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Collecting payment using Paypal

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 08, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net


I have a website which I want to use to collect payments from customers. An essay writing service is provided through the site.

User's fill in a form and submit it. At the moment, when the form is submitted, it just fires an acknowledgement to the user that their order is being processed.I have used ASP.Net/C# for the web application

How do I integrate paypal in the website so that user's can make payment..I have no idea, any guidance would be appreciated, thanks.

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Collecting extra information using Create User Wizard

 I am trying to collect extra information about a user when the user account is created using the Create User Wizard. This info will be stored in a new table in the standard ASP membership SQL database. I have read several books and loads of online tutorials on the subject and they all take different approaches and seem to make the process hard work. Is there any reason why I can't add an SQL datasource and a number of textboxes  to the wizard step, 'connect' the values from the textboxes to the Insert Parameters and then put an Insert Statement in a suitable event handler to cause the insert? If this is possible what would be the best (ie simplest) way to 'connect' the textboxes to the insert parameters?   Regards Andy

Payment Gateway Integration

Hi Guys,I want to integrate payment gateway in my webapplication. I don't have any idea on that.I want to get the payment through debit card, credit card, internet banking too..Can any one tell me some ideas..Thanks in advancePonkarthik.P

Collecting data from multiple servers

I have a list of about 500 servers that I am trying to connect to and collect various amounts of information from these servers through one query. I'd like to have something that doesn't involve OS batch scripting or using SQLCMD as the SQL Instances range from SQL 2000 through SQL 2008 R2. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on what to do to accomplish this?Big Ern

Advice on collecting data in a time series

Hi everyone,  I just wanted to get some ideas of what you would think be the best way to collect data/numbers that are part of a time series?  Let's say I'm collecting monthly data from the users, related to some product and I'd like to be able to provide them a simple and efficient way of entering these numbers based on some month end period.  So for instance on 6/30/2009, they could enter some numbers for a set of data points that pertain to that product.  Would one of the data controls (such as GridView or DetailsView) be sufficient to do this?  I know the GridView isn't so much able to save data but I believe the DetailsView has some functionality for that. In the end, I'd really like to provide a seemless way to do show this and ability to enter and save this.  Any ideas would be appreciated.Thanks

Mobile application for payment gateway integration

hi,   i'm new to mobile application.   i integrated the "icici" and "citi" bank in my web application for product payment. Now i want to implement that two payment gateway's in mobile application. I don't know how to do that? Really needs help on this. Kindly help me on this   ---sathiya

payment gateway

Hi Alli have to integrate my project with paypal . in paypal payment gateway which option we have to choose (express checkout or standard check out) My Requirement is  after user purchasing the goods he will be redirected to the paypal website at that time  his payment status is not confirmed (either it is pending or processing in our database) once the payment has done by the user it has to automatically updated in the database How to do this? send me the sample code. please help me in thisThanks in Advance,Nikhil

Collecting Data and Filtering Data


I would like to be able to create a cusomized list that can be used to input data in various sites and then display that data in another single site. Somewhat like a help desk in that each sub group of users has their own site(s) and can input and monitor data in the list. The people working the help desk would be able to see all of the data entered at all of the different sites, but people at the differnent sites can see only their data. Note Im using Help Desk as an example.

I thought perhaps a connection to a SQL table to store/filter all of the entries depending on the site accessing the data using some internal Sharepoint functions to determine the site entering the data etc. Just not sure. I think some people refer to this as a roll-up but I think it's more involved than that.


PayPal donate button integration in aspx page


Hi Experts,

I am a newbie in asp.net. I want to integrate a paypal donate button in one of my web pages(aspx). I created a paypal button from paypal.com.It works in an html page but not working in aspx page.

I am also not an expert with paypal button creation.My needs are...

1. Want to redirect to paypal from my aspx page.

2. Want to get the amount donated by the user through paypal ,to my aspx page (is it possible?). I need this value for some DB operations.

3.Want to know how to redirect from paypal to my aspx page(The page where I want to use the amount donated by the user)

Hope you have the solution

Thank you very much in advance




Workflow email and the link to collecting data page



I’ve created a workflow in SharePoint Designer 2007. The workflow is collecting data from user and update the item in the current list and is running ok to send Task Notification email to the user.

My 2 questions are:


1. How to customize the email?

Here is the notification email:

Task assigned by [Admin’s Name] on 10/20/2010.

To complete this task:

Creating multistep workflows with SPD 2007 and collecting info from user


I need to add an approval workflow the the service requests template.

More than just the standard arpproval, I need to assign users and mark if for compliance review if the manager approves the request.

The first step of my workflow creates a task for the Manager saysing that a new project has been submitted.

Next (i assume step 2) I want the manager to approve/reject the request,  assign who is working on it and mark it for review.

If it's marked for additional review, I want someone to be emailed. I also want the people assigned to be notified.

How do I incorporate the people picker or some sort of user list into collecting data?


checking stock levels before passing an order for payment



I am building an ecommerce site and I struggle to find a way to check the stock levels for each order. I have created an "in house" procedure that  involves the administrator having to push a "check stock" button for each item on the order but it doesn't look too elegant. I really don't know how this works in a real life scenario.


Any ideas?


Many thanks


webpart to open link and prepend hidden htlm fields to hosted payment site


I have an almost completed application based on SharePoint 2010 and InfoPath 2010 forms. I think what is now needed is a custom webpart that will bring in 3 web part connection parameter fields from the forms in SharePoint, open a link to an HTML site, and prepend some static and dynamic HTML to the stream and open a new window that will allow a user to enter credit card data into the https site thus opened. Next is to write back the results of the transaction to a form column paid_in_full yes/no, that I in turn can release the goods to the user.

Any suggestions as to how to accomplish this in a web part or other is greatly appreciated!



Inserting InvoiceID "Key" field from Grid into Payment ListDetails "Foreign Key" field


Setup: A Grid called InvoiceGrid

            A ListDetails called DetailsView1 (for editing existing payments for the selected invoice)

            A ListDetails called DetailsView2 (in DetailsView1's EmptyDataTemplate for inserting new payments for the selected invoice) 

            A foreign Key restraint setup between the two tables



1) When I select an invoice that does not have a payment associated with it, the DetailsView2 displays as it should,  how do I auto-populate the DetailsView2 "InvoiceID" field with the InvoiceID field selected in the InvoiceGrid ?

2) How do I make the InvoiceID field in DetailsView2 "ReadOnly" so the user cannot accidentaly change it.

3) Is there any kind of Insert conformation that I can display if the payment is successfully inserted ?





SQL replicaton - collecting data



I have master SQL server with DB Central and a lot of satellite SQL servers with DB Client. I need to collect data from log tables(LogTable) on Client(each client has own ID in log table) to one big table on Central(LogTableCentral).
-Data must go only from Client to Central
-On each Client I want to have only data for this Client
-I need solution with minimal amount of work on client side because of count of clients
-Central is MS SQL server Enterprise, Clients are MS SQL server 2005, 2008

-data can be collected periodically(for example: every day at 01:00)

Thanks a lot

payment Gateway


Hello every one

i hope all be fine i want to know very important issue

what is the lmitations and obstacles to make validations on credt cards or payment via my website

without use validaton form from any websites like authorize.net please tell me in details as mush as you can

thanks a lot for attention

good bye

Garbage collecting what?



Can someone confirm what actually gets collected by the GC. I see plenty of references to objects and resources but what does that mean?

When a method returns, do all the type objects and JIT compiled methods created by that method get binned. I pressume the object instance fields get binned but what about the types and method tables and code?

Do you really have to re-JIT compile a method if its referred to again by other methods.



sql profiler stops collecting data


Dear users,

SQL Server 2008 Enterprise.


I set up security logging through SQL Profiler for SQL Server 2008 Standard editions.

After that I created a stored procedure and turned on the autoexecution to turn on SQL Profiler automatically after SQL agent stops.

I set it up probably in September this year and it ran until 10/22/2010.

I experience this twice so far since I set up security logging.

I don't see TRACE STOP message in SQL PROFILER file.

I wonder what stops logging information.

If you look at the line,

set @DateTime = DATEADD(d, 2000,GETDATE())

it should run 2000 days which is about 6 years. I wonder why it stops and what I should fix.


--For your understanding I am attaching the T-SQL I ran to set up logging. Thank you very much.

USE master



-- C

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