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how to compile a portion of web apllication

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 09, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF



is there any way to compile the project in diffrent steps. i have a project in which i have to just change few part . is there any way to compile just that portion  in asp.net 4 C#

thank you


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Force Jit compile on assembly

I have CLR code that generates an assembly that I install into a database using the create assembly procedures. The code includes stored procedures and triggers. My separate applications, of course, call the stored procedures. My issue is that immediately after I install the library, the first time any of these triggers/procedures are called, it can take a long time for the event to occur. In a specific case (easily recreated on my end), if I hit a trigger with specific data in my record, something is occurring at the database level that is preventing me from doing a simple edit/save.  I think it's compiling the assembly.  It will work if I do an edit/save on another record, then go back to the first one.  Once that happens, the issue goes away until I delete and install the assembly, then it comes back for records that meet specific criteria. My conclusion is that it is taking so long for the JIT compiler, it's killing my post. So, question is: how can I force the jit compiler to process the assembly, either before or after installing the assembly to the database?  

Sequential Workflow project unable to compile referencing x64 Workflow Activity Library

Folks -   I have an sequential workflow project targeting x64 that will not compile if the workflow activity library that it references is compiled for x64 (it will compile if the activity library targets x86).  The compile error I receive is: Compilation failed. Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information. [project name]   Any thoughts on how to figure this out?   Thanks.

Imported Workflow project does not compile "error 348: Compilation failed. Unable to load one or mor

Original workflow project was compiled on 32 bit machine. I exported it to VS.Net 2010 and it fails to compile. Has anybody seen this error? -Stan  

Compile issue with List<> and Linq

I am pretty sure this is some framework version issue but I am getting this on a (custom layout) page compile migrated over from MOSS. The following code complies in my MOSS 2007 environment but does not in my new 2010 environment. Thanks in advance for any help. Code section #1: private bool isSuccessReturnCode(string s) { bool bReturn = false; // Following line fails looking for ';' XDocument loaded = XDocument.Parse(s); var q = from c in loaded.Descendants("Node") select (string)c.Element("ReturnCode");   Code Section #2 private InvoiceItem getInvoiceItem(Guid ID) { List<InvoiceItem> InvoiceItems = ((List<InvoiceItem>)ViewState["INVOICEITEMS"]);

click event only firing for lower 100 pixel portion of vertical div

 I have a div on the left side of my page. when clicked I toggle a hidden div that flies out to the right. But the click event only works on the bottom portion of the div. The hidden div has a close button div in the lower right. to clicks fine. any ideas? code is below jquery <script type='text/javascript'> $(document).ready(function() { var $scrollingDiv = $("#divReportBanner"); $(window).scroll(function(){ $scrollingDiv .stop() .animate({"top": ($(window).scrollTop()) + "px"}, "fast" ); }); $('.toggle-button').click(function() { $("#divLeftMenuBody").animate({width:'toggle'},400); }); $('#divReportBanner').click(function() { $("#divLeftMenuBody").animate({width:'toggle'},400); }); }); </script> html <div id="divReportBanner" ></div> <div id="divLeftMenuBody" runat="server"> <div style=" overflow: scroll; overflow-x:hidden;width:365px; height:370px;">

.Net 1.1 Command Line Compile

Hello. I need to use Notepad to make changes to an old .Net 1.1 app. I then would like to use the command line compiler. Can someone tell me the syntax (and where I need to navigate to in my cmd) to compile the changes I make in the code behind pages into the DLL?Thanks in advance!

workflow email not allowing WF to compile

I have a workflow that is intermittently not working. I have the Action: Send an Email and I am using a SharePoint group to send the email too. Now all of a sudden the workflow won't compile and tells me there are errors. The SharePoint Group is showing up as the problem that won't allow the WF to compile. It looks like this: Email *SharePoint Group* If I put the SharePoint group into the CC field as well as the To field, then the WF compiles. Is this a permission problem?  

How to search record from database in windows apllication

I hav to search records from database.Means if i entered B.E. in qualification column then it gives me all the records having qualification as B.E...my db is in sql plz rply me asap.

trim portion of text to create an excerpt keeping full words intact

Hi, I want to create a 'news' excerpt for the front page of my site. So I get the first news item ordered by date and then I want to display it but cut down to a number of words.How would I do this with vb.net?ThanksAndy

checking for database objects that don't compile


It has always struck me that SQL server doesnt have a way in which I can run automated tests or checks on the database to weed out objects that no longer work/compile/execute. As we all know, sometimes database schema changes frequently i.e a column rename is a classical example and some stored procedures/functions which may be legacy then no longer works, in my situation a legacy application was re-written, but it was difficult picking up the objects specific to that application, so as the schema has changed, some procs and functions no longer work, but such objects are no longer required to be on the DB, but we want to pick out the ones that no longer compiles and remove appopriately.

Any ideas ?

How to get the link portion of an ActionLink



I am developing a page that has an image element that has its source set to an action on a controller (e.g., "/controller/action". The problem that I am having is that I don't see a built in way to generate a URL (i.e., like an ActionLink's URL) without manually constructing one. At the moment, I am manually constructing the URL, but I want to move away from this. Before I write my own helper method, I thought I would check to see if one it already available. Does such a method exist?

BTW, this is using MVC2, VS 2010.


how to compile a website in Visual Web Developer 2010 Express



I created a "website" in VWD 2010 Express.  The project contains no bin folder and I can't seem to compile it.    I don't have a web host, so for now I'd like to run my site on "localhost" on my machine: i.e. I'd like to drop the DLL (if there is one) and my aspx files into a folder on my hard drive and run the site from there.  The site runs if I open VWD and run the asp.net web server, but I would prefer to not have to open VWD each time I want to load my site.  Thanks.

DBType change from compile time to run time. I am not using a view, it is against the oracle db I do


The OLE DB provider "OraOLEDB.Oracle" for linked server "SOMESERVER" supplied inconsistent metadata for a column. The column "ACTIONITEMID" (compile-time ordinal 1) of object ""SOMESERVER_Action"."AI_ACTIONITEM"" was reported to have a "DBTYPE" of 130 at compile time and 131 at run time.

How to obtain final combined xsd schema from XmlSchemaSet.Compile?


I understand XmlSchemaSet.Compile generates a combined schema internally but how do i desearialize it into an xsd file?

 XmlSchemaSet schemaSet = new XmlSchemaSet();

            schemaSet.Add("http://www.example.org", @"..\..\book.xsd");
            schemaSet.Add("http://www.example.org", @"..\..\author.xsd");

            //Compile all schemas into a single logical schema

what I need now is some xml writer which can write the  single logical schema
which was created in compile. how do i access that?


Is is possible to pre-compile a single control or a page ...



I am working on an asp.net web site project with a large codebase.  Publishing the site takes about 30 minutes. Since I have to do this twice a day, this takes up too much of my time. Is there a way to publish only changed pages or controls. Visual studio does give an option to compile a single page or control by right clicking on it and selecting "build page". 

Is it possible to publish a single page, maybe through command line.


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