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The project type is not supported by this installation?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 09, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF


VS2005 Team Suite RTM with SP1 Beta - XP SP2 - latest patches


I have been learning XAML at the intro level. I had an old version of dotnetfx3 and wpf templates and I could create a project and run it.

Yesterday I removed the old templates and the old framework with a removal tool and installed the RTM framework and new templates.

However now I cannot open create a new project.

The error message I am receiving is:

"The project file c:\documents and settings\renee\localsettings\temp\4t4baj4.dyv\temp\WindowsApplication1 cannot be opened." The project type is not supported by this installation.

I have not installed the extensions. I never have. I don't have enough disk space on the current system.

What's missing?












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The project type is not supported by this installation

Hi, We have moved a Visual Studio 2008 project (containing a few web parts) from MOSS 2007 to a SP 2010 server. When we try to load the project in Visual Studio 2008 on the SP 2010 server we see: "The project file xxx cannot be opened. The project type is not supported by this installation". Ok - we then remembered that VSeWSS 1.3 was installed on the MOSS 2007 server when the project was created. Trying to install VSeWSS 1.3 on the SP 2010 server we see: "This product can only be installed if WSS 3.0 has been installed first". What now? Must we install VS 2010 on the SP 2010 server and then convert all VS 2008 projects to VS 2010? Can we (for a while) install solutions (on the SP 2010 server) developed in VS 2008 on MOSS 2007 server?

WPF VS 2008- The project type is not supported by this installation

I need to work on a new project using WPF. I got visual studio 2005 installed on my machine before. For this new project i've installed visual studio 2008 and kept vs 2005 also on my machine. When i opened a new WPF project  it opened normally. Paralelly i opened vs 2005 also to check my previous project. Then onwards i could not open WPF projects with vs 2008. I'm not sure this problem came due to i opened vs 2005 in the middle. My expectation is both should work side by side. I'm getting message saying that, "This project type not supported by this installation". If i open any existing WPF projects, it is showing only XAML but desinger is not showing any UI but a message saying "An unhandled exception has occured" followed lenghty exception details. I tried different ways to solve it like re-installing VS 2008, running devenv/setup devenv/resetskippags etc.. but nothing worked. Please suggest.

The project type is not supported by this installation.


After having installed all the RC1 parts, including "Orcas" and try to create a new project in VisualStudio 2005 (Windows Application, XAML Browser Application or Custom Control Library) I get an error message:

"The project file '.....' cannot be opened.

The project type is not supported by this installation."

I've tried reinstalling everything but it's still giving the same error message.

Could it be because I'm running a swedish version of Windows XP? Although I haven't had this problem with other releases.



"project type is not supported by this installation"


Just installed VS2010 and trying to do some REST web services.  When I try to create a new project of type "WCF Rest service Application" (which I downloaded from the online template gallery), I get "the project type is not supported by this installation".  Interestingly enough, same error is generated when I try to create a project of type "WCF Service Application" (template which ships with VS 2010).

Also came across an EXCELLENT tutorial @ "http://blogs.msdn.com/b/endpoint/archive/2010/01/07/getting-started-with-wcf-webhttp-services-in-net-4.aspx", which has downloadable code.  Guess what, same error.

I am using VS2010 on Win7 x64.  IIS is not installed on the machine - could that be an issue?  I assumed it would use Cassini while in VS.

Thanks for any help,


My apologies if this is not in the correct forum.  I dont think its related to the WCF, but hey, if I was an expert, I wouldnt be asking all of you, right?  :-)

"The project file .csproj cannot be opened." The project type is not supported by this install


Im running Visual Studio 2005, have installed the dotnetfx

and the extensions and the SP 1... I still get the error  ""The project file <file>.csproj cannot be opened." The project type is not supported by this installation."


Tongue Tied


Is the order of installation important?

If so what order?

I have Windows SDK installed.

Can Not load WPF project in Visual Studio 2005 on Win7 64 system, says "Project file not supported b

Dear all I am facing an issue in creating new wpf project or loading a WPF project in Visual studio 2005. I have installed Visual Studio 2005 Service pack - 1 (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=bb4a75ab-e2d4-4c96-b39d-37baf6b5b1dc&displaylang=en) but still I can not see the option for wpf project  while creating a new project. Generally we can see WPF listing under item File -->New-->Project--> ".Net Framework 3.0" in VS 2005. I have few WPF project and when i try to load them it says "Project file not supported by this Installation". My System Config is given below: OS: Windows 7 (64 Bit) VS: Visual Studio 2005 with Service Pack 1 .Net Framework: 3.5 (By default inbuilt in Win7 OS)   I am suspecting something bugging related to .Net framework 3.0 in Win7. We have one option in control panel to alter .NetFramework 3.5 under "Turn Windows Features on or Off" but there I can not see something related to 3.0 :-(.   Kindly suggest how can I load my existing project and how can enable option to create new wpf Projects.   I saw few solutions suggested by people on following Thread bt most of them related to Windows XP or Vista: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/vswpfdesigner/thread/06cf7bca-982c-44cf-aec9-99cf399b3000 Do someone has solution for Windows 7 (64 bit OS)

Cannot install Sharepoint Server 2010 "A previous installation has been detected with a license type

I'm trying to upgrade to Team Foundation Server 2010 and Project Server 2010. After getting TFS 2010 and Project Server 2007 to work with WSS 3.0, I started upgrade to Project Server 2010 which requires update to Sharepoint Server 2010 Enterprise. I installed pre-requisites and run "stsadm -o preupgradecheck" which passed everything. When I tried to run the installation I get Setup Warning "A previous installation has been detected with a license type that does not match the install in progress". I thought that my trial licence for Project Server 2007 stopped this so I completely uninstalled WSS 3.0 and restarted the server but the installation still stops with Upgrade window. Any ideas? Regards    mjsk

(Element Name) is not supported in a windows presentation foundation (WPF) project.

Hi all, I have a large WPF project with many separated resource files for each custom control in the project. All was fine until a couple of weeks ago when I tried to open up the application in Blend. When I try to open any .XAML file I get an error for each element saying: (Element Name) is not supported in a windows presentation foundation (WPF) project. This is for every single WPF element throughout the entire project. I don’t know what was changed as a lot of work happened in between openings in Blend. We are using a .NET 4 solution in the Any CPU Solution Platform configuration. Has anyone experienced this before? Has anyone got a solution? Thanks people. I look forward to hearing back from you. Adam

how to make a .exe file execute after installation of project using setup and depoyment project in c

hi all,   i am trying to execute a .exe file included in application folder of my setup and deployment project, such that it executes after installation of main project is complete.How to do this. plz help. thank u in advance. Raghu

SQL Native Client 10.0 for installation failed because product not supported on this operating syste



I am trying to install sql native client 10.0 on a users desktop.  I am running sql server 2008 express sp1.  She has windows vista business installed on her machine.

I have done this many times, but for some reason when I try to install sql native client 10.0 on her machine, I receive an error that states "Installation of this product failed because it is not supported on this operating system.  For more information on supported configurations, see the product documentation."

Any insight as to what could be the problem, is greatly appreciated.


M. Wilson


SQL Server 2008 R2 Installation Problem - The language ENU is not supported by this setup package.


I am trying to install SQL Server 2008 Standard R2 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 64bits machine (all updates applied)... 

I run the setup.exe on the command line and I get the following error :

The language ENU is not supported by this setup package.
An error occurred during the SQL Server 2008 R2 Setup operation.

Error result: -2067529698
Result facility code: 1220
Result error code: 30

For more information, review SQL Server 2008 R2 Setup logs in your temp folder.

There is no log generated.

My regional settings + locale are all English-US

Any ideas?



Web application project type not found



I have VS 2005 installed on my system. The details are as follows -

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Version 8.0.50727.42  (RTM.050727-4200)
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 2.0.50727 SP2

Installed Edition: Enterprise

My Problem is -

1. I can not see Web application project template when creating new project.

2. When I open a project, it gives error as "Project file can not be loaded".

I searched forums and it says

Run VS80-KB915364-X86-ENU.exe first, then

run WebApplicationProjectSetup.msi.

3. Can anyone tell me what this installation does?




External Content Type - Read List Operation - "Cannot find a collection element of a supported type.


I'm trying to define External Content Type Operations for an External Content Type. I can add a Connection, Type "WCF Service" no problem. And I can define a "New Read Item Operation" using that connection.

But I can't define a "Read List Operation". I get the following error message, in the Return Parameter Configuration: "Cannot find a collection element of a supported type..." it goes on to say - see the help documentation for supported types. I can't find any help documentation on this.

I've tried returning different types in the provider web service but keep getting the same error. What are the supported types the web service can return?

The reading I've done suggests that you can connect to a non-MS web service using a connection type of "WCF Service". Is this correct? If it is what's the best soap format the web service provider should use - Doc/Literal?



SQL Server 2008 Installation on SBS 2003 - Rule "Operating system supported for edition" failed


I'm trying to install SQL Server 2008 for Small Business, on a Windows Server 2003 SBS, which is a Domain Controller on a less than 50 users ' domain. I'm logged in with the Administrator account, wich belongs to the 'Doman admins' group also. Setup failed with this error:

2010-09-25 11:55:34 Slp: EditionRequirementCheck Rule Check : The edition is not allowed on this OS.
2010-09-25 11:55:34 Slp: Evaluating rule        : EditionRequirementCheck
2010-09-25 11:55:34 Slp: Rule running on machine: DELL1
2010-09-25 11:55:34 Slp: Rule evaluation done   : Failed
2010-09-25 11:55:34 Slp: Rule evaluation message: This SQL Server edition is not supported on this operating system. See SQL Server Books Online for information about supported operating systems for SQL Small Business Server edition.

According to this link, this version is supported on Windows Server 2003 SBS: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms143506%28SQL.100%29.aspx#SE32

I've tried to diagnose the error, after reading this link: http://blogs.technet.com/b/sbs/archive/2010/07/21/how-to-diagnose-quot-operating-system-supported-for-edition-quot-pre-requisite-errors-while-installing-sql-2008-standard-edition-for-small-business.aspx

After a new

Error with .net Framework 1.1 installation (This is not supported for 64-bit version of xp (although

My laptop is currently using vista business 64bit. I've tried everything, the windows redistributable, the sp1 patches, even the slipstream, nothing works, I still get the "This is not supported for 64-bit version of xp" error. there is no previous version of framework 1.1 installed in my laptop. Currently my laptop has .net 3.5 installed only.

http://forums.techarena.in/windows-software/1183887.htm <-- slipstream

Hardware: Lenovo t500 laptop with
4gig ram
duo core 2.55ghz
fully updated windows vista business 64-bit

Vista Framework Cleanup tool Log: (tried removing framework 1.1 and reinstall, still the same error not compatible with xp)

[06/18/09,18:48:35] Beginning of new cleanup utility session
[06/18/09,18:48:35] Build created on December 22, 2008
[06/18/09,18:48:35] Detected operating system: Windows Vista (x64)
[06/18/09,18:48:35] Install state for .NET Framework 1.0: not installed.
[06/18/09,18:48:35] Install state for .NET Framework 1.1: not installed.
[06/18/09,18:48:35] Install state for .NET Framework 2.0: installed with service

Use the Convert License Type page to convert this installation to a licensed version.


I just rebuilt my entire farm and used the software I downloaded from MSDN.   When I try and type in my License key I can't type in the key box.  The OK button is greyed out and I am not able to type in my key into the Key field.  

I am using SharePoint 2007 SP2 on Windows 2008 64bit.  Why can't I change my key?

Installation Problem: Server Type Tab Not showing. Only FIle location shown


Dear Community,

I am installing Sharepoint 2010 on WIndows server 2008 R2 64 bit machine. After entering 'product key' screen, it suppose to show Screen where 'server type' and 'File Location' tabs where we select 'Standalone/Server farm' then 'Complete/standalone'.

I can only see 'File location' tab but not Server type. Pls help. I am doing this for setting up Powerpivot on sharepoint where I need to selelct Server Farm with COmplete option. Pls help.



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