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Dataflow Sequencing

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 08, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

The only way that I have found to sequence the order in which Dataflows execute is to create separate Dataflows, there is no Sequence Container. Am I missing something?

Moving on, what is the best way to pass data between Dataflows? I am using RAW files at th moment.


Dick Campbell

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Custom Dataflow componet in Null checking

Hi I want to create the custom Null checking and data length checking component. like Dataprofiling Please suggest it. Regards Ram  

The DataFlow task has no components. Add components or remove the task.

Hello, we have the following problem: 1. Simple DTS-Packet with very simple data flow "Source -  Destination" from Access to SQL Server is prepared as file. It is executed under our own WinForm C# Application. 2. On one machine (SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition) everything works fine. 3. When we try to execute this package on another machine (SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition) we get message "The DataFlow task has no components. Add components or remove the task" and the task does not do anything. However, it runs fine under "dtexecui". We have already search the problem in the internet and could not find anything that could solve the problem (we don't use Source Safe). Thank you very much in advance, Vladimir

Dataflow resetting ID from underlying sources,transformations and destinations

Good afternoon, I have multiple packages with multiple dataflow tasks. The dataflow tasks and it's underlying transformations are copied. Now these underlying transformations have the same ID (numeric, NO GUID). In my logging framework I have a problem getting these tasks recognised. Is there anyway to reset the the transformations ID? maybe programmaticly? I looked how I could get the currenct package object in a script component but this did not worked out for me. I'm looking for something like reset GUID's in BIDS helper but then for the numeric ID's of transformations. Any help is appreciated, Ivo

SSIS Dataflow Lookup failure using a Synonym


In a dataflow, I am trying to use a Lookup Transformation to join to a Synonym.  The preview button displays data, by clicking the Columns button results in "The Lookup transformation method, ReinitializeMetadata, failed."


Instruct DataFlow task to Redirect bad input rows to Log file?

Hi all,

I am new to SSIS 2005 packages but have written many in DTS 2000.

I am importing a CSV flat file into a SQL server table with SSIS 2005. How do I tell the Dataflow task to redirect rows that don't have the proper number of columns into a Text log file so I can inspect the bad rows later?

I have pointed the Red Error arrow to a text file and defined all the Columns to redirect the error to the text file. I have set the Max error count to 200. However, the entire package fails at the first bad row in the PrimeOutput() method, indicating that Column 13(the last one in the Row) is missing in a particular row. I have tried setting Ignore the error, but that doesn't work either.

I have created a DTS 2000 package that works on the same CSV input and the same SQL table destination. It seems to have no problem with my instructions.

I must be missing something. Can someone tell me what it might be? I really would like to use SQL 2005 or even SQL 2008 because of the new features available, but I am stuck on what I thought would be a very easy first step (because it is very easy in DTS 2000).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...

how to insert value into a Identity column in temporary table using dataflow task



I have requirement.

I have a temporary table with and identity column,table will get populated with data on the execution of a dataflow task except the identity Column.now I need to insert value into identity column.

How can I acheive this.


Thanks, A2H

How to find a dataflow task executed suceesfully or not.


Hi All,

How we can find out a Dataflow task executed successfully or not.

Basically after the dataflow i need to have a check whether dataflow task executed successfully or not.

If successfull then only I have to move with other tasks.If not I have to stop the execution there itself.

How can i do this.


Thanks, A2H

How to execute a parameterized stored procedure using ssis dataflow script component transformation


Hi All,

Can any body send code for how to execute a parameterized stored procedure  using ssis dataflow script component transformation using .net

I know how to execute storedproc using control flow script task, but I need using ssis dataflow script component transformation.




Event Handler (send mail task) firing multiple times for each dataflow error - How can I stop the da


I've set up an OnError event handler for my package which sends an email containing the name of the file that fails import through my dataflow task. The problem is the dataflow experiences three errors (one for each task it is attempting to complete) which in turn causes three duplicate emails to be sent.

I'd prefer to stop the dataflow task completely rather than allow it to try to complete the remaining tasks after the first error. Is this possible? Alternately, how can I set up my event handler to only send one email regardless of the number of dataflow errors that occur?

Thanks in advance!

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