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SP2010 - Email with multiple attachments

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 08, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

We have SP2010 and Exchange 2007 and most users working with Outlook 2007.  I've doen a search but wasn't able to find any relevant information on this site or the web.  We can easily select a document and click the "Email A Link" button in the ribbon and send the email with a link.  What we can't seem to do is select multiple documents and then email the selected links. Is there a setting somewhere for this, another way to do it, or am i just hosed on this one?



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Cannot create email alerts for multiple users

Hello, I created an email alert for a document in a library. In the "Send Alerts To" box, I added multiple user names separated by semicolons and saved the alert. However, when I open the alert again, only my user name appears and the additional user names are gone. Why is this happening and how do I fix this problem?  Thank you in advance.

incoming email - multiple email addresses

is it possible to have more than 1 email address specified as the incoming email address for a library?

WebDav: adding multiple attachments

Hi, First I use Proppatch to create a Draft message. Then I use Put to add attachments. It works fine for one attachment, but doesn't work for multiple attachments. This is the code: Dim att As String For Each att In attachments 'attachments is an array of files with specified full path (C:\temp\Test.txt, etc.) If att.Length > 0 Then             Dim FileName As String = Path.GetFileName(att)             Dim attachURI As String = strTempURI & FileName             PUTRequest = CType(HttpWebRequest.Create(attachURI), HttpWebRequest)             PUTRequest.Credentials = MyCredentialCache             PUTRequest.Method = "PUT" Dim inFile As FileStream = New System.IO.FileStream(att,&System.IO.FileMode.Open, System.IO.FileAccess.Read)             Dim binaryData As Byte()             ReDim binaryData(CType(inFile.Length, Integer))             Dim bytesRead As Long = inFile.Read(binaryData,&0, CType(inFile.Length, Integer))      

SharePoint Designer Workflow to email multiple recipients listed in a custom list


Hi all,

I created a workflow in designer attached to a form library. I also have a custom list "Admins" containing names of persons that serves a different purpose but would also like to be used as recipients for the workflow email everytime a new item in the form library is created.

I have been searching the net and tried out few work arounds but so far able to send to only one person in the "Admins" list. The list has a column "Admin Name" which is of type "Person or Group".

Thanks in advance!

email attachments being dropped from specific mail types


We have been using Bright mail and sending attachements to SharePoint without issue until September. 

Once into September any attachments comeing from Bright Mail are dropped. 

The attachment is in eml file... when timer job kicks off it strips the attachment - body and subject gets delivered....  We are thinking that perhpas with the month of September there is a character restriction??  Since the issue only started in September ... if we send the same atttachement from outlook it gets processed properly.  Wondering if there is possibly some issue between Bright Mail character size and sharepoint??

Any suggestions appreciated!

Select Multiple Email Addresses


 I have a form that once it has been completed needs to be emailed to several, but not the same, people every time. My thought was to create a dropdown with all the possible email addresses., Then, tie a button (data connection – send an email) to those addresses highlighted in the dropdown.


Problem: I can highlight only 1 address from the dropdown. Is there a way to allow multiple selections for the dropdown?


Or am I going about this from the wrong direction? Suggestions?


Add Column to show email has attachments




How can I add a column to a document libary to should that an email has an attachment.  I just want to mimic what you would see in outlook, ie the paperclip icon.



Can a single email go to person with a multiple documents to approve using Workflow ?

Can a single email go to person with a multiple documents to approve using Workflow ?

Document Library incoming email attachments not showing To/From information


I have a document library setup to accept incoming emails as attachments.

When I send an email the document library receives it, the only problem is it doesn't show any of the header information such as who sent it, who it was sent to, who was CC'ed.  Is there any way to have this information shown?

Basically what I'm expecting to see before the body message is the From, To and CC.

Any help would be most appreciated.

how do I create email reminders for multiple tasks with a secondary workflow?


I need some advice regarding a issue I picked up during the creation of a secondary workflow to be used for email reminders. I created the workflows in sharepoint designer 2007.

Current situation;

I have a complex primary workflow that creates multiple tasks (about 9 tasks). Its important to note that these tasks get created in sequence. Therefore a task will only be created once the previous task has been completed (It's pretty much an approval workflow). Maybe I should also mention that I disabled the automatic task email notifications and replaced them with send email actions in my primary workflow (this should, however, not relate to my problem).

My Problem;

I created a secondary workflow to handle the email reminders. However, the email reminders only seem to work for the first task (task 1 ) created in the primary workflow. This is the steps I created;

1) First I checked that I'm going to send the reminders for the tasks created by the primary workflow, by verify the primary workflow name in a condition.

2) Once I verified the primary workflow I added the reminder time to the Created date of

SP2010: Ribbon: Editing multiple selected items


Hi there, we're using the Issues Tracking lists for a number of projects in SP2010.  I've created a solution that adds a few buttons to the ribbon that allows the user to select a few items, and then click the button to do something that affects all of those items, for example, set the "Assigned To" field to a specific value.  Using the EnabledScript tag for CommandUIHandler for the button, I'm able to disable/enable the button so that it only works if at least one item is used.

Two questions:

1) I've read that it may be better to use a "delegate control" for this instead of using a CommandUIHandler since it's just intended to work on a list and not a site - is that the case (and if so, how is that accomplished?)

2) More importantly, how would I actually post back changes to each item that the user selected?  I was thinking of popping up a model dialog that had an Assigned To People Picker box in it with an OK/Cancel, but I'm not sure what to use to post back changes to each item.

Any help would be appreciated - thanks,


SP2010 List containing multiple steps approval


Dear all,

Im sending this message in a bottle just in case.
I administrate an eRoom community (about 2000 employees) since 6 years.

We are now looking for a new system and have deployed SharePoint as a candidate to replace eroom.

However one of our bigest  used objects are  the Approval steps databases.

Approval steps databases (=lists in SharePoint) allows a new entry to be pushed to higher level or Rejected and push back to previous level.

I wonder if there is any "out of the box" workflows able to do this job !
If not is there any specific terms to search for or any good approach to have maybee ?

The approval steps list should behave this way :
New entry > [Push to next level if approved] >  Step 2 > [Push to Step 3 if approved]/or/[Push back to Step 1 if rejected] > Step 3 > [Push to Step 4 if approved]/or/[Push back to Step 2 if rejected] and so on.


Many thanks in advance for your time!
Much appreciated.




Send Email to multiple users


Hi everyone

I have a problem with a workflow.

I use MOSS 2007 RTM
I have a custom sharepoint list with several columns where one (lets call it MailRecipients) are of the type 'Person or Group' with the property 'Allow multiple selections' set to 'yes' - this works fine, and I can create items, select multiple users from AD and so on.

Then i create a workflow using Sharepoint Designer 2007 and uses the action 'Send mail'.
I then want to send a mail to all the people selected in the column 'MailRecipients', but this column isn't present when I try to selected the column for the 'To' field in my workflow.
When I disable the proptery 'Allow multiple selections', there are no problem using the column in the To field in the Workflow

How will I be able to use the People or Group column (with 'Allow multiple selections' enabled) as a 'To' value in a workflow 'Send Email' action.?
I've tried making my own Custom Workflow action but have serious problems with this. Keep trying though!

Hope anyone have more experience with this part of MOSS 2007


Søren Bjerre, DK


SSRS 2008 email attachments to Blackberries and Iphones will not open


We have a problem with attachments coming out of SSRS 2008 to Iphones and Blackberries.

With the Iphone it is only Excel attachements from SSRS 2008. It did it for Iphones with version 3 OS and version 4 OS. Excel attachments sent from our SSRS 2005 system do open.  We have 3 different installations of SSRS and we could not get any excel spreadsheets to open on Iphone coming from them. MS support never looked at my system. He took all the relevant information and told me a week later since the rendering engines from 05 & 08 SSRS were the same, it was not their problem.  Have a nice day and thank you very much!

This week I was told that now with Blackberries, Excel and PDF attachements will not open. I was told the Blackberry's used were  the latest model. 

Anyone heard of either of these quirks?

Adding multiple attachment (files) to a dynamic variable so it can be send to a email. VB 2010


Hello !

I need some advice on what to use for adding multiple attachment to a email. I'm using VB 2010.

First, I have a Form in my company web site to fill a reclamation ..... when you fill and send it, it convert the form into a PDF, save it in the client side "TEMP" and finally get the PDF and send it to a email..... that's perfectly  fine. I add to the form the capability of attach multiple files with file upload to the same "TEMP" and displayed in a Grid View to remove or add files and send everything to a email, the attachment capability is working. Everything is working with the PDF not the files(attachments). 

There is a way to get the multiple files from the "TEMP" folder and add it to some dynamically variable (array list, attachment collection, list collection, etc.) so all can be send to the email. I already know the way to put it into the email with the PDF. The problem is to get the files and add it to the dynamic variable and that it work with the email.

If the code is need it, let me know.


SP2010 VS workflow: how to create multiple tasks


I need to create multiple workflow tasks in a while cycle.

I have put the "createTask" activity inside the "whileActivity" and specified the cycle conditions

But obviously i get an error when tryng to create two tasks with the same name, id and properties.

Is there a way to do this?

Workflow email attachments are garbage

I'm having an issue with a workflow and sending at attachment.  I am using the send email with http file attachment that I downloaded from CodePlex.  Unfortunately all attachments that come through are full of garbage. This includes .jpg, .pdf, and .txt. From what I can tell with the .txt file is that its contents has been replaced with what appears to be the html of the list page.  Both the .jpg and .pdf fail to open complaining about corrupt documents. All documents can be opened fine from within sharepoint.

All help is greatly appreciated!
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