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Step Into Code (net.tcp binding)

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 09, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WCF
I have a service that is now currently working 100% with net.tcp.  I used to use the wsHTTP binding.  Now, I have found that for some reason (and I don't know why) I cannot seem to step into the code using the net.tcp binding.  It would be helpful if I could still step into the code and still use the net.tcp binding.  I have confirmed that my IDE has not somehow been switched to Release mode (which seems to ignore breakpoints). 

I can still debug in the client app, but when I try to step into the code via the net.tcp binding it does not work.

The server binding configuration is pasted below.
        <binding name="AthenaBindingCfgTCP">
          <security mode="Transport">
            <transport protectionLevel="Sign"/>
            <message clientCredentialType="Windows"/>

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Binding RadioButtonList from Code Behind

I'm trying to populate my form that is made up of RadioButtonLists, a Text Box and a DropDown via Code Behind.  WHen I run it, the Text Box and the DropDown populate, but the RadioButtonLists do not.  I'm guessing it has to do with the SelectedValue command, but I'm not sure what to use.  Here is my aspx page:<ContentTemplate> <div style="height:402px;"> <br /> <table> <tr> <td colspan="2"> <p style="font-size:90%;">Here, you can set your preferences for notifications during the draft. You can change them at any time.</p> <p style="font-size:90%;">You will always be emailed if it is your turn to pick and you have no players in the Pick Queue.</p> </td> </tr> <th colspan="2"> Email Options </th> <tr> <td> Send

Binding a property within a style - in code

So if I had a style as follows <Style TargetType={x:Type Button}> <Setter Property="Background" Value={Binding myproperty} /> </Style> How could I achieve this in code? So far I got Style x = new Style(); Setter a = new Setter(TextBox.Property, new Binding("myproperty")l but there seems to be something wrong with the way I set up the binding, how can I correct it? Thanks

Where to find code samples for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Analysis Services Step by Step



I got this book  Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Analysis Services Step by Step by Scott Cameron, Hitachi Consulting from our tech Library , however the companion CD is missing. Can anybody share the CD / practice code examples with me please? The book is only useful if I get to practice the code alongside reading the theory!



Data Binding RadioButton to enum via code


I was reading this solution on how to bind a RadioButton to a enum type, but in my special case I need to do it programmatically since I am generating a number of panels with 3 radiobuttons the number of which is only known runtime.

I tried this: 

Binding b = new Binding("CerradaBind");
        b.Mode = BindingMode.TwoWay;
        b.Source = _exp3Class;
        _gpuertas[i].BotonCerrada.SetBinding(_gpuertas[i].BotonCerrada.IsChecked, b);

But found out the IsChecked property is not what the Setbinding function expects, how should I do it?

Also, is there another way of binding directly to radiogroup instead of button by button?

Binding an ObservableCollection via XAML without code behind



I think I am missing something basic here.. But could someone show me what I am doing incorrectly?


  public partial class MainWindow : Window
    public ObservableCollection<string> TestOC = new ObservableCollection<string> { "First" };

    public MainWindow()

 the XAML file:

<Window x:Class="WpfApplication2.MainWindow"
    <ListView ItemsSource="{Binding TestOC}"/>

Shouldn't that just work?


Binding in code...


So i'm using an MVVM model for my WPF 4 app. I'm using some of the stuff from Beth Massi's webcasts on creating a master detail form. I've got most of it to work, but now I'm stuck trying to adapt it to an MVVM model in one area, the collectionviewsource objects. Specifically, the first collectionviewsource is bound to the data, and the second one is bound to the first collectionviewsource. Like this

<CollectionViewSource Source="{Binding GroupsViewEnum}" x:Key="GroupsViewRes" />
<CollectionViewSource Sour

The step did not generate any output. Process Exit Code 0. The Step Succeeded


Hi All,

We have a job which calls a dts package. The status after the run of this step is The step did not generate any output.  Process Exit Code 0.  The step succeeded.

What does that mean when it says Did not generate any output?


Thanks very much, Manoj Deshpande.

When binding value to ImageUrl property of Image using XPath it shows code as html markup on fronten


I have a listview in which I want to show an image from an xmldatasource control.

The following works, and shows the value of thumb (in this case: 12_634232073402187500_whatever.jpg)

<asp:ListView ID="repLocationsToCompare" ItemPlaceholderID="itemsGoHere" runat="server">
            <%# XPath("thumb")%>
<asp:XmlDataSource EnableCaching="false" XPath="root/data/compare/locations/location" ID="XMLDSCompare" runat="server"></asp:XmlDataSource>

No problem there, BUT, when I use an imagecontrol:

<asp:ListView ID="repLocationsToCompare" ItemPlaceholderID="itemsGoHere" runat="server">
            <asp:Image ID="img" Visible='<%# XPath("thumb

Visibility WPF Binding by in code



i have create a combobox in code with WPF:

 ComboBox comboBox=new ComboBox();
            comboBox.Height = 20;
            comboBox.Width = 100;
            comboBox.Visibility = new Visibility(?);

and me have checkbox on UI with Ischeck=false;

a Conveter :  <s:VisibilityConverter x:Key="VisibilityConverter"></s:VisibilityConverter>

how to when load form is will auto create Combobox in code is check CheckBox:

  If checkbox=true then is display.

  if checkbox=false then is not display.

ex on UI:{Binding Path=IsChecked, ElementName=cbShowPower, Converter={StaticResource VisibilityConverter}}

but I want is check in code when create ComboBox.

ComboBox comboBox=new ComboBox();
            comboBox.Height = 20;
            comboBox.Width = 100;
            comboBox.Visibility = new Visibility(?);


Where to find code samples for "SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Step by Step" book?


I am reading SQL Server Analysis Services from "SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Step by Step" book and I want to download the code samples for the same. Please tell me how I can do that?

Thanks in advance,

Binding an ObjectDataSource to a property in aspx code, not code-behind


This should be simple to do, but I haven't been able to find a solution.

I want to bind an ObjectDataSource to a property in my asp page and I want to do it in the page's aspx code, not in code-behind. I've already done it in code-behind, as follows:

protected void Page_InitComplete(object sender, EventArgs e)
   odsBooks.DataSource = SelectedBook;

I'd prefer to get rid of the ugly code-behind and just do this in mark-up. Something like

<asp:ObjectDataSource ID="odsBooks" runat="server"

This gives me a run-time error: Cannot create an object of type 'System.Object' from its string representation 'SelectedBook' for the 'DataSource' property.

Is there a way of doing this declaratively and not in code-behind?

Further, what if what I want is to actually use a child property of the property in question? For example, if my Book object has a ReaderComments collection, can I databind to it decaratively in the aspx mark-up?

Code Optimized Web Development Profile (VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 Series)

When you first run VS 2010 it prompts you to select an IDE profile to use. The profile you select will configure how tool windows are displayed/docked in the IDE by default and set the default keyboard shortcuts. You can then customize any of these settings by using the Tools->Options menu within the IDE and then override/change them. You can also later reset your profile and pick a different one by choosing the Tools->Import and Export Settings menu command.

Binding WPF Controls to an Entity Data Model

In this interview, programming writer, McLean Schofield, demonstrates how to bind WPF controls to an entity data model, using Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1. You can also learn more in the topic: Walkthrough: Binding WPF Controls to an Entity Data Model.

Free Code Snippets - ASP.NET

You Can Find Useful ASP.NET Related Posts on the above link.

Free Code Snippets - C#

Free C# Code Snippets

call JavaScript - jQuery code from ASP.NET Server-Side

jQuery got so close to me lately that I can see myself adding the scripts to my project almost unconsciously. The thing is, jQuery is very useful for me, in almost all situations and it has been a do or die enhancement for all my project since I first put my hands on it.

Of course while using it, you encounter few situations which need a bit of research to solve, mostly when you are trying to combine it with some other technologies like: UpdatePanels and ASP.NET Ajax. For instance there are many situations when I would like to run some jQuery magic based on some decision that I make on the server side.

Binding the multiple drop down boxes in GridView using JQuery in ASP.NET

Here is the code for binding the multiple drop down boxes in GridView using JQuery in ASP.NET
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