'm pretty much a newbie and have been using Visual Web Developer for about a year.  I've switched to using VWD 2010 Express this year when I upgraded to Windows 7.  Almost all of the websites that I've created show up on the Start Page in the Recent Projects section -- except for one!  I can go to "Open Web Site" and find it, but it never appears in the Recent Projects.  This is one that I'd love to put a pushpin in (one of my favorite features!), but I can't figure out why it won't show up. 


Any ideas?

Arg how do I turn it off? its so annoying VS2010


How do I turn off the VS2010 "super annoying" feature that when I copy and paste a control in source code view it automatically renames the control! I dont want it to do that! yes I have gone to "options" -> "html designer" and unticked "assign unique ids to new tables" but that hasnt workd for the controls.. only the html stuff

a note to the asp forum administrator SGWellens - you could have just moved the post to this section like all the admins do instead of deleting it and making my life harder by coming back and reposting it.

When editing a SSIS package in Visual Studio, copy-paste actions have annoying behaviours.


Currently, I'm in a project with high use of SSIS packages.

I've setup a package with many Sequence Containers in order to group Tasks and have these groups to execute modularly before continuing in the next group.

There are Tasks that are very similar, so I just copy-paste them and then change properties.

The problem is that, when I do the "paste", the Task rectangle is always placed in a left-bottom location relative to the currently existing Tasks and Sequence Containers (instead of below the coordinates of the mouse after the right click, as one would expect).

It was already annoying when I didn't use Sequence Containers, because I had to scroll around just to pick the Task in the strange place to where it was copied and put it in the right place.

But it started to be worse with Sequence Containers. Although it really detects the coordinates of the mouse and puts the Task inside a Sequence Container if I right-click over an empty space of the container, it continues to place the Task in a very far left-bottom place relative to the remaining objects. It causes the Sequence Container to stretch until its border contorns the Task in that strange place. I have to 1) move the Task object to the right place and 2) resize the Sequence Container borders to its original status.

Currently, to avoid the step 2 abov

Annoying SQL exception, probably due to some OO/linq code done wrong


I started working on this "already started" project, and I'm having a really annoying error when trying to execute some interactions with SQL Server 2008:

The server failed to resume the transaction

One of these errors I get in this specific method call:

The aspx.cs Call:


busProcesso openProcess = new busProcesso(pProcessoId);
        if (openProcess.GetDocument() == null)
            //Irrelevant code.
    catch{ //... }

The Business class (relevant part):
public class busProcesso : IbusProcesso
        public Processo vProcesso { get; set; }

        RENDBDataContext db;

        public busProcesso()
            vProcesso = new Processo();

        public busProcesso(decimal pProcessoId)
            db = new RENDBDataContext();
                 vProcesso = db.Processos.SingleOrDefault(x => x.Id == pProcessoId);
            catch (Exception ex)
                throw new Exception(ex.Message, ex);

        public string GetDocument()

Annoying GDI+ Window


I've encountered an odd problem that seems to have started when I ported my C# application from VS2003 to VS2005. The application is intended to run as a RunOnce program, and has a simple GUI with two buttons and two textboxes. The problem I'm having is that although one of the textboxes is set to have focus when the program starts, there is an annoying GDI+Window that seems to have focus instead. I don't actually see the window but if I alt-tab it shows up in the application list. If I hit alt-tab once, the intended textbox has the focus and the GDI window disappears (it no longer shows up with alt-tab). If the program runs standalone it works fine. The GDI window only shows up when I run it using RunOnce. This problem does not occur under VS2003.

I've done some web searches and found various references to this phantom GDI+ Windows, but none of the articles applies to my specific problem. It's very easy to duplicate, at least in my environment. If anyone has encountered this problem before and has a suggestion that would be great. Thanks!


Page IS Valid Validation Error and Message Box Pops up twice which is annoying???




i have a create User Wizard with a Custom Template so I can grab more information from the user who is

registering on my page.  When they click the submit button a window modal popup extender pops up using Javascript code to

show them the Form is being processed.


createUserWizard Submit Button

  <asp:Button ID="StepNextButton" runat="server"  CommandName="MoveNext"  OnClientClick="ShowMP();" align="middle" CausesValidation="False"
                                            Text="Submit my Profile"  />


Javascript code<

webPartZone property changes not sowing on page


Hi all

I am trying to change the properties of a webpartzone by using a publising page layout. I have added a variaty of properites but I don't see anything rendered on the page. is there something special I have to do. I want to change the cellpadding of the table. What property should I use? I have tried PartStyle-CellPadding="10" with no results. thanks Jake

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