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Tooltips not being displayed... why??

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 08, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application


I am using VS 2008 and have a Windows Form where I added a tooltip control.  On each of my component properties, there is a property for "ToolTip on toolTip1".  I add some text to that property.  I do this for some labels, buttons, and images.  I have noticed that the buttons seem to get  the tooltip displayed, but the labels and the image (pictureBox) do not.  There seems to be some oddity that once I get my tooltip on a button, the tooltip on a label will appear, but then later if I go back to the label it will not show again.

Any clues as to why the tooltips are not being displayed?

Thanks - Peter

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Profile Pictures not displayed in Discussion Board in SharePoint 2007

Picture Placeholders are displayed instead of Profile Images in Discussion boards in MOSS 2007 but when you click on the user, their pictures appeared in MySites, also with Search People. How to fix this?!

Announcements with Image in Body, displayed via CQWP


I feel like I've set this up to be as difficult as possible for my non-programmer users ;) There's GOT to be a better way. Any guidance much appreciated.

I have an Announcements-type list on a NEWS subsite, with fields for Title, Body, and Summary (body with image plus first few sentences of Body). I have a separate Picture Library to store the images they'll use in the Body and Summary.

The Title and Summary are displayed on the Site Collection HOME using a CQWP.

My instructions for users are as follows

1. place image in http://site/subsite/imagelibrary/Forms/AllItems.aspx
2. right click on image and select Copy
3. go to http://site/subsite/announcementspage.aspx
4. Click New > New Item.
5. In "Body", click CTRL+V.
6. Add Title, Body, and Summary text.
7. In HTML, add align="left" insite <img> tag.

Adding to http://site/subsite/announcementspage.aspx automatically gets picked up by the CQWP on the home page.

Like I said, it's pretty ugly, esp considering that my users don't know HTML. Recommendations warmly appreciated.

MVC2 Music Store - How to get store controller - store.aspx working {genre names displayed}



<p>Select from <%: Model.NumberOfGenres %> genres:</p><ul> <% foreach (string genreName in Model.Genres) { %>

<li> <%: genreName %> </li>

<% } %>


MOST PEOPLE WILL BE USING VISUAL STUDIO 2008 sp1, to get this to work change the <%:, ONLY WITH SEMI COLONS, TO <%=

Tooltips for rectangles - there must be a standard way of doing this

I am implementing a graphic display that shows a bar with lighting changes over time.  Lights turn on and off according to a schedule. I already have code to show a series of different colored adjacent rectangles, with the color indicating the light level.  This is all drawn on a Graphics object, using FillRect. I would like to have a ToolTip for each rectangle, showing the lighting value (in Lux).  There seems to be no way to assign a ToolTip to a FillRect area, so I assume that I will have to dynamically create either Panel or PictureBox objects that show the colors.  Of course these will have to be Disposed when the window is redrawn. In some cases, I need to show a Hatch pattern (with HatchStyle) so it will not always be a solid color. Is there a simple and straightforward way to do this?  Is there another component that I am overlooking. I'm using VS2008 and C#, .NET 2.0. Thanks in advance, Michael Bate    

ReportViewer DatePicker Parameter - calendar not displayed when clicked

Hi, I'm using VS2008 ReportViewer control and one of my reports in SSRS 2008 R2 has a DateTime parameter. I can enter the date into the textbox and view report successfully. However the calendar is not showing when I click the calendar icon. (Note: I encounter NO error).  It seems that it's a known issue in Visual Studio. Anyone knows any workaround/hack to fix this issue? Thanks in Advance, Raymond

No symbols are loaded for any call stack frame. The source code cannot be displayed.

Hello.I installed VisualStudio.NET 2005 a few days ago.  ( not beta )While I'm debugging, I'm faced with strange message box.-- MessageBox --No symbols are loaded for any call stack frame. The source code cannot be displayed. -- Debug Detail Window --FatalExecutionEngineError was detectedMessage: The runtime has encountered a fatal error. The address of the error was at 0x7a2b5aec, on thread 0x358. The error code is 0xc0000005. This error may be a bug in the CLR or in the unsafe or non-verifiable portions of user code. Common sources of this bug include user marshaling errors for COM-interop or PInvoke, which may corrupt the stack.How should I solve this problem?Please answer me..Thanks.Gwisun.

Issue with MSCaptcha - image is not displayed occasionally.

Hello! I am using MONDOR's MSCaptcha control in my ASP.NET 3.5 application, and everything seemed to work fine both locally and remotely, till I started receiving complains from rare users. I am using is for my web site registration, and as I see many people are able to register, I assume that the problem is rare. However, I've heard two complaints from two different users that Capthca image is not displayed at all. They did not add any special blocks to browsers, and both tried several browsers and it did not work in all of them. Is there a known issue like this? Did anybody see such a problem?   here is my code for referrence: web.config: <httpHandlers> < add verb="GET" path="CaptchaImage.axd" type="MSCaptcha.CaptchaImageHandler, MSCaptcha"/><httpHandlers>   On the page   <%@ Register Assembly="MSCaptcha" Namespace="MSCaptcha" TagPrefix="cc1" %>    The control itself:   <cc1:captchacontrol id="ccJoin" runat="server" captchabackgroundnoise="Low" captchaheight="60" captchalength="6" captchalinenoise="None" captchamaxtimeout="240" captchamintimeout="6"  captchawidth="200" />       Thanks!

Count of fact rows not being displayed correctly

I have the most generic measure - count of rows from the fact table. When I query the underlying fact table, example...select count(Primary_key) , I get accurate results. Also, I see my partition has exact same count for the rows. But, when I process the cube and view the same measure in the browser it shows less than the actual count . I never had this problem before. What could I be missing? I would appreciate your suggestions.   Rok

Alternate lables are displayed along x axis in chart web part for column chart type

HI I am using Chart webpart of Sharepoint 2010. I am connecting this webpart to my custom list having two coulmn Title  (string) and Count (numeric) and using Column chart type i am displaying data in web part. Each column in chart represents one item in list and displyed along x axis, while y axis represents count. For more than 9 columns in column chart (i.e. more than 9 itmes in list) in chart web part only alternate lables are displyed along x axis. Any help in this will be appreciated.

Tag Cloud WebPart Problem - no tags to be displayed

How to link tags with tag cloud webpart. I have many tags placed in my site but still tag cloud webpart says - "no tags to be displayed". i am not able to figure out how tag cloud webpart will display the tags. Please suggest a solution. The tag cloud gets displayed only under my profile not anywhere else.

ToolTips are flashing.

ToolTips for Button and PictureBox controls are flashing, if "toolTip.Hide()" is activated. The same code for ListView works fine. What should I do ? The actual code is as follows. Thanks ToolTip pbTp = new ToolTip(); private void DF_Set_PictureBoxToolTip() {      pbTp.ShowAlways = true;      pbTp.OwnerDraw = true;      pbTp.Draw += new DrawToolTipEventHandler(DF_PbTp_Draw);      pictureBox3.MouseMove += new MouseEventHandler(DF_PictureBox_MouseMove);      pictureBox3.MouseLeave += new EventHandler(DF_PictureBox_MouseLeave); } public void DF_PictureBox_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) {      Point location = new Point();      location.X = e.X;      location.Y = e.Y;      string text = "---------------------------------------------------------------------------";      pbTp.Show(text, pictureBox3, location); } public void DF_PictureBox_MouseLeave3(object sender, EventArgs e) {     pbTp.Hide(pictureBox3); <---------------------------------------------------- Whenever activated this, starts flashing !! } public void DF_PbTp_Draw(object sender, DrawToolTipEventArgs e) {     using (e.Graphics)     {

DIV Tooltips via the "title" attribute

I'm a bit confused about something . . . I was looking for a way to add tooltips to a DIV element, one of which exists within the ItemTemplate and SelectedItemTemplate elements of a ListView control I've implemented.  I did some research and found a jQuery PlugIn for tooltips that makes use of the "title" attribute in an HTML element to add a tooltip to that element.I do use jQuery in my project but have not yet implemented that plugin.  Yet, when I assigned a test "title" attribute to the DIVs in question, suddenly I had tooltips with them!!!How is this possible?  My understanding is that this is not standard functionality with HTML.  Has Microsoft per chance made it the default behavior with ASP.net web pages?Most curious,Robert

TIME displayed in 24 Clock Format

I have a time field that is displayed via Reporting Services 2005, I want the TIME value to be displayed in 24 clock format. For example, 02:22:00 should be 14:22:00 How is this possible?? Thanks in advance

Why is the pdf file displayed as Word Doc?

hi there, My search results give the wrong file format of Word Doc on PDF file: Microsoft Word Doc http://server/siteABS/library/test.PDF ...... file://....test.pdf Why? Thanks in advance.    allan

View Source When Modal Popup Extender is Displayed

I've got some Javascript within a div that's displayed by a Modal Popup Extender. The Javascript is throwing an error. When I go to 'View Source', it appears that the source for the Modal Popup Extender and the Javascript contained therein isn't there. How can I view the source then? The Modal Popup Extender *is* being rendered.
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