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On this Day in History

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 08, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Using the script osted here: http://blog.pathtosharepoint.com/2008/12/18/random-quote/

and others like it, I am trying to take a list of historical events and post them if today's month and today's day match the month and day of the event.

(i.e. on this day in 1947, the XXXX Widget was invented)

I was thinking of using the above script to grab a "quote" from a list that was already filtered on today's month and today's day...
Little did I know the technical difficulties associated with getting the current date in a CAML query (I have seen and tried all the posts)...

So I thought you could edit the above script and add a "where" clause?


What am I doing wrong in pulling back a Month and Day?

I do a CAML query on the EventDate and insert <Month /> and <Day /> but there is never any return for either.
(I am using U2U to assist)

I have also tried the - make a filter on the EventDate and insert [Today] in the normal SharePoint Filter.
Then open the aspx file and change Today to Month...

Nothing seems to work on that front...

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SPField of WorkflowEventType in the Workflow History List has value Workflow Initiated but when i ed


hi all

how are you

i wish anyone could help me in this problem

i have a sharepoint sequential workflow created in visual studio

when the workflow starts i log into the workflow history list that workfow is started using the LogToHistoryListActivity

i entered the hidden workflow history list from the browser for example:


i noticed that an item is created in the above list when i run my workflow

the field Event Type in the item above has the value of Workflow Initiated but when i edit the item i noticed that the field Event Type has a value of 0

so can anyone tells me how this field works and from where it is getting itsvalues

thanks a lot


How to Add a Version History of SPlistItem ?


Now , I import the splistitem data from a list to another list, but  the listitem's version history disappear, Also I can get the splistitem's Version . what should I do to add each Version History of  the   listItem ???

Can you give me some code ?

Help me ,




Version history file properties



I move files into different folders programmatically. If a file was changed and it will be move again the new file is the actual file and the old file remained in the verison history.

How I save the new version:
SPFile destfile=website.getFile(destUrl);

Normally when you upload the new file with changed properties manually you see the changed properties in the version history.
When I do this programmatically I have the new file with the main version but the changed properties would not be displayed.
Can anybody help me?

Thanks and Regards

What is the ASP.NET equivalent of history.back()


I'm converting a static site to ASP.NET. Each page has PREVIOUS and NEXT links. If a page has a specified PREVIOUS link in the database, I want to use that, otherwise send the user back to the last page visited (which used to be <a href="#" onclick="history.back(); return false;">)

What would be the correct syntax for: (insert code won't work, maybe because I'm using Opera?)

<a href="<%# IIf(Nz(Eval("intWebPageID_Previous"),0)>0, string.concat("Dynamic.aspx?w=", Eval("intWebSiteID"),"&p=", Eval("intWebPageID_Previous")), **LAST PAGE VISITED** %>"><span>Previous</span></a>


Can You Analyze the History of a Database? I Think Not

Is it possible or is there some "undocumented" means by which I can determine the history of a database, specifically with regards to each time the database was accessed (by any user or application)? The only thing I have to work with is the database itself. The database is given to me in a BAK format. I then "restore" the backup to my instance of SQL Server. So the only data I have is that which is included in the database itself. I do not have access to the host server that created the BAK, which means I do not have access to any of the system databases (master, msdb, etc.) or system logs on the host server. So having only a restored copy of the database, is there any way I can extract the history of activity out of the database, such as each time it was accessed by some user, oledb provider, odbc connector, etc? BTW, the developer of the database did not create any user-defined tables that track database activity. ThanksJohn

what's the Best practice about exploiting the time series predections history?

Hi all, We are predicting our revenue with two frequency : The first is monthly , the second is weekly with the same parameters daily . The first aimed to have a big picture of our performance during the month , the second is more operational and it's used to drive operational action. So every day we train the second structure with all data and  MTS predicts different value each day basis on the new data used in training. Example: Day of process : 05/07/2010 data used to train : 01/01/2002 ---->05/07/2010 values predicted between : 06/07/2010------>31/07/2010 the value for 18/07/2010 : 35000 $ ------------------------------------------------------------------- Day of process : 10/07/2010 data used to train : 01/01/2002 ---->10/07/2010 values predicted between : 11/07/2010------>07/08/2010 the value for 18/07/2010 : 42000 $   Certainly The second method (predict daily with new training data)  value will be more accruate but it can't be used to drive strategy because it's change every day. Any reflex about this ? saving all data (all prediction for all series every day for the 30 coming steps)? or update coming value with the actualised prediction(the manager will be confused )  

How to Get Error Message from Job History if SQLAgent Job Fails

Hello, I am using "last_run_outcome" value = 0 (fail) or 1 (pass)  from sysjobsteps to identify if the job has failed. So if the job has failed, can I get the Error Message from SQL ? (which we can see in Job History). Thanks, Prabhat

Document History Versions

A doc library with turned on function of versioning after any changes of an item. Want to turn it off and delete all history version. This will redeem grand piece of space. Tried to just turn off versioning and free unused space from sql db. Didnt work because all these versions are still there and you can see em after turning version control back. There are over 1k files in a lib and i dont want to manually crawl over each one and cut off these versions.

Trying to include version history table inside Word document

Running MOSS 2007 with SP1, Office 2007.   I'm trying to create a table (doesn't have to be a table though) of a document's version history inside the document. This would be the history information kept by SharePoint. Since we can't even easily get just the current version number into the document I'm having problems and thought I'd see if anybody has a bright idea.   First, a couple facts. From Word 2007 it is possible to view the Document Library version information by clicking on the Office Button > Server > View Version History. This brings up the following: Click for screenshot   My goal is to get that version information displayed IN the document so when it is printed there is a document history. I tried using IRM label policies, but this only displays the current version and you can't include the comments.   After some digging I found the following code sample on MSDN:   Code SnippetDim dlvVersions As Office.DocumentLibraryVersions    Dim dlvVersion As Office.DocumentLibraryVersion    Dim strVersionInfo As String    Set dlvVersions = ActiveDocument.DocumentLibraryVersions    If dlvVersions.IsVersioningEnabled Then        strVersionInfo = "This document has " & dlvVersions.Count & " versions: " & vbCrLf        For Each dlvVersion In dlvVersions            strVersionInfo = strVersionInfo & _                " - Versi

WPF: Accessing Journal history of Frame by external button controls.

I am wondering if there is an easy way to use back and forward navigation of the frame journal but using buttons that are not part of the frame.  Thank you in advance.

Backfilling Report History

Hi Here is the problem, I have some reports that get store in the history of SSRS every day that works fine, now let's say that my backend system is down during the time the history schedule runs then my report is not generated and don't store in History becuase the data sources throw an error becuase they could not connect to my backend, that's ok too. Now by backend connections is restore and online there is any way that I can run my report and do a manual snapshot, then change the time and place the report snaphot at the right time in the history tables. for example: my backend is in a remote location and some times the connection is lost even for a couple of dates, can I refill the SSRS when the backend is online? I mean run the report with right parameters so I get as it suppose to be  1 or 2 dates ago and then do the manual snapshot then move the report to the right place in History? I have been thinking in a couple of options 1.- A store procedure that I can pass the report name and the datetime when I run the report and the datetime when I want the report to be place in history, then the store procesure will move my latest report to the right place in History, it that posible? could you please tell me or pointme in the right direction? 2.- same as before but using the WebServices and a .Net Application. I don't know if just changing the

Active Directory password history

I have a web page that users go to in order to reset their password in two separate domains.  The basic code that does this is:UserEntry.Invoke("ChangePassword", new object[] { txtCurrentPassword.Text, txtNewPassword.Text });One problem I have is that I'd like to be able to display a message if a user tries to change a password to something not allowed because of password history rules.  The exception raised(8007202F) when I try to change to something in the password history is the same one I've seen for other password errors(for example complexity issues).Is there an easy way to tell if there is a problem with changing a password due to password history requirements?Thanks.

browser history do not work properly

Hi,  I have an ajax enabled asp.net 2.0 page. There are some updatepanels on it and I use the history control to enable the browser history buttons. For first time the AddHistoryPoint method adds a history point to my history control. That works, I think. But on Navigate event, the args.State will contain no key! There is no entry in the dictionary! Therefore my navigation function breaks. Has anybody some similar effect? Or better a solution! Thnxs.

Workflow history truncated description

Hello When viewing the workflow history for a review workflow, the description field is truncated if it is very long (it appear with ... at the end). Is there a way to see the value of the whole field? Someone already asked this question but the answer given is about using the SharePoint Object Model. I am looking for a solution for end-users. http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sharepointworkflow/thread/5af8d475-149b-45eb-b565-e47ccb71a03b

How to compare ssrs snapshots in report history

Is there any possibility to create a report that compares snapshots of a different report? I have created scheduled snapshots of an SSRS report in SharePoint to display monthly financial data. Now I would like to create a different report that compares these snapshots. The idea is that I can end up with a report that shows what has changed between the snapshots of the last two months. Does anybody know how to do this? I have considered using subscriptions instead of snapshots, but still cannot come up with a solution that is entirely automated.

page version history gives error: "value cannot be null. parameter key: name"

Hello, I'm have customized my homepage in SharePoint Designer 2010. I want to go back to a previous version, so I right click on the aspx file in sharepoint designer and choose "version history". When I do that I get this message: There was an error connecting to the server. The server error encountered is "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key" What should I do in order to revert my aspx page to a previous version ?

How to set Workflow History Retention

Hi,How do I set the workflow history retention to be for 5 years using the following command?stsadm -o setproperty -pn job-workflow-autoclean -pv "retention period" -url http://myserverI know the consequences but I need it to happen despite those consequences
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